I still can’t help but find it fascinating that Victoria Beckham not only designs a collection that just generally very well-received at New York Fashion Week, but also makes handbags that I’m totally beginning to covet. Victoria Beckham’s Fall 2011 runway show, which Beckham narrated herself with notes about the designs, featured an expansion of the brand’s bag line, now in its second season, and the results were almost uniformly successful.

The best pieces were those that built on Beckham’s vision from Spring 2011 – sharp, impeccably tailored handbags and clutches that would look spotlessly chic on the sort of women who never take off their heels. The collection also featured travel bags worn as cross-body backpacks of sorts, but because the styling made the bags difficult to see in their entirety, I’ll reserve judgment on those pieces until I can see them in person.

Photos via Vogue.com

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  • Lulugurl

    Not sure about the “backpack bags” but loving the yellow clutch and the red bag! Beautiful!

  • Demi

    I love Victoria Beckham’s style! She’s the epitome of class! As far as her designs are concerned, I adore the red one! I don’t like her backpacks, though… I can’t picture Victoria wearing a backpack…

  • Staci

    From what I can tell, the backpacks are very cute! The collection really reflects Victoria Beckham’s style.

  • Kat

    Those “backpacks” actually look great worn the regular way. They looked awesome on David Beckham when he carried one in NYC last week. But then again, he’d look good carrying a garbage bag. See here:


  • Seejayluvsbags

    The bags look pretty good. I wouldn’t mind having one but the backpacks look huge and that’s saying alot even for me as I prefer large bags.

  • Mochababe73

    The backpack bags are my favorite. I would probably use them more as a travel bag than an everyday bag.
    The yellow clutch is a pretty color, but it’s a little large.
    For me, I think that her bags are pretty to look at but are not really practical for the most part. They are a little too tailored and structured. The handles don’t even look as though they would fit in the crook of my arm. That doesn’t make for a good mall shopping experience.

  • Cate

    That yellow-orange bag is fantastic, except for the size. If it were 75% as large, I’d be all over it! Also, I’m drooling a little over that red bag!

  • not just yet

    wow i am obsessed with the grey one – i think it’s numbered 5


  • edwardy

    im a male and i want that grey hand tote…..!!!!
    wordless to describe the beauty of it!!!

  • ABananers

    Love her bags! They’re so structured and refined. Love your website by the way! Thanks for your daily dose of handbags! :)

  • mailuong

    Love the bags, minus the backpack, red tote and yellow clutch look like will work well as staple piece going with virtually anything especially someone wear a lot of neutral and black for the office! Elegance, tailored, structure… as tina turner say, the simple is the best!

  • Bir

    So my style !!!! That grey bukety short strap is perfect just perfect !!!!!! I like that this is the only celeb/designer/singer that’s doing it right and that actually makes something wearable I just love the rich but simple lines and minimalistic feel all her bags have !

  • louch

    The red bag is TDF. Can we get approximate prices and where to buy please??

  • Giu

    I love the bags but I can’t help to feel a bit cross with the prices of her collections. They are no doubt made using very hig quality materials and look lovely, but when we are talking about forking out a minimum of 2K (GBP) for one of her bags (for an exotic leather one we are talking around 9K GBP) I immediately think that is the sort of price range of some very well known houses with years of experience on their back.I do not dismiss VB in the least and I genuinely admire her but these bags are obviously not for the average customer.And tbh if I had saved up that sort of money to spend on a bag, would I buy on one of her designs? Well unfortunately my answer is no but then that’s just me. :o)

  • theresa

    I agree with Giu while they are lovely and timeless the price points are just too high (like many). Truely even the highest quality leather and workmanship should not be so expensive (handbags don’t take the time or workmanship of a car for heaven’s sake). :)

  • Mermi

    Far too expensive for who she is, I do not consider her a designer and the worst part some bags looks so similar to other designer Celine, loewe.

  • MizzJ

    Hmm I agree, I think Celine still does it better and there’s something about it that reminds me of past Prada lower end bags, but it’s still pretty nice!


  • mw

    do you realize that the “backpacks” from picture 1 and 3 are actually the weekender form picute 5 worn a different way… -.-

  • mw

    the shoulderstrap is attaced to the other ring thats all its the same bag lol

  • idealish

    The red handbag somehow reminds me of Valextra’s. But the yellow clutch… yum! And I find the backpack is chic chic chic (after Chanel’s backpack of course). Just wondering how much Victoria prices all these babies now…

  • ruby

    Where do i buy VB bags in NYC?

  • alex

    where are they availiable?