mcqueen shoes

Unless you weren’t already convinced of Alexander McQueen‘s dark genius by the pictures of the clothing from his show, we submit to you: the shoes.

What we got from this collection (among other things) is perhaps the most ostentatious, progressive approach to footwear that we’ve ever seen from a major designer, at least in recent memory. The shoes were, on average, a full ten inches tall with huge platforms in the front to make them at least somewhat functional for walking. I pray for the models’ poor little ankles, but it was worth it to see these looks in their full form.

They came in three main varieties: first, ultra-high booties that looked more like prosthetic lobster claws than shoes you might see on the racks at Neiman Marcus, in keeping with the apocalyptic-aquatic theme of the show. These came in exotics, smooth leathers, and a variety of exterior embellishments, including shards of turquoise. The second type were booties that looked like something a resident in Wall-E‘s post-apocalyptic Earth might wear. The heels were covered in an amalgamation of industrial metal, creating perhaps the most wearable shoes of the collection. The third type were intricately carved porcelain platforms that were reminiscent of a coral reef, held on to the foot by clear plastic straps.

These are the shoes that a mermaid would wear, if a mermaid had feet. Luckily, the ones in McQueen’s show did.

McQueen 1  McQueen 2  McQueen 3  McQueen 4  McQueen 5  McQueen 6  McQueen 7  McQueen 8  McQueen 9  McQueen 10  McQueen 11  McQueen 12  McQueen 13  McQueen 14  McQueen 15  McQueen 16  McQueen 17  McQueen 18  McQueen 19  McQueen 20  McQueen 22  McQueen 21  McQueen 23  McQueen 24  McQueen 25  McQueen 26

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  • karen

    oh my….if it werent for the story beneath these pictures, i am not sure i would even know what i am looking at….

  • Reese

    Footwear as art… I have no other words…

  • wgs

    alien footwear from outerspace…

  • 19yearslater

    The third pair at the right? They’re my nine-year-old dream to switch out my legs for a mermaid’s tail sometimes.

  • dierregi

    They make the feet look huge, ugly and deformed, especially the “shape” McQueen1

    • Sandra Washington

      How does one put their feet into the shoe. How does one’s foot fit?

  • Handbag Lover

    Wow, what a mess.

  • meli

    sure they are so beautiful but i think nobody could wear them!!!!!!!!
    they are simply peaces of art!
    sorry for my bad english…..i’m italian… :-)

  • advo

    I’m sure it’s very artistic. But how is anyone suppose to wear them???

  • Michael St. James

    These breathtaking works of art are definitely only for the runway, ads and fashion spreads. Just like last seasons Nina Ricci’s, no one is actually going to wear them in real life. Love the lobster claws! Alexander McQueen is pure fantasy!

  • Al

    HIDEOUS. Those shoes are actually giving me goosebumps and chills as we speak.

  • Al

    HIDEOUS. Those shoes are actually giving me goosebumps and chills as we speak.

  • Anna Cooperberg

    GOODNESS GRACIOUS! These shoes are crazamaze. bananas. I love them. I hope they make mini versions that are, I don’t know, semi-wearable? ;)

    • May Luong

      I think they should have do miniature for displaying! Footwear fantasy n truly Alexander McQueen

  • misslola

    These shoes make me think of what poor chinese girls of old looked like with their feet bound.

  • Kathy

    Super unique bbut not my favourite. Kudos to trying a new silhouette :-) Hope somehow they can make them more wearable the next time around.

  • Jane H.

    I’m not sure whether to be disgusted or thoroughly amazed. I do love the last two pairs, though; very steampunk.

    • OMG I would DIE if Alexander McQueen did an entire steampunk collection. ALEXANDER, ARE YOU OUT THERE? PLEASE?!?!?!

  • Eriik

    They are amazing!

  • Linda

    As these shoes must be thought of as art…some have interesting details and others are ugly and strange shapes. My vote overall is bizarre.

  • Julie

    Totally practical – NOT! Not that that is what this is all about. They are amazing and hideous all at once and make my feet ache just looking at them.

  • Charmaine

    Are these even fit to be called as shoes?!?! I’ll think more of it as a piece of art.

  • Chicken


  • kelly

    hideous. ugly. can’t think of other words to describe those shoes.

  • CS

    OMG these are actually scary!!

  • Merve

    I really wish i had been in the room when he came up with those. Total fantasy. Im jsut trying to imagine how he can make them translate into wearable shoes.

  • ana lena

    they look like geisha’s shoes

  • ana lena

    ……with huge high heels

  • Rachana Rao

    I must congratulate the designer for these artistic creativity only if it is for the gallery for display …If anyone one is thinking of wearing them i would really reward them for their bravery …I certainly think this is going to give my ankles a hell lot of pain and break my legs !!!!!!!!! I think i should stick o something which is comfy not fashionably painful stuff ..

  • bisbee

    Some of them are interesting and artistic though not wearable at all – but I don’t think they are meant to be.

    The boot-like horrors are just that – horrible and ugly too!

  • kimmee1969

    I really want to try a pair on! I like the platforms and the booties, the lobster claws aren’t for me. If I could walk with out breaking an ankle I’d wear those platforms…

  • LaChula

    Its just art….
    I can’t picture anyone wearing these…LOL

  • Lianne

    Okay, they make for interesting visuals, but I pity the poor girls who were shoved into those things and expected to walk down the runway in them without breaking an ankle. Eesh.

  • Debra Zak

    keep it as are and leave it as such…the podiattrists need not attend

  • Pandor@

    I watched the whole show online – it was really magical and very very beautiful! Made me wish I was in Paris that evening…

    McQueen proved once again he is special and can always come up with NEW and original designs. He’s cool and I respect him for his courage. :)

  • chloehandbags

    Definitely works of art that should never, ever be worn.

    I loved the show, but watching the poor models in these shoes gave me palpitations.

    I think they should make identical, miniature versions of them, as well and then make jewellery, keyrings and bag charms from them! :D

  • Wendy

    Gorgeous works of true art. I am amazed! Definitely not suitable for actually wearing in the real world but that doesn’t diminish my appreciation of the genius behind these creations! My hat is off to this wonderful designer! Truely original!!!!!

  • Scorpio

    thats insane !! but amazing in art point of view

  • Annie

    a new generation of shoes? difficult but pretty.

  • amy

    it reminds me of the shoes you would draw out on paper as a kid. Except real and in your face. Its a different approach, and i like it.

  • Sweet Nikki

    I like all of them, I really like the black ones!

  • The Girl in Grey

    They remind me of cute little fish (:

  • torrey

    i absolutely love them, but i doubt the major buyers will buy them to sell in department stores. probably can only buy them at a mcqueen salon, but i wouldn’t be suprised if his own buyers didn’t buy them.

  • Terri

    I love his fashions but the shoes look like huge goiters!! I hope the models were fully compensated!LOL.

  • Jon

    These shoes are very reminiscent of Nina Ricci’s and John Galliano’s past season’s attempts of artistic footwear.

  • MissG

    Art, fashion…whatever…apart from some of the colours being lovely…honestly what is the point ???Can you imagine if instead of those monstrousities there were a pair of simple almond toe high heels pumps embellished by the same shards of torquise and the rest??I would be on the phone to try and get a pair right now!Wouldnt be in the spirit of the collection true…but again what is the point?

  • MichelleG

    I’m intrigued. The claws look like they would be really hot – as in sweaty, but they are fascinating to look at.

  • Diane


    NO NO NO as shoes
    YES as a GUARANTEED trip to the emergency room w/a broken anke or 2 if worn
    YES as a piece of art
    YES as a flower vase
    YES as a plant pot
    YES as a candy dish

    and so on .. and so on!

  • Jubelee

    These shoes are absolutely divine, and I will be ordering a pair ASAP!

    • Kirk

      Ware Can i order a pair i want them

  • X


  • Mason

    Oh My Gosh! I Thank The Lord For People Who Are Creative And Make Things Like This! Thank Ya Lawd!

  • Meesh

    it’s a ballet shoe reinforced with embellished heels…

    just like a ballerina would walk on point only these look way more awesome and have a heel

  • Kiki

    The “lobster shoes” remind me of the ballet boots that fetishists wear. I would love to try a pair on to see how hard it is to walk in them.
    McQueen never ceases to amaze me!

  • Viktoria

    i adore these shoes, i want a pair so bad !
    but i cannot find them anywhere :(
    they are beautiful !!

  • Elaaynee

    there is something more perfect? There not is something more coveted by me right now. the size of the creativity of Alexander McQueen is amazing. Thank you for giving me the privilege of having such a vision. thank so much.

  • Kendra

    Nothing is more perfect than this. (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    speechless (fb)

  • Duport

    Shoes so progressive that the design shows up in a 1987 Japanese animated series called Bubblegum Crisis.