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Introducing Fendi Reloaded, the Capsule Collection That Takes the Iconic Logo Print to Its Logical Extreme

Oh you want logos, do you? Fendi's got some logos

As you’ve likely noticed (and as we’ve mentioned), logos—and logo bags in particular—are a huge trend right now. One of the brands leading the logo nostalgia is Fendi, with its iconic double F print in brown and black. Like all good logos, the FF print is both neutral and bold, which makes designs bearing it surprisingly versatile as statement pieces. Which is great, because Fendi just dropped a brand new capsule collection that’s all about taking its logo print to extremes: Fendi FF Reloaded.

Available in select Fendi boutiques and on Fendi.com starting yesterday, Fendi FF Reloaded is a print-heavy set of limited edition pieces spanning from small leather goods to outwearer, all in either the traditional Fendi print or a bold, graphic black-and-white version. Not all of the pieces are covered in the logo; if you just want the FF print as a bit of an accent, you can find it as trim on the bottom of a bucket bag or an accent at the waist of otherwise black leggings. On the other end of the spectrum, the collection features a full jumpsuit made of logo silk and a parka covered in the print. It’s unclear if logo adds an extra layer of warmth, but if you’re the person who owns that coat, you’re probably not walking anywhere if you don’t want to.

The capsule collection ranges from serious to stylishly silly, and the pieces at both ends of the spectrum are strong. On the bag front, the line includes many of Fendi’s most popular styles like the Peekaboo and Kan I in several different logo-heavy (or, in some cases, merely logo-accented) iterations.

A portion of Fendi FF Reloaded made an early debut at Net-a-Porter a couple weeks ago and sold out, so if you’re interested in the collection, we suggest you jump on your favorite pieces. You can check out some of the campaign images, as well as ten of our picks, below, and then head over to Fendi.com to shop the full collection while stock lasts.

Fendi Reloaded Boots
$990 via Fendi

Fendi Reloaded Dress
Shop via Fendi

Fendi Reloaded Kan I F Bag
$2,890 via Fendi

Fendi FF Reloaded Kan I F Mini Bag
$2,690 via Fendi

Fendi FF Reloaded Overcoat
$5,400 via Fendi

Fendi FF Reloaded Silk Jumpsuit
$2,590 via Fendi

Fendi FF Reloaded Sneakers
$950 via Fendi

Fendi FF Reloaded T-Shirt
$770 via Fendi

Fendi FF Reloaded Trench Coat
$2,890 via Fendi

Fendi FF Reloaded Wool Jacket
$2,890 via Fendi


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