anya hindmarch beverly

Today we are behind on Purse Blog because I spent the morning at the spa. I realize that reasoning is such a slap in the face tho those whose day was not as relaxing, like oh my poor you, but it is the truth. I figured it was time for a a trip there, and ended up having works, followed by a nap when I got home. You need to realize I do not nap. I find it a waste of time and most importantly, I have a hard time waking up and then going back to sleep at the proper time later. But something about an hour and a half facial and a soothing massage got me sleepy. So today was merely productive me time, nothing else. The funny thing was I walked out of the spa looking like a glow worm. My facial finished off with an oxygen spray, that left my skin gleaming and shining, on the verge of looking greasy. People do not take to this well. They look at you and wonder if you looked at yourself in the mirror that morning. I figure, next time I go I will take a metallic bag, so I can gleam and glow even more. Take that suckers. I realize I am in need of shinier metallic bag and the Anya Hindmarch Beverly is the perfect metallic, sporting gold cracked leather and gold hardware. The Beverly is a funky little number that adds a clasp fastening pocket on the front and a strap across the top. The inside is lined in lush beige suede. So in 3 weeks when I get my next facial, I am taking a metallic bag so the space ships can see my reflection. All in an effort to be pretty, I tell ya, it is hard. Buy via NAP for $980.

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  • human_pudding

    I love your thinking here. If you’re having a shiny day for whatever reason, having an ever shinier bag might make you look less shiny yourself. Although, being shiny from a facial, and carrying a shiny bag as a statement of pride, is also a nice idea too! My choice for a shiny bag, would have to be the Louis Vuitton Mirroir Speedy though… *drooling*

  • PinkyBrewster

    That bag is sexy.

  • Margarita

    Gorgeous!! :eek:

  • Mikaa

    oo shiny, much ! And especially wehn you fill it up, it’ll have the cute bulgy look. AWESOME