Why so serious Salvatore Ferragamo?

I suppose my thinking of this bag as being too structured and too serious goes hand in hand with the fact that my job does not call for me to dress up in a skirt and jacket or anything formal. EVER. I think if someday I needed to put on a pant suit I would quit. Ok that is a lie, because I sort of adore pant suits. But there is something too proper, too structured, and too refined about the Salvatore Ferragamo Gancini Icona Vitello Tote for my taste.

Don’t get me wrong, the bag is gorgeous. It is just not for me. I love my laid back lifestyle, and when I say laid back, I mean laid back. The popularity of boyfriend jeans made my life better, and slouchy shoulder bags along with long strapped cross-body bags put a smile on my face. The most structured bags in my collection, other than clutches, are my Hermes Birkins. There is just not much need in my life for such a refined bag, which does not speak against the quality or beauty.

The grey version looks much more timeless and luxurious than the black version with grey handles. Actually I almost wonder if that is a coloring mistake on the website, because it seems rather odd (click on the black and tell me what you think). The body of the bag is extremely structured, very briefcase-like, very power-bag. The overall feeling is classic.

The hardware is Ferragamo classic and the look of the bag is classic. There are double top handles, a zipper and flap closure, and an outside snap pocket. For those of you who want this bag and want to carry it to work, you will most likely not be able to fit most laptops. The iPad is a different story however, as it will slide perfectly into this bag (dimensions are 12½”W X 9″H X 4½”D). Come to think of it, how perfectly fitting would it be for a professional to carry this bag and pull out her iPad and get to work. Good look, right? I can not complain about the price either, as it is very reasonable. Buy via Saks for $1,050.

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  • Paulina

    There you go again with the “Don’t get me wrong, the bag is gorgeous. It is just not for me.” :)

    • It is gorgeous! I repeat myself a lot. I need to go do a brain reboot/rethink ;)

  • Kate

    You know what…I’ve always thought of myself as a lover of slouchy style but there’s something so right about this bag and I’m not a Ferragamo fan…(fb)

  • Jacqueline

    I love this its gorgeous! But I have to agree Megs…it is very refined and wouldn’t fit my style. Only in my dreams. (fb)

  • michele

    I really like this bag!! Thinking of ordering it in grey…wish it was a little bigger though. It will make a nice fall bag.

    • Raul

      There is a larger version and its also available in Black, Bronze and Red. Check with your local Ferragamo Boutique, or with me in Dallas @ Northpark Center.

  • Stacy

    This is right up my alley. I love structured bags and they do fit into my lifestyle more raspy than slouchy/crossbody. (fb)

  • Natalie

    oh my goodness. The grey color on this takes away from the “formal” look of this bag. I think it’s absolutely stunning! (fb)

  • Shine

    Classic and Feminine, this bag is a good option for those (like i do) that cannot afford a Hermes Birkin bag.. its not very casual, its very corporate and formal, sophisticated. I am thinking if i could pull it off with skinny jeans and tank tops, to experiment, but the way i imagine it its awful.. unlike with Hermes, Hermes Birkins itself is a status you can get away with it by being casual or formal.(fb)

  • savannah

    It is pretty, and uber sophisticated but just not for me. (fb)

  • Kayla

    This is fabulous! it’s classic but has a little flare with the silver hardware! (fb)

  • abitnerdy

    Classic, but too plain for my personal taste at the moment. butt the color is LOVE (fb)

  • Pat

    I think this bag is lovely, but it doesn’t suit me either. (fb)

  • Melody

    i kinda like it hehe! loving the shade of grey used as well as the simple buckle…n the price isnt too hefty either! =D (fb)

  • asma

    I love this its gorgeous…(fb)

  • Roxanna

    You were definitely right to ask why so serious. It’s a nice bag, but, serious is the right word. (fb)

  • Karin bag4bag

    I really like the look of this bag. Maybe it is a mistake that they are showing grey handles on a black bag on Saks? The grey looks so much better than the black. (fb)

  • Alanna

    i can’t tell why cos i agree with you in that it’s very very formal and there’s no place for it in my wardrobe… but i love it! (fb)

  • covertanjou

    I could see using this as my “work” bag. Beautiful color. There does seem to be a lot of grey bags lately. (fb)

  • Sue

    Hmm… interesting approach to the review… “here’s a beautiful bag & why it isn’t for me”. Another approach might be, “here’s a beautiful bag for gals who don chic pantsuits for serious jobs in serious offices”… just seems more relevant.

  • marian t

    very gorgeous bag! (fb)

  • robyn

    Definately very structured and beautiful! (fb)

  • Mochababe73

    Too structured for me and looks like a briefcase. (fb)

  • Signe

    This one I like, would be nice as a work-bag. (fb)

  • swags

    It reminds me of the birkin without being a copy. I think its very pretty. I prefer less structure in my bags too but I could see me carrying this. (fb)

    • An4

      I agree, I think it’s a great alternative for those who can’t afford the birkin and want a nice classic structured bag that’s not boring. I like it.

  • Tamee

    I totally agree with those that say it has the Hermes feel without being a knockoff. I could totally see myself walking into the courthouse with this lovely bag! Yep, I wear pantsuits (and skirtsuits!) to work! :) (fb)

  • Monique

    Timeless but boring (fb)

  • BLynnT

    The color is just fabulous! (fb)

  • Mika

    my mom will look good on this bag.. wish i could give her something like this especially mother’s day is fast approaching (fb)

  • ad

    i think it would be perfect work bag. wouldn’t it look soo chic with a tailored suit and louboutin pumps? (fb)

  • Valentina

    Beautiful, but if the bag suits your age, it looks so much more appropriate and better. I would say this bag is for me… in 12 more years. (fb)

  • Sofia Nolan

    I agree about the black version with grey handles that it didn`t look as wonderful as this one. But still, instead of ferragamo, I`d go with Hermes.

  • Debbie

    Oooohhhhh you’re right! It almost feels like I can sell the Goldengate Bridge in SF and no one will question me!! (fb)

  • Sue-ellen Brown

    no not for that price and the color is dull..SF has way better bags than these..(fb)

  • Nikki

    This is one of those bags I can only look from afar. sigh. (fb)

  • Linda

    Think it’s a gorgeous handbag and worth the money! Megs, you would probably go for it if you didn’t have the Hermes. It’s greatly understated and tailored for a woman’s business wardrobe and I can see it with a white blouse, jeans and sandals as well!

  • Debbie C

    Too boxy for my tastes and rolled handles never work for me. (fb)

  • Jane

    I agree this SF bag is completely formal and I understand what market they are trying to market it to, but I think they could have given the bag at least one moment or element of fun or pop. Yes, women have to wear more serious business attire, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t have a fun bag to carry around with them. I do the love the color because I like gray bags. (fb)

  • Ame


    I want this bag but it’s a little too …fancy… for me!


  • Beth

    It’s very structured and classic, I do like it. Slouchy bags have their place but it’s nice to see a formal bag occasionally. (fb)

  • Vicki Page-Clark

    I like it, very similar to Anya Hindmarch, who I love too :-) (fb)
    Really lovely colour – nice soft grey to contrast with the harder boxy styling – perfect officewear (for the well paid!)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    stuffy boring (fb)

  • Tiff Chao

    I would LOVE to get a hold of this for work!!! (fb) Alas, I don’t have that kind of money right now.

  • Leslie

    I really like the shade of grey on this and I would love it if I had a job that let me wear this. It looks simple, classy and well made. Thumbs up. (fb)

  • Deborah Curran

    I love the structure of this bag.Would fit very nicely in my wardrobe

  • Deborah Curran

    forgot to add (fb) to my post

  • Joyce

    love love love love!!!
    These are the bags that I would actually SPEND THAT much for!
    Unlike the previous bags I’ve seen!
    This is just absolutely gorgeous!
    Love loveeeeee!

  • Adrienne Zedella

    too formal (fb)

  • faith24

    i love structured bags and neutral colors- so this is my pick definitely. it does look like Hermes but not too much (fb)

  • Jocelyn

    I like the color but the bag looks so stiff. (fb)

  • Juliet

    Love this.. Lovely…

  • Ellen

    I absolutely love this bag. I do not need a bag like this in my life now (since I am a student) but once I am a working woman, I think that this would be perfect. (ipad)

  • Steph

    first desinger good i ever had was a ferragamo belt from my mother as it use to be hers

    since then ive been hooked.

    ive seen this bag in the shops, its not as rigid and work/office like as the picture, it went well with the jeans and blazer i was wearing.
    it was also a more powder very light pink which was amaaaaazing.

    2 days later i went back and IT WAS GONE :(

  • Amy

    I don’t work but I bought the camel color and it look great with my white jean and coral top I was wearing when I’ve tried the bag in the shop.