Juicy Couture Camp Survival Kit

With the first summer feeling long-weekend upon us, many Americans will be on mini-vacation, at the lake, by the beach, having a BBQ, going camping, or like me, staying home. The latter is really not something to be proud of or look forward to; as a matter of fact I would love to go somewhere, but it is just not turning out to be my weekend. But for those of you that have some summer festivities planned, Juicy Couture is trying to appeal to you. You are stumped right. What does Juicy Couture have to offer you may wonder?

It is the Juicy Couture Camp Survival Kit, because camping in anything less than Juicy is a crime. Camping is not for a gal like me. Noises, bugs, animals, and no bathroom make me feel a little skittish. It is not that I am super prissy, it is that I am literally afraid of some sort of wild-beast coming for me. But the little nature girls out there can indulge in this kit, which contains everything in pink, including a drawstring bag, pillow, postcards, address book, photo album, pen with green “Juicy Couture” print, and flashlight. The odd man out is the red translucent fan. If my memory serves me correctly and the stereotypes play out, I am not aware that many people camping are writing post cards or carrying an address book. I would imagine the card to say something crass relating to the fact that the leaf used to wipe was poison ivy or something. But for a sleep away camp this is cute. Either way, Juicy has this ‘survival’ kit available at no place other than Neiman Marcus for $95.

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  • william

    Juicy Couture is not suitable for women over the age of six. It always looks like something you would expect Paris Hilton to wear, and she dresses in an undeniably tacky manner that in no way expresses the amount of money she invests in clothing.

    • NiCOllETTE

      i think juicy couture is a cool way to acccessorize an outfit. it does have alot of youthful accents, but i think they also add fun and spunk to many outfits!!

      and paris hilton could afford to buy out juicy couture… she dosent have to flaunt all the money she has, why shouldnt she have fun with bags and accessories like other girls out there???

  • Erin

    Hmm… it seems to me that Hello Kitty did this first. It looks like Hello Kitty! From 5th grade!


    i personally love juicy couture..but not like this.

    this..is TOO much. their simpler, more sophisticated pieces are, lets just say, easier on the eyes. :lol:

  • hanah

    this is a kit for yong girls going to summer camp not over the weekend as it says on the pillow camp couture and it has an adressbook and post cards so they can write home or to friends its common sence :!: :roll:

  • Naggy

    No one could lose this kit in the wilderness; it’d be spotted miles away. (ipad)