To me, how a piece of clothing or an accessory looks is secondary to how you feel when you wear or carry it. Fashion is fickle and everyone’s a critic, but when a dress or a bag or a pair of shoes makes you feel like your best self, it’s worth whatever it might cost. Style is instinctual far more than it is logical, and if you let that dizzy, glamourous feeling be your guide, you probably won’t go wrong.

The Marchesa Fall 2012 evening bags and clutches were made to elicit exactly that hazy head rush. If you’ve ever dreamed of being a princess, most of these bags feature enough stones and beading to make you completely forget about your lack of actual crown jewels. Maybe you have a formal wedding to attend this fall or are getting married yourself – if either of those is the case, you’d be hard pressed to find a more comprehensive selection of formal evening bags that don’t opt for an extremely traditional aesthetic. Whatever the case may be, a little extra sparkle never hurt anyone – check out all of the bags in our gallery after the jump.

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Queen Bee of Beverly Hills

I think I’m in love! I’m such a softie for some bling

10 years ago

Quite fed up with every designer copying the successful Bottega Veneta – Alexander McQueen hard case clutch. I say enough! Oliana –

Marie Martell
Marie Martell
10 years ago

Wow, so pretty! I love the white ones!

10 years ago

Ummmmm… Am I the only one who sees a part of the female anatomy in the red clutch? 

10 years ago

You are not the only one.
The rest of the collection is gorgeous though.

GG Pastel