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  • Lori

    I really like 26. I would like to see these in person. But I have to say its refreshing to see simple, clean bags.

  • SPA

    Slides 9,25, 26 are elegant , I think – clean design and great quality, I hope they are functional, otherwise its such a disappointment when one is actually using a bag that’s tedious to carry or open.

  • StargazerSpider

    Are there rumors of Celine discontinuing the luggage tote? I heard recently from a friend, but I’m not sure how much weight it holds? I mean, I know the luggage has certainly surpassed its peak popularity from several years ago, but I wouldn’t think Celine would discontinue it just yet — or if ever? Any thoughts?

    • highly doubt that, it’s still very popular

  • lavinia

    Wow 16/22/29 my favorites. I usually like Celine “just to look at” because of their weight. This time the brand hits the point: light, soft, beautiful bags. Celine always shine for originality and also this time do not disappoint. Going simple is always right. I think the Celine woman is a refined, confident one but also a woman who needs to be comfortable (elegant and comfortable, happy to be in her skin) :) as always thanks for sharing.

  • LPS

    The suede saddlebag is gorgeous –when empty, on the runway.

    But while in use?? Alas, ruined by strap attached to the flap. Nobody who actually uses a bag would consider this as as viable design. A bag that falls open and shows contents to the world… Requires two hands ( one to reach in and one to stabilize base)… (or worse, dumps contents unceremoniously on to the ground) because strap is on the flap does not look beautiful in the wild. Designers of this bag, may you be cursed to USE it every day for one year… Ahh, Celine, you break it, YOU buy it.

  • kemilia

    Slide 13–is that a croc or alligator coat/dress/skirt? Also, I can’t get a take on the soft bags since they are being carried all scrunched up.

  • crissy

    ?? 16 & 23