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  • Andy

    LOVE IT.

  • Yumi

    I believe the bag is not a hermes kelly but by a korean brand called playnomore and the style is called shy girl

    • The red one with the eyes on it?

      • yumi


      • Vlad Dusil

        Fixed, thank you!


        Are you Purseblog?
        Thank you so much for your posting! Happy?

      • Melissa Ramlan

        Hi do you ship to Malaysia i cant understand your website can i contact you via email or Whatsapp?

      • najwa

        hi u can order from me najwahassan@gmail.com , as my husband is staying at korea.. he is going to buy the bag next week


      Thank you!
      I am ShyGirl of PLAYNOMORE! FAKE FOR FUN?

  • kindled

    FYI when you click “launch gallery” it takes you to this post: https://www.purseblog.com/savvy/20-best-bags-600-spring-2014/ rather than the street style photos.

    • That is so weird – looking into that now. Sorry!

    • Vlad Dusil

      Fixed, thanks for pointing out!

  • Suzanne

    the crisp packet clutch is so funny
    if you can afford to spend $1700 on a funny clutch

  • #Streetstyle #nyfw . I think I have seen a similar bag at http://www.robecart.com/bags . This perfect for fall.

  • Ludmilla Bifeld

    Hermes Kelly Bag ?

  • Rosa Lily

    Like Victoria’s Beckham bag. Simple, unassuming, practical.

  • ebun

    Amanda, is that the “just-right” slouchy Givenchy antigona with the lady in the Rachel Zoe pic? Where can I find it?! I remember you saying you loved that shape as well.

    • I believe it’s the first and oldest Antigona bag. But correct me if I’m wrong!

      • ebun

        Thank you!

  • Lala

    great pics… can it be “pin”?

  • Rebecca Bienal

    I think the bags are lovely but disappointed for now showing anything new. We are tired of the same old stuff over and over…Just saying

    • Sick of the bags everyone is carrying you mean?

    • Natalie K.

      there are some “fresh” bags in these galleries. Sophie Hulme, Victoria Beckham and Issey Miyake for example. Though carrying Hermes, Chanel, Celine and Givenchy will guarantee you’ll be pictured.

  • Nina

    The first Fendi 2Jours Bag is amazing