Judith Leiber Jaguar Clutch

With the popularity of animal print this season, it stands to reason that before long, someone would make a bag that is actually an animal-print animal. And of course that person was Judith Leiber – who else could it have been? And she’s really the only one that could get away with it; she has a gimmick and she sticks with it. Even if you don’t like her bags, you’ve got to give her that. But I can’t exactly decide how I feel about the Judith Leiber Jaguar Clutch.

I know that youth and modernity have never exactly been Leiber’s thing, but for some reason, this clutch is feeling particularly mumsy. Maybe it’s just because women of a certain age are often prone towards whimsical brooches, many of them sparkly, and often, a reasonably sized subset of that brooch category is safari-themed.

But then again, it’s probably the case that only well-established women have the cash on hand to be purchasing bejeweled jungle cats, so I may have missed Leiber’s point entirely. Couldn’t you see someone a bit sassy but still totally elegant like, say, Helen Mirren carrying something like this to an awards show? Buy through Net-a-Porter for $5495.

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