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The Best Bags of Paris Fashion Week Fall 2022: Day 7 (Part I)

Lots of Louis Vuitton!


The street-style snaps continue to roll in, and I don’t know about you guys, but I just can’t get enough! On day 7, we had two sets of eyes out and about in Paris to see what street-style stars were carrying (and wearing). The style in Europe is truly unmatched, and we’re walking away with a whole new appreciation for fashion and style. Are you feeling inspired too?

New (and Old!) Louis Vuitton Ahead

Louis Vuitton presented its stunning Fall 2022 collection on day seven, which brought out a ton of Louis Vuitton bags, carried by the brand’s most famous ambassadors. House icons like the Twist, Capucines, and the new (and beloved) Coussin bag were toted by show-goers. Check them out below, with more bags from day 7 to come tomorrow!

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  1. Grammar 👮🏼‍♀️ Avatar
    Grammar 👮🏼‍♀️

    I love these posts! It makes me feel like I’m there or, at least, living vicariously through them!

  2. psny15 Avatar

    Such a fun feature – Bravo PB 💓💓

  3. Fabuleux Avatar

    What I enjoy most about these posts is seeing people wear bags from older collections. It’s always fun to see an oldie being rocked with style!

    1. bir Avatar

      so true !!!

  4. ExonomicallySavvy Avatar

    Please keep this types of posts coming. Love them. But why was I more interested in the outfits than the bags🙈😍