VBH Python Clutch with Crystal DetailOne word for you: GORGEOUS. VBH handbags and clutches have captured my attention since day one and I’ve never looked back. I can’t remember the last time I came across a VBH handbag where I was disappointed. Can you? I didn’t think so. I was perusing Browns today and almost fell off my chair when I saw the VBH Python Clutch with Crystal Detail. This bag is beyond breathtaking.

VBH Python Clutch with Crystal Detail

VBH handbags have been causing handbag lovers, especially exotic handbag lovers, to drool since 2001. These amazing bags have been designed with the idea that the luxury handbag market needed a face lift. Since 2001 leaps and bounds have been made and you aren’t as likely to see every woman in the grocery store carrying the same designer bag. However, just because this need has been met doesn’t mean VBH is going to veer off course. This bag is a perfect example of this.

Pewter colored python skin is adorned with crystal detail. This detail resonates throughout the clutch in singular lines. Beyond the lines themselves, I am thrilled to see that the lines chosen were well thought out. As you carry this clutch the light will hit the crystals with every move and you will sparkle. There is a fold over flap which is secured with a magnetic closure. Open up the flap and find luscious grey suede lining. This bag is timeless and worth investing in. Buy through Browns for £1,695.

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