I no longer watch Project Runway, but I’ll be forever indebted to the show (and to Tim Gunn) for giving us the beautiful phrase “a lot of look.” Gunn’s a tactful, polite man, so he generally only deployed that saying in a negative way, but I think it’s applicable beyond that – “a lot of look,” in my mind, can be either good or bad, depending on the skill of the designer. Naturally, the designers at Salvatore Ferragamo are massively talented, but I’m still on the fence with this bag.

The Salvatore Ferragamo Verve Fringe Woven Bag certainly has plenty of, well…verve. The all-white, all-leather construction helps tone down some of the impact of the bold textural elements, but the size of the bag and its giant fringed wings can’t be ignored. Of course, those things aren’t meant to be ignored; far from it. So how do you wear a bag with this much personality?

If it were me, I think this bag begs for a simple look. Perhaps neat, tonal white skinny jeans (can’t wear colored denim with a white bag, after all – color transfer!), a chambray shirt and a big, bold necklace a la Dannijo? With a bag that stands on its own, you have to give it a somewhat blank canvas against which to stand. If you don’t, it’s too much noise, coming from too many places at the same time. If you would carry this bag, what would you pair it with?

Buy through Luisa Via Roma for $2,679.

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  • Kathleen

    Hmmm..I think leave it. I see epaulettes. Those fringed shoulder pieces that designate rank in certain branches of the armed forces. Nope, not for me.

  • jennifer

    though a huge fan of Ferragamo…this more looks like Cousin It…sorry Salvatore…

  • LML

    I like this quite a lot. Yes it’s quite a statement but there’s always room for statement pieces, in my opinion.

  • FashionableLena

    That is definitely a lot of look. It would look a lot better if the fringe wasn’t gusseted (I hope that I spelled that right). Better yet, just ditch the fringe and the gussets.

  • shueaddict

    I’d wear this with a long white cotton dress and Zanotti flat sandlas going to a beach party … I could fit a bottle of Moet in each one of the fringed pockets ;-).

    Seriously … for that price I could get a nice off white medium Sofia, a pair of colored
    Varina flats and have money left for a nice dove grey Ferragamo wallet, but that’s just my math.

  • Sandra

    I would never purchase it….so what to wear with it would not be an issue. If someone gave it to me and told me I had to carry it because something terrible would happen if I did not…then Rag and Bone denim dress, Miu Miu bow flat sandals, Rag and Bone cardigan…

  • I don’t like it at all, but mainly cause I don’t like anything with fringes, it just screams to me “not classy at all”

  • Miki


  • maybe if the fringe wasn’t longer than the body of the bag…? it’s a good bag for the beach but not like an everyday bag