Black Fendi Spy Bag The Fendi Spy Bag has been a longtime favorite here at Purse Blog. And by here at Purse Blog I mean with me. It was my first high-end designer handbag after starting Purse Blog and it was a major splurge. I cringed at the price tag, as I went from below the $1000/bag spending to over $2,000. I have a Honey Spy which I absolutely adore. The color is just right, the leather is smooshy, and the design I love. I am drawn to the Fendi Spy design as it is so entirely different from many other handbags. It is not a classic hobo, or tote, or satchel. It is truly its own shape. The handles are stunning, the hidden compartments are genius, I just love this bag! The Spy was huge a few years ago, it was one of the “it” bags. But is everyone over it now?

The Spy is one of the few Fendi handbags that truly had people going ga-ga. Wait lists piled up with people willing to shell out over $2,000 for a handbag. And a few years ago, not all handbags broke into the $2,000 range like they do today. Everyone HAD TO have their Spy bag, and Fendi caught on and released countless renditions of the Spy (mink, denim, beaded, jeweled, you name it!). But is the Spy fame over? After I saw this Black Fendi Spy Bag on Saks I thought how lonely it looked there. No “Sold Out” written underneath it. Just a hidden Spy bag looking rather lonely on the Saks website. Buy through Saks for $2,250.

What do you think about the Spy Bag: Love it or Leave it?

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  • QueenMAB

    I think the Spy has entered iconic status, much like the speedy. It no longer has the hype of an “IT” bag, but instead has the long lasting endurance of a LV Speedy and will be around forever now.

  • ^ I think the same thing.

    But many people got sick of the Spy bag, which is different from the Speedy because most absolutely love the Speedy. I still love my Spy!

  • Shannon

    i think the spy is beautiful even though i usually only buy bags that can go over the shoulder.

    i agree with these ladies ^ that even though it’s not sold out it is still iconic and will be always

  • sweetea

    I agree with the rest of ladies here. I think it is aconic and always unique.
    I still love my spy bags!

  • Merve

    I honestly think the spy was an amazing iconic bag but I think they over did it. They released too many of them in such a short space of time. I think the hype that is created around a bag also has so much to do with marketing. If you make very few versions and pieces they will sell out easily and will make people want them more. Like Hermes’ supposed 6month waiting list… I think it just is clever marketing.

  • Shawna

    I have always loved this bag – wish I had one.

  • justa9url

    I would have to agree with Merve, it is an original and iconic bag but Fendi did overdo it. Releasing too many of them and in all sorts of different, sometimes even tacky, versions, decreasing its iconic stature.

  • mariah9999

    I think it’s quickly becoming a classic and timeless bag. I love it!

  • vanessa

    Love it.

  • Laura

    I don’t have one, but I think it is beautiful.

  • tadpolenyc

    i really used to love this bag, but not so much anymore. in the beginning it was really fresh, something completely different, but the versions that have come out recently? not so pretty. the leather they use is amazing though.

  • bindc

    Love the spy. Totally not over it.

  • melbuyer

    i love the spy! i still would like to buy one some day!

  • Alex

    Agreed….I think it’s proven it can stand the test of time. Great bag.

  • shopalot

    I’ve always loved this bag! The shape and style I find can withstand the test of time. I don’t have one myself and now I’m wondering why!

  • Graciella

    I have the exact black one in the pic, and I hate it. It is the most expensive bag I own (a bit more than my prada’s and mcqueen’s), but it is the worst quality. Mine is totally faded and even has a hole in one of the corners. It’s in Rome now, being repared by Fendi, but when it returns I think I’ll just sell it and put the money towards my first hermes bag. It’s just the quality issues that bother me with this bag. I should’ve just bought a classic chanel bag instead of the fendi, those were about the same price when I got my spy…

  • nillacobain

    I don’t like it!

  • piratesbooty

    I LOVE the Spy! I would love to add it to my collection someday. I agree with what you said Megs about it being such a unique shape.

  • wongy74

    I’m not into it. Were it not for the hype, I wouldn’t even give it a second look.

  • karolynka

    i love this bag! the leather looks great even if i over-used it! too bad fendi hasn’t come with anything as hype as were the baguette at first, and the spy then..i like the one they released after the holsen twins, but i still haven’t seen any juicy colour for the summer…

  • Anita

    I think it’s over, Fendi over did it.

  • A-T-G

    I always liked this bag in theory but, never wanted to own it. I’ve never coveted any version of the bag – and they put out a million versions!

  • Cody

    I think that now the craze is over… we won’t see many Spy bags around but wait a few years and people will be pulling them back out again. Personally, I LOVE the spy. It’s classic.

  • Beth

    I didn’t arrive on the Spy train until it had w-a-a-a-y left the station, but when I did see it online (here on TPF, I’m sure!) I had to get one. It is just so different from other bags! The braiding on the handle made me swoon, and that clickable open “mouth” is jsut perfect for a cellphone. I found a beautiful pre-loved blushy Honey Spy, just like yours, Megs, and then didn’t carry it for months, but last Autumn I pulled it out and used it for several weeks. It was just perfect for that time of year. Now, it’s back in its sleeper… waiting for next Fall.

  • reasonable

    OMG – I feel physically ill reading this. It’s like a bunch of paris hilton wannabees. $2K for a bag. That is insane. I don’t care who makes it, it is truly idiotic and gluttony. If I was rolling in cash, I’d never spend that much on a handbag. I’d never pay more than $500 (I have several bags worth over $500 but would have never paid full price for them.) I’d instead give $1800 to a soup kitchen.

    Folks, this excess is truly sickening. People on the other side of the world build houses out of elephant poop and you’re gushing over a $2k (hideous) bag….I think that if people started spending their time doing stuff for others, they’d feel the same rush we all get when we go shopping – but it would be permanent, not fleeting, and we wouldn’t accumulate piles of ….stuff.


    • GemGems

      Though you realise you could have not bought your several bags worth over $500 and donated that money instead right? However much it might have been, if you spend $200 you could have bought a bag for $20 and donated the $180. There is little logic to your reasoning.

    • Tania Ratima

      I have a fendi spy bag, yes it is genuine. I hate carrying it, I have to stuff bulk stuff into it otherwise it doesn’t look right to me, I can’t drape it over my shoulder so end up sashay-ing with it dangling off my upturned wrist. I have just seen a pic of a chick walking with it in her hand hanging to the side, maybe I will try that next time I venture to use it.I think it is just not my type of bag.

  • sway

    hey, Reasonable~
    I think that your comment is a bit harsh. This is a purse blog, it is a place to come and indulge in something superficial, whether you as a person are superficial or not. It’s a place for people come to drool over gorgeous bags, whether they are ridiculously expensive or not. After a long day, I like to come to this blog and enjoy look at purses because some of them are so pretty, I truly consider them works of art ;) I agree that 2k is DEF VERY ridiculous for a handbag, and wouldn’t spend that much either, but I don’t judge people who do it is their choice. I don’t feel that people who buy expensive things are bad people nor do they not spend time doing great things for other people besides themselves. One of my best friends is extremely wealthy and loves luxury items, but she has the biggest heart out there and is one of the most compassionate people I know. Some people do feel they need to shop to accumulate, “stuff” but not all. I hope people haven’t held back from commenting because they felt shunned by judgmental comments.
    Btw~ i love the spy, it is beautiful. Def not worth the 2000 pricetag as no purse should be that much lol but its a beauty. :D

  • pursemama

    I LOVE this bag! I loved it then and still love it now. I still get compliments and stares whenever I carry this beautiful bag. She will always be a beauty to me till the day I kick the bucket!

  • Zarka

    I like the Fendi spy ….but it does not look good in black maybe in another color….

  • chirpy_gal

    Love it , just can’t leave it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

  • lipvixen

    I will love the spy forever! It will go down in history like the Hermes Birkin and LV Speedy as an iconic bag. Something I can pass on to my daughters.

  • gail c

    Wow, I enjoyed everyone’s comments. Just an FYI – whether you loved it or left it, it is no longer available on the SAKS website…

  • hazel

    LOVE it, it is the bag that got me into bags.

  • kojiko

    i like the spy but i wouldn’t pay 2k for it. i think it’s a classic fendi bag…but several years from now people will say “fendi spy?…what’s that?”…if you want a classic classic classic bag get an lv mono speedy. but if you have enough of those get a spy. lol just my opinion…

  • dierregi

    I cannot stand it anymore. I sort of liked it years ago, but when I had a chance to take a close look IRL I changed my mind. I dislike everything about it: the leather looks thick – like elephant skin -; the handles look like they are infested with pimples; the chunky detail on the front, well… it is just too chunky. Then, as somebody mentioned, there are too many versions, one uglier than the other, in the tackiest colors of the rainbow; the price is ridiculosly high and to top it off, there are countless fakes around, of the horrendous, pure-plastic type. Enough to put anybody off a bag. Meaning no offence and apologising if offence was taken – but I truly dislike it.

  • Claire

    I don’t like it. It looks too busy and overdone to me. I would much prefer a simple shape and beautiful leather like a Balenciaga.

  • Julia

    Not leaving it, LOVING IT… even still! I believe it’s still fresh, gotta have my spy.

  • Janice

    Love It, Love It, Love It

  • Alice

    Just got the exact same black one from Holt Renfrew today. I’ve been wanting this bag for 3 years, and I was hoping that I will no longer be interested in it if I wait for a while. However I’m still in love with it 3 years later and after a few Chanel, Prada and Balenciaga bags. Love the bag…so happy that I finally got it now!

  • TH

    I love it. I think it’s the only Fendi bag that I like…but now that I know the retail price, I guess I will have to wait for a while.

  • tanny joseph

    I dnt think the bag is worth the money….
    Indian Handicrafts Supplier

  • Frazalicous

    Hey Reasonable – are you aware there are people who would choke on the thought of your paying $500 for a bag? Think about it Oh Self Righteous One. Most people, yes MOST people in the world are lucky to get a new bag for $14.99 at Target, so give your superior head a shake and move on down to the soup kitchen & get to work. Stop bothering hard working people who come here for a little dreamy chit chat….. you just dont get it!

    Everyone else, I LOVE this bag.

  • EDIBLE718


  • baglady

    fraz- you took the words right out of my mouth!

    the spy is definitely a cult classic… it still puts a smile on my face when i see one!

  • Sandra

    I have a spy that I no longer use. It is in excellent condition. I will be accepting offers and the highest bidder wins. Photos to follow

    • Pamela Snow

      Bet you sold your spy already, right? If not, I’m interested!

  • Kia

    I love it! I have wanted one for years and I finally got one this year, I opted for the mini..and I have never NEVER been Happier…..

  • mzedith

    i started my Fendi family with a small Zucca Magic bag, i had been looking at a Spy for a while, i now have three, they are so amazing. my attraction to the Spy is not because it was or is Fendi’s “IT” and “all the rage” bag. my reason is, “have you ever felt that yummy Nappa Leather? There is nothing like that smushy soft leather, comfy braided handles (with the except of my Zucca that has the tortuga handles), amazing style, look, feel, comfort, overall quality.. need i go on?

  • G

    Great bag! Beautiful! Everytime I carry it, people always stare at the bag. Half of them probably think, “so last season…” or “Wow!” Whatever it is they think, I really don’t care. I love my SPY!!!!

  • alicap22

    Still LOVE my zucca spy…will never give it up…unless I find something I think is worth replacing it…none seen so far…

  • ggl

    its out of style!

  • Jamess Thomson

    Great well done Thank you for sharing

  • pursehugger

    I still love the Spy. It is so easy, big and love the leather. It’s so bubbly and delicious. I prefer the classic, simpler leather than the outrageous versions though.

  • KDC

    I am reviving this thread. I love Spy bags. I wish Fendi had of maintained the seasonal allure of the Spy. I hope it makes a comeback (so I can apparently be stylish again…)

  • Dwightinha

    I hope both the Spy and the Fendi B will return. They were great bags (and good memories).

  • memsy

    I love the Spy bags! They’re very unique. I don’t care what’s on trend. If I like the bag, then I wear it.