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The Best Street Style Bags from NYFW Spring 2023, Day 3

See what the streets had to offer on the third day of NYFW


And just like that, day 3 is here! The weather in New York is very finicky in September. Hot, humid air fills the city one day and a cool breeze the next. But when it comes to our favorite fashion folk, the actual weather outside doesn’t really matter all that much. Stylish show-goers will wear whatever they want, whenever they want! Because of that, it’s not all that surprising to see midriff-baring outfits alongside outfits that scream fall—despite the temps.

That’s exactly what we saw on day 3; some sweaters and jackets but plenty of tanks and leggy ensembles. As for the bags? This batch of street-style carries offers a wide variety of brands and shapes. As always, there’s a bit of vintage, a bit of the obscure, and a bit of Bottega! Check out the bags of day 3 below!

The Best of Bottega, New and Old Louis Vuitton, and more!

Best Bags of NYFW Day 3 3

Best Bags of NYFW Day 3 6

Best Bags of NYFW Day 3 10

Best Bags of NYFW Day 3 17

Best Bags of NYFW Day 3 19

Best Bags of NYFW Day 3 25

Best Bags of NYFW Day 3 26

Best Bags of NYFW Day 3 20
Best Bags of NYFW Day 3 21
Best Bags of NYFW Day 3 22
Best Bags of NYFW Day 3

Best Bags of NYFW Day 3 23

Best Bags of NYFW Day 3 24

Chanel Boy Brick Bag
via Vestiaire Collective

Images via Alyssa Lester for PurseBlog


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  1. Bex Avatar

    What’s the name of the first beige bag at the very top?

    1. Terri Avatar

      It’s the new Jodie spaghetti/noodle bag from Bottega Veneta

      1. Bex Avatar


      2. Terri Avatar

        You’re welcome 🙂

    2. Peggy Sue Avatar
      Peggy Sue

      I have one in burgundy. It’s pretty and feels luxurious.

      1. Bex Avatar

        It looks amazing!

  2. Bell Avatar

    The cookie bags are from Puppets and Puppets!

  3. Terri Avatar

    Love the first Chanel 22’s look. So fierce!

  4. Passerine Avatar

    The BV small Kalimero bag looks like something that a BV artisan in training would have made 10 years ago — and that would have been rejected for not meeting BV quality standards. The spaghetti bag is intriguing though.

    And that woman with the vintage Gucci shoulder bag should have worn another top. I wonder why she thought that sagging sort-of-tube-top worn with a long skirt was a good look. No, just no.

  5. FashionableLena Avatar

    the young lady with the Kalimero bag? I want her jeans.

  6. Aspen Avatar

    I always look at the Miu Miu matelasse bags and anything similar to that material, such as the BV , and think of a skin disease lol and I can’t unsee it.

    1. Vajayjay Avatar

      All I see when looking at the Miu Miu matelasse is a pattern made out of vaginas. 😖

  7. daveloeweyou Avatar

    The Loewe mini Hammock is sooo cute!!

  8. Sharyn Aufenanger Avatar
    Sharyn Aufenanger

    Nice bags!

    1. Astrid Avatar

      It’s the spaghetti Jodie bag from Bottega Veneta worn by Tamara. Not sure why the bag and photo were not labeled.

  9. kaly Avatar

    I love the “spaghetti bag” and the color on the (unknown?) green bag is lovely!! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE these posts, thank you!!!

    1. Grace Avatar

      If I’m not mistaken, that green bag is an ancient (2004 season maybe?) Chloe bag, designed by Phoebe Philo I think. Absolutely lovely to see that one again!

      1. Kaly Avatar

        Oh thank you!

  10. Nad Avatar

    Why do we keep misspelling Coperni 🙁

  11. Soph Avatar

    Is the first picture with the girl in beige pants carrying a black Celine crossbody?