I so desperately want Tibi to start designing bags so I can talk about them non-stop on PurseBlog. This is one of my favorite brands whose designs are a complete match with my personal style. It only helps me love them more that they have a truly wonderful creative director, Amy Smilovic, who loves what she does and understands her customer.

Tibi’s Fall 2012 collection can be described as a continuation from Spring 12, as menswear-inspired womenswear paired sporty with feminine. From a bird-printed pants and tops to liquid leather-like skirt, the simplicity and beauty of the designs stood out. Layers and textures graced the runway as a nod to both the 90’s and the 60’s was felt.

Tibi is not known for overly intricate details, but this is the reason I love the brand so much. Its fall line, much like its spring line, is about simplicity and wearability. The Tibi girl is the perfect mix of casual and classy, she loves wearing pants but refuses to be under-dressed and she relies on comfort but does not neglect style. To be honest, the Tibi girl is me.

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