It seems like everyone wants a little piece of the exotic bag market these days. Not only has Louis Vuitton recently introduced a full line of crocodile and alligator bags in the past few days, but a Twitter tipster pointed us in the direction of the Tory Burch Robinson Alligator Tote, which we believe to be the most expensive bag Burch has ever produced by a long shot. By about 14,000 long shots, in fact – the next most expensive Burch bag that we know of was right under $1,000.

The bag, which is rendered in cobalt blue alligator and lined in matching leather, retails for $15,000 on the brand’s website, where only one is left for purchase. (It’s unclear how many were originally available, although it’s likely that this bag was made in a very, very small run.) Alligators are smaller than their croc cousins, which makes their hides harder to come by for the manufacture of large bags like this one. It can also drive prices up beyond those of crocodile for similar bags from the same brand, although Burch has never made any croc bags to compare this one to.

That this is a bold move for Tory Burch goes without saying (but here I am to say it anyway). The brand has always been a reliable purveyor of relatively affordable leather bags and accessories, with most prices capping out around $600 for an everyday option. Indeed, this piece is based on a very popular Burch staple that retails for the comparatively puny price of $575; for the price of the alligator version, you could buy 26 leather Robinson totes.

Alligator bags made by brands like The Row and Louis Vuitton (to say nothing of Hermes) retail for far more than this one does, but even if you assume that Burch chose very high-quality alligator for this bag, it’ll still be a hard sell at the price, particularly since it’s identical in every detail except material to a bag that everyone knows costs so much less. I would have rather seen the Burch team flex its creative muscles and come up with something truly unique to do with the alligator.

If you’re that special someone, you can pick up this bag for $15,000 via Tory Burch.

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  • Mya

    I don’t imagine this bag will sell well AT ALL. It doesn’t even look “expensive”. Well, not 15k quid expensive. Maybe $900 quid expensive. I think Tory Burch are in over their heads on this one.

  • Mya

    Lovely colour though!

  • JJp

    What a waste of Alligator…

  • justa9url

    When I first saw it on their website, I thought to myself, “could this be a typo?” I’m still thinking that… But it is a gorgeous bag!

  • Leechiyong

    I wonder where it was manufactured, as most TB bags are made in China. The labor cost and knowledge that a bag was made by skillful Europeans justifies the cost for many for LV, Hermes, etc.

    I think this falls into the same realm as attempts when Coach does it. Pretty to look at, but I’d rather spend my money on fill in the blank bag from a premier designer. They may be more, but I think if you’re contemplating spending 15K on a bag, a few grand more isn’t out of the picture.

  • Or

    This is plain silly – who would pay 15k for a TB bag? a silly buyer may be…

  • CourtneyMc22

    Dumb. Just make it embossed alligator then they would have a bag that’s appealing to their customer base… Anyone who is in the market for an aunthentic alligator bag isn’t going to want a TB, sorry to break it to you Mrs. Burch.

    • laura

      Agree. Embossed alligator for $100 more than a basic Robinson and it would sell out.

  • Kathleen

    Hmmm, this bag does not have the look of other high end alligator bags. While it is $10k below a Bottega alligator tote, $20k below The Row and $30k below Hermes, it still doesn’t have that special, OMG look, not even at $15k.

  • laura

    You must really love the brand to spend $15k on a bag like this. I couldn’t believe it when a saw in on the TB website a few days ago. With that money I’d rather buy one Birkin, or 3 Chanel flaps, even if they’re not exotic leather.

  • Sophia

    I never thought I’d say..this but save your money and buy a BIrkin.

  • S

    It’s very hard for a brand that’s mainstream to attract upper clientele. And I commend Tory Burch for trying, however, you have to try harder than this. You can’t take an existing bag retailed under $500 and slap alligator on it and charge $15,000!?!? NEXT.

  • melissa

    every company wants to be like The Row!

  • FashionableLena

    A $15,000 handbag from a second tier handbag designer?! What a waste of a good skin and a gorgeous color.

  • Jesse

    They also have an envelope clutch in alligator for 6,500.

  • twoturntables

    I wonder which celebrity we’ll see sporting it after getting it for free….

  • abudhabidweller

    I know about this bag!!

    I attended Tory Burch’s store opening in Abu Dhabi and they had some of their representatives there and these bags were created in 2 sizes, 4 colors, green, barbie pink, blue and orange. So 8 designs total.

    They did it for the arab/UAE market as there had been alot of demand for high end exotic Tory Burch and since the opening had a charity tied to it, they will give some back to an autistic charity. Although they did sell it for slightly more over here, around 16,300us$. I think they did make a few pieces of each because i saw repeats of the same bag in the window, shelf etc.

    Honestly most of the people who attended the opening said they wouldnt spend this much on a Tory Burch. Bring in Lady Dior exotics for the same price or chanel. Even if its not alligator like the row or hermes, its still hard to spend that amount of cash on TB.