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It’s been a joy to watch Victoria Beckham’s transformation into a credible fashion maven, and even more so to see her take such a keen interset in accessories. After all, what celebrity would make a better accessories designer than the woman with one of the most impressive Birkin collections in the world? Intimate and functional familiarity with the minutiae of Hermes certainly makes Beckham a more qualified candidate than most of the stars who would like it be in her (very tall) shoes.

As with Beckham’s previous accessories outings, her color story was limited; neutrals were punctuated here and there with shots of brilliant orange, and those pieces were the clear standouts of the group. The shapes were a mix between previous hits and new ideas, but they were all somewhat traditional handbag ideas executed in luxurious ways. I’ll take the bright, citrusy tote, please.

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  • rose60610

    I like Beckham’s designs and her style. She carries her (gorgeous) clothes very well. The #12 bag here intrigues me. But her prices are outlandish.

  • Sandra Rowley

    I completely agree about the prices. I am not against spending a fair amount of money to get what I want….but this seems crazy. What makes VB’s tote worth more money than perhaps a Celine version? The other new bag designer that is also charging incredible prices is The Row. I just do not see the quality difference in comparison to the price difference. I might as well splurge for a Birkin, at least I know that it is truly a timeless investment.

    • jojo

      TOTALLY AGREED! I love VB’s style, but I just can’t justify spending that money on her brand. I can totally buy a Chanel 2.55 with that price and it is a LIFETIME investment. What is she thinking, really!!

  • PhotoGirl

    Love these bags. Alas, they are waaaay out of reach for me.

  • mochababe73

    Some of these bags look a little more functional than last season’s. However, there are still some that
    look as though they would only fit in the crook of her skinny arms
    The bags are also not as boring. They always looked well-made but a little dull.
    I concur with the comments about the prices. Outrageous.

  • chanellove

    i love victoria beckham’s clothing, sunglasses (esp. aviators), and bags. I am seriously trying to save in this economy, but honestly it is soooo hard with VB. Her quality is amazing!!!

  • MizzJ

    This collection is surprisingly wearable and quite attractive! Love that bright orange tote, but the other more neutral bags are pretty as well. Yeah.. I think she over reaching herself with that price point since she hasn’t quite gotten away from her “pop star” rep, but I think a few more good seasons will dispell that!

  • Kat

    Like most ladies here, I sure can’t avoid Victoria Beckham’s or the Row’s bags. And while the questions about their prices are justifiable, people should take into account that relative to Hermes, these are much, much smaller and much, much newer companies. Hermes has scale, artisans who have been with them for years (some of them descending from generations of artisans) and, if I remember correctly, their very own crocodile farm. So I won’t be surprised if the actual cost for VB or the Row (who might even be subcontracting the production of their bags) to produce their bags is much higher than Hermes’.

    That being said, that $39000 backpack from The Row is crazy.

  • Demi

    Victoria Beckham has an amazing sense in fashion, I think she has proven that by the way she dresses all these years! Her collection is flawless, I love it!

  • Bir

    Very nice truly wonderful and minimal but luxurious!!!!!!

  • Perry P

    Prices are based on labour. And society decides that labour amounts to the value of the item.

  • Mak Maria

    These babies are truly adorable but a bit too pricy. Personally, I would rather spend on chanel or Balenciaga, which are more classic & would last for life.