The brand to turn to for exotic skins is Bottega Veneta. I have never been let down by the skins Bottega Veneta chooses for their bags, from leathers to exotics. When the Fall Winter 2010 collection went down the runway, I had a hard time keeping myself from actively drooling on my keyboard. Not only did I see gorgeous designs, but also there was use of color that worked perfectly for fall and winter while not being drab. One of the colors that immediately caught my attention was a rich hue of blue.

It just so happens the blue bag that I found myself yearning for was also designed in a gorgeous exotic skin. Welcome the Bottega Veneta China Soft Crocodile Fume Loop Bag to your screen. Gorgeous, right?

I have had the privilege of holding a soft crocodile skin from Bottega Veneta before. If you have not, pop into Bottega Veneta next time you can and ask to hold one of their exotic skin handbags. One of the strong points of the brand is their focus on finding the best skins available, clearly this bag showcases that. Even from the photo, you can see the quality of the skin used.

This style hobo is very familiar for all of us. In fact, this bag reminds me of the popular YSL Roady Hobo with its single shoulder strap. You had to know the price was coming next and you had to know that it would be high. Once available, the bag will be $35,000 at Bottega Veneta.

Perfectly Pink

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