Judith Leiber Peacock Clutch

Maybe I’m just feeling curmudgeonly this morning, but does a black and white Judith Leiber Peacock Clutch seem beside the point to anyone else?

It seems to me that the main draw of a peacock made into a bag should be all the wonderful colors – blues, teals, golds, greens. There are so many opportunities to build something really striking and colorful that it’s a shame to eschew all of that opportunity in favor of something almost completely colorless.

As it is, the clutch is attractive enough, but it looks more like a snowflake than a peacock when you look at it quickly. Usually Leiber goes all-out with color when she makes an object clutch, but this one just seems a bit dreary. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $5295.

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  • Beth

    I admire the workmanship. And… well, that’s about it.

    • AA

      Me too. I thinks it a piece of art but thats about it. I wish it were more colorful like a peacock! Now that would really belong at an art museum. lol I wouldnt carry it tho.

  • Erin

    Yeah, it’s kind of pretty, but I agree with you – would’ve been much better in actual peacock colors!


  • Anna

    good lord thats beautiful!!!!!!! and for all three comments above, those ARE actual peacock colors. Not all peacocks are blue/green. In fact the females are always this poopy brown color, and the albino white peacocks are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! i know this because i live in a community with wild peacocks and they are really annoying to say the least but that clutch is REALLY TO DIE FOR and its very realistic with respect to white peacocks. BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL!!!! You peeps at PB should do a Judith Leiber giveaway lol :)

    • AA

      Oh wow, I never knew that! IMO I learn something new & interesting everyday single day on tpf/tpb! Thats cool, I never knew there were white peacocks! :D

  • 19yearslater

    ^It’s an albino peacock, like in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! I continue to love these clutches, but if I ever had a couple thousand dollars to drop on something small and sparkly I would get the book clutch, because I’m quite the geeky fashion lover.

  • Kimberly Marney

    That is so striking. There’s something unique and special that it’s not typical peacock. But, $5,000 for a special occassion bag? I’d put it toward a Birkin. or a Croc!

  • atrophia

    I agree, that was the first thing I thought of when I saw this. However… Anna is right. It’s not what you first think of when you think of a peacock, but yes, there are white peacocks, and it definitely does fit the season.

  • mochababe73

    This is a beautiful bag. In fact, I didn’t miss the color until the author wrote something about it. I also agree that this is too much money on a special occasion bag. However, I would spend mine on something sparkly like a diamond bracelet.

  • skinnyb

    Beautiful. If don’t mind paying $1000 for it if I can afford.

  • Kendra

    Expensive, but nice. (fb)

  • Vicki Page-Clark

    I think it’s beautiful in it’s own way – but also agree one with greens and blues could have been even more stunning! Judith, are you listening ;) (fb)

  • Maggie

    I think it would look better if it was in color… (ipad)

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