My Latest Obsession: Ferragamo Studio Box Bags

In perfect for summer hues and woven raffia...

My fashion fixations go in bouts, many times hyper-focusing on a specific look or fabric or brand and wanting to change out my entire wardrobe to nab that look. Lately, it’s been me scooping up every summer linen I can find, alternating between bright colors and neutral hues. Still, my wardrobe is overrun with the breathable and tropical weather-friendly material. So it makes sense that my latest bag obsession surrounds an equally as warm-weather-suited material, raffia.

Return of Raffia for Summer and Tropical Trips

I’ll have many more musings about summery bags coming soon, and the truth is, for many people, a bag like this might not make a ton of sense, but if you were to live in a place like Miami, you might think about it differently. After I saw a bunch of my friends in town for the Palm Beach Ferragamo Store Re-Opening, this was the bag I honed in on. The Ferragamo Studio Bag is already a known shape, in fact, we covered it in 2018,, but this updated version in fun hues is everything I want in a bag right now.

There are two sizes, medium and large, with the medium being the size I’m most drawn to. I’ve always noted the great quality when it comes to any of my Ferragamo bags. Though raffia can be a delicate material (you’ll find breaking and fraying), I suspect that this bag may hold up quite well, comparatively.

Ferragamo Studio in Raffia Yellow

More Details

The medium size is available in pink, natural, and yellow (and I can’t decide which I like more) while the large size is only showing up in turquoise online right now. The dimensions allow for plenty of space, which was evident when I saw images of different people carrying it, and I assume it’s fairly light since the body of the bag is mostly crafted from raffia. The hand-woven raffia gives an exquisite and interesting geometric design, and you’ll still find the Gancini closure detail on the front. The canvas lining is a great addition; easier to keep the bag holding up well, and there is also leather trim on the interior. Another nice touch is the added removable internal clutch. There are metal feet on the bottom of the bag as well. Dimensions on the medium are 9.4″ H x 11.4″ L x 5.7″ W. If you want a bigger version of this bag, the large size has the same details with overall dimensions of 11″ H x 13.7″ L x 6.6″ W.

Purchase the Medium Studio for $2,650 via Ferragamo

[images via @Ferragamo]

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