In the next few months you will be seeing a lot more shoe love from our team; we continue to share our footwear obsessions at TalkShoes, because what handbag lover doesn’t love shoes as well? (And vice versa, of course.) One of my favorite shoe brands is Salvatore Ferragamo – the brand’s shoes are legitimately comfortable, which can be a tough feat to accomplish when it comes to women’s shoes.

The fashion world has always embraced accessories from Ferragamo, and right now I am totally in love with the resurgence of the Salvatore Ferragamo Vara and Varina. These iconic shoes have been worn for 35 years, and with their birthday comes the opportunity for every customer to find the pair that speaks to her. If you don’t find what’s right for you, you can customize your Vara or Varina. Looking for inspiration that will take you into a magical world of footwear opportunity? Visit L’Icona to see 21 different girls in their shoes.

I’m always open for something trendy, but when I am looking for a classic piece, I know Ferragamo will deliver. From its bags to its shoes, each item shows great attention to detail and quality materials; it’s no wonder the iconic Ferragamo shoe is celebrating 35 years. I am certain it will be around for 35 more. Prices start at $550 via Salvatore Ferragamo.

Salvatore Ferragamo Vara and Varina Shoes

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  • Dee

    I’m a big fan of this shoe! I must admit I already own many variations but still find myself wanting more pairs!


    I’m in love with these (every single pair!), but am curious is they’re truly comfortable. Can anyone comment on this? Looking for a stylish pair of ballet flats that will take me through lots of pounding the pavement this summer. I’ve tried them on several times and can’t decide if they’d be a good walking shoe. Thanks!

    • Guest

      They are EXTREMELY comfortable. I love them!
      Generally speaking, I am not the Spenderella type, but I have no problem telling you that I own four pair of these shoes and would not hesitate to buy another. They are comfortable, the quality is beyond reproach, and you will have them forever.


        Thank you, you’re totally right! They’d last forever, which helps justify the cost. I tried them on in NY last month and haven’t been able to get them out of my mind since. Then the last few days I’ve been seeing the custom ones everywhere. . . I’m sure it’s sign I need to have them!

    • kate

      They’re really comfortable compared with other flats and hold up well (I had to walk home in a DOWNPOUR one time while wearing my pair and they still look decent-any other pair of leather shoes would have been a goner). They offer regular, narrow, and wide sizes-I’d advise trying on all widths in a few different lengths to figure out what works best for you. They have better arch support than many other flats as well.


        Thanks so much! That’s what the SA said to me in the store, he said they’re waterproof, indestructible, and comfortable. I totally think they’re worth it, but just need to get the $$ factor past DH. . .

      • shueaddict

        My trusted Vara’s have been through a lot and still look great. I have 3 pairs and even the suede ones are holding up really well. Truly comfortable for walking endless airports and still looking chic.

  • Miss Elizabyth

    I lover Ferragamo!!! The Sofia is my favorite bag by far. And the shoes? So fun!!!
    I don’t love ballet flats though – just a personal preference. I’ve had the toe box expanded for my big toe, and they still hit funny on my foot.

    • shueaddict

      Awww … Sofia large in black was the first designer bag I bought at full price (please feel free to blame Jennifer Anniston in the “Bounty hunter”, I think …) Whatever … I got hooked on the super quality and the functionality of the bag and I now own a few

  • Sandra

    I do love the color combinations…but something about them screams “old lady shoes” to me….especially the ones with the block heel.

    • shueaddict

      nah, I assure you they look quite chick with contemporary clothes ( I am 36 and these have been my go to for fancy garden parties or walking long cobble stone streets for quite a few years now).

  • Lance

    I had two pairs of these for more than five years each – wore the soles out and had them resoled, and only very reluctantly threw them out after they looked too scuffed to do them justice. Most comfortable indeed, and I have high arches.

  • Denise Wiscount

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