This past Sunday, I attended the Moncler Grenoble FW 2010 presentation, and being a bag person, I was immediately drawn towards the use of fanny packs. Let’s just say it was rather extensive. Models stood motionless on four levels of scaffolding; spotlights shone on different groups of them to the tune of classical and opera music. I daresay it was all very dramatic and lovely, since I’m a personal fan of Moncler, but I couldn’t help but wonder about the fanny packs. They were rather large and round, and I couldn’t help but wonder if the models had little heaters tucked inside them. Not that they would need heaters; if there’s anything Moncler is known for, it’s the warmth that their signature shiny puffers provide.

There’s no denying the chic of Moncler. Carine Roitfeld was at the presentation, looking every bit her insanely glamorous self; if that doesn’t indicate a serious spike in chicness, then I don’t know what does. You may remember the Fendi & Moncler Spy Handbag, that wonderfully bulbous incarnation of the coveted Spy. Is that any indication of the possible success of these fanny packs?


Though I loved the Moncler Spy and adore my own Moncler coat, I just can’t fathom the fanny pack being put to practical use in “a city atmosphere,” as Moncler Grenoble claims to be. Maybe it’s cute to hit the slopes, but the streets? Not so much. Perhaps I’m being a bit closed-minded, but the packs are just to big and too round to be taken seriously while firmly attached to someone’s waist. Keep in mind that this is coming from a girl who seriously considered purchasing a pair of Moncler booties. A Moncler belt with a small pouch I’d love. I’d rave after a Moncler crossbody, or even a ridiculously puffy tote. But I’m afraid I’m not a fan of the fanny.

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