It seems like all of our favorite bags are getting major upgrades for fall. First the Fendi 2Jours went alligator, and now the Givenchy Antigona Bag has debuted in an ultra-expensive crocodile version, beating the price of the 2Jours by nearly $8,000. If you’re bargain-minded and also fabulously rich, I suppose Givenchy just made your purchase decision for you.

This bag is also the most expensive bag at Neiman Marcus by a nearly $7,000 margin (the next most expensive is Gucci), and it also beats the most expensive bag at all the other major retailers we checked by at least the same amount, if not far more. It also beats everything on our list of the most expensive bags of Spring 2014, making it the current Internet handbag champion, at least if you measure winning by which price would make an average person the most light-headed.

As with the alligator 2Jours, this bag is an indicator of where there’s money to be made in the luxury industry. When you’re fabulously wealthy, keeping up with the Joneses is more like an arms race where the weapons are ever-more-expensive luxury goods.

If you’ve got some spare money hiding in your couch cushions on your yacht, you can pre-order this bag for $35,900 at Neiman Marcus.

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  • LOLA

    I have 3 crocodile bags: 1 flap bag from gucci from the late 90’s (fall 1998 i think), a nancy gonzalez tote and a vintage Chanel bag.
    Seriously, i wouldn’t spend that amount of money on a Givenchy bag. I f i want crocodile, i rather shop at Gucci, Fendi, Prada, Dior, Chanel or even Tom Ford. Givenchy is too trendy for me to invest in their crocodile bags. The same for Celine & Saint Laurent.

  • kindled

    To be fair, it is a gorgeous bag. Not one I’ll be buying, but it is beautiful.

  • Sandy

    I think that this bag is a beauty….trendy hmmm, maybe… I think the Antigona is one of the few bags (other than Chanel and Hermes Birkin/Kelly) that actually will stay around. It is beautiful, functional, and at the same time understated. Love it…

    • LucyBlakeesas

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    • VarshaMoretoniss

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  • Gorgeous.

  • Silversun

    This is real crocodile? I looked hard at the picture and am actually quite hard-pressed to tell the difference from my (much, much cheaper) croc-embossed Antigona. I’m sure IRL it looks different, although can’t imagine paying that much more just for the skin. Then again, I’m certainly in not the target market for this bag!

    • When a brand can make a great crocodile embossed bag, I never want to over-splurge on the crocodile version then… it seems silly

  • Kit Lau

    Getting an it bag in exotic leather just doesn’t seem right. Especially from a Lable that makes faux exotic skin bags so well.

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  • Marie

    I am curious why crocodile and alligator are so expense. They are not a rare creature.
    Thoughts, anyone?

    • Dylan

      It’s dangerous to get the skin and the skin itself needs to be blemish free. It’s a very difficult market.

  • Marie


  • Joanna

    It’s a really gorgeous bag but the price tag.

  • annoushka

    Isn’t The Row alligator tote bag the most expensive @ $39,000 and their alligator backpack @ about $34,000? I believe both are carried by Barney;s NY.