McQueen 10Alexander McQueen. He wins. He wins at innovation, he wins at Paris Fashion Week, he wins at life. His collection was so mesmerizing, so totally awe-inspiring, that I don’t even need to see the rest of the shows to declare him the victor.

McQueen titled his show “Plato’s Atlantis,” and the aquatic, amphibious influence was clear from look one. Other designers this season have shown us visions of the world, post-apocalypse, but this collection may be the most fully realized of any of them. Not only do the clothes depict an eventual devolution from woman to sea creature, but so do the towering, sculptural platform shoes (more on those in a post later today), the prostheses that were applied to the model’s brows, and the molded, horn-like hair looks. When McQueen tells a story, he goes all out.

Regardless of the story, these clothes were nothing but mind-blowingly beautiful. The prints were some of the most interesting I’ve ever seen at Fashion Week, and they also represented a step towards fashions technological future – they were digitally designed. In greens, browns, teals and blues, they formed sculpted, architectural cocktail dresses that were unlike any you’ll find at a store near you.

The attention to detail that was paid – the ruching, seaming, pintucking, and beading – was worthy of any superlative that you can imagine. McQueen brings a decidedly couture sensibility to his pret-a-porter, and he continues to lead the way in innovation. This collection embodies what fashion can be, on its best days – fantastical, experimental, full of ideas.

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  • papertiger

    I loved it too!!!

    • Violeta

      This is so unbelievable. The world has lost a true genious. Rest in peace.

  • Prada Psycho

    I swear to God, I don’t know how women walk in those Herman Munster platforms!!! I’ll bet the orthopedic surgeons are loving them though. I can only imagine how their business is booming with broken ankles and such. I’ll be so glad to see this fad go away!

  • Prada Psycho

    PS: Some of the dresses are actually cute, but I was so distracted by the platforms and the makeup, I had to look twice to see the clothes. ;-)

  • Ally

    omg. It seriously took my breath away. I was at work gasping as every look came out.

  • coreen

    this is awesome.

  • cathealey

    Very theatrical, very McQueen. It’s nice to see color, pattern and texture. I’m looking forward to see how this translates to clothes real women can wear.

  • LadyLUX

    I agree. I thought it was one of the biggest fantasies I’ve ever seen on a catwalk. Everything from the shoes to the clothes to the hair and makeup was developed with a singular vision in mind. I think his decision to livestream (and subsequently make available for playback) the show was a monumental one, and even though the servers crashed, we are all talking about it still.

  • 19yearslater

    They’re beautiful, and I understood the theme before reading what it was, but I can’t imagine anyone other than Lady Gaga wearing these clothes in real life.

  • Michael St. James

    Pure fantasy! I love it!

  • sandra

    “the emperor has no clothes!” won’t anyone else say it?! he should be designing for mardi gras or theatre because these creations work for no one. his designs are too “over the top.” great art….. period. even a genius..obviously impractical.

  • _CC_

    I’m speechless. That creativity and beauty just cannot be put into words. Seriously, I cried.

  • Rachana Rao

    Alaxander macqueen certainly knows how to experiment with clothes to make it look out of this world….

  • robertsn6534

    wow. granted – I don’t think many can actually wear those shoes or even those outfits unless it was to a very extravagant party but this collection is definitely the most awe-inspiring!!

  • The Girl in Grey

    There are some scary outfits but hey it is fashion.

  • Mika

    Love it!!! =)

  • Kendra

    This is crazy looking, I adore it! (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    here i am! (fb)