To (very loosely) paraphrase the great Raymond Carver, Jean Paul Gaultier is what we talk about when we talk about couture. In a week of shows that have left me at times both dazzled and underwhelmed (Valentino, I’m looking at you), Gaultier showed up just in time to remind us all exactly why we’re here: because only a handful of people on the face of the planet are capable of so masterfully creating clothes that make us dream.

That’s exactly what we got with this woven, corseted, sombrero’d Mexico-meets-Avatar collection of things that no one could ever wear out into the real world, except for maybe Daphne Guinness and Lady Gaga. But the beauty of couture is that no one needs to wear most of it, which unshackles the designers and enables them to create truly resplendent and inspiring clothes-art without the burden of functionality (or the burden of reality, for that matter).

More so than any collection that I’ve seen so far this week, the conception and construction of these clothes are absolutely masterful. Yes, with the italics and everything. It’s that good. I usually flinch a bit when clothing is called a art, but I find it difficult to deny when I look at this collection – it’s everything fashion can and should be.

What Gaultier does best is not leave a detail untended. Not only does much of the collection have a Latin flavor, but even the bags and shoes look like they’re made of palm fronds and banana leaves. The clothes are great from the front, but some of them get better from the back. The weaving and boning are so meticulous that I find it hard to believe that human hands created them. The looks are fully realized and complete from head to toe, and a world where clothes like these are de rigueur is a place that I want to live.


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  • Come one, SOMEONE has to have something to say about this collection!

  • Fiona

    Fabulous collection! Adore the weaving.

  • abitnerdy

    Oh la la, I’ve always loved Jean Paul Gaultier pieces, truly art. Love the attention he puts into every piece. Le sigh to be his muse. (;

  • stephanie

    gorgeous, though the leaf-inspired bag reminds me of something i would make while i’m stranded on an island somewhere…

  • ueynah

    love love JPG! he definitely has the talent and vision to fulfill his own JPG Haute Couture collection!

    especially the basket weave skirt! simply stunning!

    wondering compared to MJ at LV, his work at H seems much more muted (and less talked about). is that a good thing for H or bad?

  • Ashley

    i love it, i definitely see some pieces for lady gaga…

  • papertiger

    JPG is my fave couture designer – the stuff of my dreams.

  • GhstDreamer

    OMG! I just love that leaf inspired bag – absolutely stunning!

  • Erik

    Lady GaGa inspired much? although thats the reason i love it so much…like gaga with pop music…this is kind of a breath of fresh air form the other boring couture collections…by that i mean Valentino and Armani; but yes JPG is awsome and he demonstrates what Haute Couture is