Felix Rey HandbagI think it’s perfectly fine to be attention whoring once in a while. Steal that attention from other gals and put yourself in the spotlight… go ahead, make them jealous. I know you ladies just love to stand out of the crowd, some more, some less, some often, some occasionally, but deep down inside, you all have the primal drive to outrun the fellow female Homo sapiens in the race for the prime male flesh. Denial is futile. In order to make your game a little easier, I’d personally suggest the Felix Rey Mini Metal Mesh Ruffle Bag. This small evening number stood out enough to catch our attention at the Bendel store, with its twinkling mesh exterior, reflecting the light beams like it was its only purpose. This bag would do great with a long black evening dress, and with its shine, you are guaranteed to attract everyone’s looks in the room that you bless with your attendance. For $195, available in gold, silver, bronze, or black.

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  • Zippy

    Ah, the perfect zippy evening bag for Zippy except gold. Grandmother reminds me, “Never wear gold after six dear.,” Does that include such a attractive purse?

  • Tuesday

    I concur! I really like this little number, especially in bronze.
    Now, what’s this about no gold after six?

  • billyjoe

    The silver and black ones are awesome! They are just perfect evening bags.

  • Kaitlyn


  • Ashley-Marie

    OMG i have this bag in silver and i love it but i got it at In THE BAG in Providence RI! Best store eva and super cheap! i got it for $120! I would tell ya all to by this bag you will want to use it everyday!

  • betty

    hey Ashley marie in which boutiquedid you find this bag for the price
    please tell us

  • Naggy

    That mesh could keep you cool in the summer if you leave it indoors in cool air, but that’s the only use I’d have for it. (ipad)

  • KY

    Nice bag! (ipad)