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While we wait for the Milan shows to start in earnest, now seems as good a time as any to post the small but very beautiful collection of bags that graced the runway for Marchesa Spring 2012. I know that bags are an afterthought for the gown-heavy line, but they’re always so beautiful and special that I really wish Marchesa would do more. Like, lots more. One for every dress? Is that too much to ask?

It probably is, so we’ll have to deal with the four that the show gave us for the time being. For me, the clear winner is the lunar-beaded blue-grey option at top, which is so pretty that I’d like to sit it on my desk and gaze at it longingly while I blog. Maybe I’ll print out the picture, tape it to my wall and do the same thing. Check out the rest of the bags after the jump.

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  • Melissa H.

    DEFINITELY coveting the first bag – the lunar-beaded blue-grey option. Considering printing out as gorgeous cube-scape as well…The gold quilted one caught my eye too.

  • annabelle

    they are just gorgeous!!!

  • webbdk

    I’m with ya- I am lovin’ the lunar-beaded blue-grey bag…simply stunning!

  • kemilia

    The grey one is gorgeous!

  • Cathy Fitz

    I love them all! But I think the one I could stare at all day is the second one, with the feathers!

  • Jackie Ellis

    Oh my… they are gorgeous! I want them!!!

  • MizzJ

    Totally agree with you on the first bag! It looks like some diamond encrusted fish just leaped out of the sea and turned into a purse haha

  • P

    Where can you buy these?

  • Jackie

    Just as exquisite as their dresses. *Faint*

  • Janet

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  • Chele

    The blue gray bag is gorgeous! I love those crystal clasps on Marchesa’s evening clutches.

  • Chryssa

    The first one (4) is just gorgeous.

  • FashionA

    The third is just darling!

  • Pollie

    love the scallop details