Straw Bags Are In And I Love This Fendi Sunshine Shopper

Straw and raffia are the must have bags for summer 2021...

As you can imagine, a lot of people ask me about the most popular bag of the moment. My answer is ever changing, as the bag-scape is ever changing as well. We are both blessed and cursed with countless new bags being introduced from our favorite design houses, but sometimes that makes narrowing down options and settling on something new a bit tricky. You can actually be bogged down by too many options (this goes for all facets of life, but that’s a longer conversation for another day).

However, if you are looking for a summer bag to add to your wardrobe, the main trend for 2021 is straw and raffia, and everyone is doing it. Sure, it seems like a fairly straightforward option for the warm months, but it’s also somewhat unexpected when it comes to designer bags. When most people think designer, they think luxe materials, and typically straw and raffia don’t top that list. But the earthy and natural appearance paired with luxury details makes many of these bags something that our readers (myself included) can’t get enough of.

One of the bags that started my new-found-must-have-a-raffia-bag obsession is this Fendi Sunshine Shopper. I use the line, ‘the heart wants what it wants’ often, but in many cases it clearly matches my feelings for a specific design. This bag is simple, quite simple in fact, but simplicity many times is key and the natural colored straw with black FENDI ROMA embroidery and black plexiglass handles pairs well. I also really love the gold-finish metalware, it isn’t overly shiny but still stands out and gives a luxe finish.

The interior is lined, and while there are no pockets, there are two inner hooks which allow you to attach a shoulder strap. I must note this is one of the first bags I’ve seen with purposeful shoulder strap hooks while not providing an optional shoulder strap. However, many of us have at least a few bags with removable straps so we could easily pair them with this bag (or you could opt for one of Fendi’s many options, I’d pick this one). Dimensions are 40.5 cm L x 35 cm H x 21.5 cm D.

I live in a year-round beach town and when we travel, we used to go to the Caribbean quite a bit and this pick would be the ideal designer bag companion. It would fit all of my items, my kids items, and it still feeds my need for a fashionable bag – even when by the beach.

Purchase for $3,100 via Fendi.com


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