Bottega Veneta Cabat in Lilac

Continuing to love, support and discuss the brand, the Bottega Veneta fan base on the Purse Forum has helped our Exclusive Bottega Veneta Day come to life. The Purse Forum is the largest gathering of handbag enthusiasts world wide, as well as the most active fashion forum online. Our Bottega Veneta crowd is loyal and knows an astonishing amount of information. One of the most highly-coveted Bottega Veneta bags is the Cabat, which is discussed in depth in the BV forum.

Bottega Cabat - Woven LeatherThe Bottega Veneta Cabat quickly became a timeless staple for the Bottega brand. The classic Intrecciato Cabat takes two people two full days to weave the leather into the seamless shape. There is no inner lining, it is a woven leather body inside and out. Another day is needed for stitching, applying handles, and finishing every edge by hand. Prior to these three days, there is ample time spent treating, preparing, and cutting the leather itself. A very intricate and time-consuming process, indeed. When inspecting a Cabat closely, one can sense the delicate craftsmanship that goes into its making. Nothing about it is simple, every stitch is sturdy and meticulously placed.

BV Cabat in LilacAfter having the Bottega Veneta Lilac Intrecciato Nappa Cabat in my hands, I understood all of the enamor. The Cabat is light, yet large and spacious. The handles fit perfectly over my shoulder without hugging my underarm. The body holds its shape, whether filled up or empty. The shape resembles an ordinary tote, yet this bag is anything but ordinary. It speaks to you, it is graceful, and it just works. Lilac is the very color we reviewed in the Campana previously, which I deemed perfect at the time and I stand behind that. The color is more subdued when paired with certain palettes and jumps out to look more purple with others.

The Cabat is one of those bags that ‘clicks’ and I now see why some own large collections of this design. We reviewed the medium size, the dimensions measure 9.8 x 15.6 x 6.4 inches. Clearly, I am sold.

Call Bottega Veneta to inquire (877.362.1715) or buy directly through Bottega Veneta Online for $4,700.

Bottega Veneta Cabat - Folded

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  • kroquet

    Wow!!! Vlad, you rock with the photos! The lilac is absolutely gorgeous. That is my dream bag to own one day!

  • Cates


  • Michelle

    Stunning photos!

    Now that I’ve seen it in lilac, I don’t think I’d want it in any other color!

  • Marissa Cooper

    Awesome photos! I like the one with the car. A touch of class and it makes me want one :P

    I’ve been pressing F5 to see if there’s any updates lol

  • Jen

    What a beautiful bag! Thanks for the history, it’s so great that you pay homage to the craftmanship!

  • susan

    What a gorgeous bag.

  • Melissa

    Vlad, you make both the lilac campana and nappa cabat look so gorgeous! The size, color and open top closure is perfect and convenient!

  • jburgh

    I own two Cabat totes in the size medium. They are fabulous bags. Simple and elegant, impeccably made.

  • Sara

    I need this bag!!!!!!!!!!

  • Liz G.

    STUNNING bag!!! Love the color!

  • Took me long enough to get the shade right, you’d be surprised how tricky it is to adjust the color on the (studio-strobes + digital SLR) images to make them look like real-life color in daylight. Hope I did the Lilac justice.

  • Callie

    OMG!!!! Love the pictures. Lilac cabat!!!!!
    I wish I can owe Cabat one day.

  • Claudia

    On this color should do mach with a lot of things in my closet, i really like the info you share about this.


  • Redseouls

    So pretty!

  • mary

    I love this color! It´s perfect for all year around.

  • carolyn

    The pictures are simply stunning!

  • Tina

    What a simple yet stunning bag. I adore the shape and the color.

  • longchamp

    Stunning pix and the color representation/photo is perfect!!

  • Babi

    Yes, I’m in trouble….
    I’ve been admiring the simplicity of this unique bag lately and Vlad’s pictures are just gettng the admiration worse (and more dangerus!).
    Beautiful pictures for a gorgeous bag!

  • We have another Cabat coming later… I love it more than this one! :)

  • veyda

    Beautiful bag. I have never really looked at BV bags too much assuming they were out of my price range, but this bag is absolutely gorgeous and would be worth spending more than I usually do. Now I am hooked on BV. Thanks tPF for introducing me to an awesome brand. Can’t wait to see more goodies!

  • otter

    Lust list.

  • sunchicka

    The cabat is lovely.

  • shopaholic&baby

    Vlad & Megs, thanks for the fabulous pictures & intro of the cabat! It is my favourite BV style, and I use my medium cabat more often than other BV bags. :)

  • otter

    Has been added to my “lust list.” Yum.

  • BagLuver

    Absolutely stunning! Love the color. The photos are amazing!!

  • Amanda

    The photos are amazing and I love the color of this bag! The cabat is definitely on my lust list.

  • sndc99

    I think this might be something I need to save for….so pretty

  • zaali

    I love the lilac BV Cabas….Ohh la la!!! What to do?…I have so many bags on my list and now I will add this one too…

  • Franca

    I want this bag “!!!!!!OMG

  • mistikat

    Just got a medium cabat in ebano and LOVE it. This is a great, very versatile bag.

  • frannita

    Sigh, someday I’ll have my own Cabat. And maybe a Range Rover too? LOL! Love the pics.

  • Th


  • kuwa

    The cabat is my favorite BV bag. Beautiful workmanship. Can’t wait for the other cabat review.

  • atlasstanley

    Hi Vlad, What color code does lilac color close in Pitone color chart(Fashion & Clothing)? because it’s quiet confuse, since it appear different color tone in the attached file.

  • Bichon Lover

    Absolutely gorgeous!!!!

  • ReRe

    I’ve loved BV for some years now, but your article really made me appreciate the time that goes into each bag.

  • Mohnblume

    a cabat really is THE handbag

  • SnoopDog

    I own a 1st generation cabat and will not buy any more after that because the quality is very very different from back then and price has been almost tripled.

  • ssc0619

    Vlad’s pictures of the lilac campana made me go out and buy that bag and now these pictures make we want this one!!! Oh no!

  • Bex

    I love this bag!

  • Debra Zak

    Bottega Vaneta is the # 1 name in leather as far as I am concerned. I ahve always wanted one.
    Lilac is joy and happiness and together…well, need I say more?

  • Kendra

    No thank you. (fb)

  • Linod

    Greates bag!
    Look this –

  • Mousse

    I need this. Hope the color comes back. (ipad)

  • AMN

    love the style, not the color (ipad)

  • murt

    It’s funny I love vintage BV bags from the ’80s but am really not a fan of any of the newer styles, including the cabat, which to my eye looks huge and disproportionate.

  • murt

    It’s funny I love vintage BV bags from the ’80s but am really not a fan of any of the newer styles, including the cabat, which to my eye looks huge and disproportionate.

  • Corey

    I’m curious if any cabat owners also own or have ever considered the intrecciato Napa shopper tote. I went to the boutique for a cabat, had my hands on several and while in love, walked away with a tourmaline large shopper with chain detail. I love it in more ways than the cabat and feel like it’s function is so well rounded and utterly gorgeous. The shopper has no seamed edges, including the corners to the bottom and the interior is a combination of simply luxe suede and Napa with dividing pockets that help keep things in their proper place so that we BV wearers can keep up the effortless, understated glam vibe.