Dior 61 Croc-Stamped ToteForever 21 Stone Quilt Tote

We here at Purse Blog encounter a lot of bags every day – expensive ones, cheap ones, pretty ones, ugly ones. And then, sometimes, we encounter those that look just like ones that we’ve already encountered elsewhere. And, to a certain extent, you have to let it go. There are only so many ways to design a strap or attach a buckle, and when designer bags set so many of the overall bag trends, you’re going to see similar bags all over the place, and that’s not necessarily the cheaper brands’ fault. They have to follow the trends that their customers want to buy, which leaves them with few choices. They CAN choose, however, to not copy a brand’s design detail for detail, which is apparently not the choice that Forever 21‘s “designers” made when they copied their Stone Quilted Tote inch for inch from the beautiful Dior 61 Croc-Stamped Tote. We normally ignore the copies, but I think this instance is a good reminder of why exactly it is we love designer bags – the Dior tote shows such an obvious precision and attention to detail, even in these small photos, when compared to the cheap copy that the craftsmanship is clear. No one would ever mistake one for the other, despite Forever 21’s best efforts.

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  • Lapa
  • mette

    I ´ll double Lapa´s question. The Dior bag has a nice color though.

  • hpb2c

    Forever 21 has had endless problems and lawsuits dealing with blatantly ripping off designers. As you can see the YSL and Dior show similar shape…but its a bag. They look nothing alike and not many would confuse the two. However with the Dior and 21 it cannot be any more obvious what they are doing. I bet it even comes in the same color, and if you ask quietly at the counter they can switch out the ring to a D shaped one…

  • Pe. Riche.

    If you shop at Forever 21, then that means you are, or should be, in your late teens and very early twenties.

    When I was in college, I did not have the finances to spend freely on designer handbags that I do now. All of my money at the time went toward my education.

    So if a teen or young twenty-something isn’t crazy enough to forgo their education for a handbag, then let them have the imitation.

  • Ellez

    I completely agree with Pe.Riche. I am a college student and while I like to splurge on expensive handbags as much as the next person (my beautiful Prada clutch just arrived!!!!) there is no way I can afford a Dior bag…for now ; ) Also, most of my friends love designer bags (especially Dior) but have to make due with putting it’s picture up on our walls. So, right now the closest we get to reaching our fashion dreams is to shop at the trendy, and incredibly cheap, Forever 21. I love the fact that they continue to put out clothing that is the latest fashions that I can actually buy. Especially here in Northeast Ohio where nobody would ever know the difference or care and probably wouldn’t believe you if you told them it was from a major label.

  • studentonbudget

    I agree with Ellez and Pe. Riche in stating that Forever 21 sells in-fashion items at at budget-friendly price. You can easily pick up an entire outfit with accessories for less than $100 and looking good for the night out. But I do hold the fact that even though I am a student, but my passion to browse and save for a designer bag still holds. Personally, I buy many items through Forever 21, but when it comes to bags, I have noticed they also took Chanel’s quilted design and the classic flap design as well. So buy their clothing and not their bags!

  • I totally agree that it’s important for less-expensive, trendy bags to be out there for people that can’t afford every designer bag they might want. I’m only about 9 months past being a college student myself! But it just seems like they didn’t even try to interpret a trend – they took someone else’s work product, changed only the smallest of details, and are selling it as their own. And that’s kinda dishonest, IMO. But hey, that’s just me.

    And I see what some of you guys are saying about the YSL tribute, but other than the shiny stamped leather, I don’t really think they’re the same (plus, this isn’t a new bag – they came out around the same time). This bag, as Dior tends to be, is so much more structured than the YSL. They’re both beautiful, though!. I’m still drooling over the Dior’s color!

  • janis

    I agree with Amanda . I don’t like to see a less expensive bag that looks so much like something I spend $$$ for…

  • Alexa

    I hate Forever 21, I don’t see why they are not closed yet. I’ve never shopped there, never will, and after showing some things to my friends, a lot of them have stopped shopping there as well.

  • me

    Lots of brands rip off of designers but Forever 21 seems to take a lot of the brunt. Yes, I think that fakes are ugly and I wouldn’t carry one, but as Amanda pointed out its clearly not as good- its a rip-off. And as other posters have said Forever 21’s target crowd is the college one- a fake might tide them over for the day they can afford a real Dior.

  • ZAT

    Dior deserve this, they have copied YSL Tribute “the original shape” & even they copied YSL embosed croc. effect.

  • holly

    I don’t really mind that forever21 knocks off big name bags, for the people who want to buy knocks offs they can buy from forever 21 with out worrying about supporting crime and no one who would buy the real thing is going to buy the F21 version so it’s not like Dior loses money.

  • Amanda R

    Honestly, I highly doubt that the girls who buy the forever 21 bag would even know that it’s a Dior rip off. In fact, I think that a lot of people that buy “replica” or knock off bags at stores like Forever 21 don’t even know that it’s a copy of anything. Obviously people would instantly recognize a bag that rips off a brand like LV and Gucci because of their well known monograms, but as for bags like this one, I doubt it.

  • may

    I am not in support of one brand ripping off another brand’s ideas or concepts. I think to be a successful brand, you will need to either come up with your own ideas or at least make an effort to intepret a runway look and make it your own…

  • Jenni

    I’m in agreement that there should be cheaper options for the less wealthy.. if that means replica bags and knock-offs I feel the unfairness/harm/evil in this is outweighed by the opportunity it provides everyone else to play in the often limiting and discriminating fashion world. Those who are fortunate enough to shell out thousands of dollars for premium luxury handbags get their quality products and can show them off. The forever 21 replicas look much less refined and fall apart quickly. Isn’t it all fair at the end of the day? I mean.. even for the original designers… when replicas are created it breeds familiarity and recognition of the original design. IMHO.

  • Julie

    LOL there’re tons of things like that!

  • Jane H.

    The F21 bag looks gross

  • Rich

    Wow, with so many other things to worry about, THIS is the big debate? I know I know, its a blog about purses, so obviously there are going to be some very passionate people out there!

    In my opinion, if you are THAT worried about owning a bag that has a far less expensive copy out there, then perhaps you need to rethink your priorities when it comes to your purchases. Obviously Dior must be doing something right in their design department for someone to come along and reuse their ideas.

    Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, correct?

  • steav

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  • f21er

    Hi guys,
    Well I work for F21 and honestly the clothing is amazing for both man and women. But the bags are really cheap, so it is something I do not recommend for ppl to buy.
    Other than that, the jewlery, the accesories, and the clothing..amazing!!

    and whoever said that about switiching the “o” ring to a “D” ring to make it look like a Dior…get a brain and stop syaing stupid things.

    I mean, I LOVE Designer items, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, ext…I buy some items online like ebay to save a couple of bucks, but there’s people that can save that much and are in a very tight budget…F21 is perfect…affordable prices, I mean REALLY affordable and fits any budget.

    One thing though, it is kind of ok to mimic a designer, but not got exactly like they did with the LAMB, DVF, and other designers…that is kind of wrong…

  • Mark Gil Anthony Plaza

    “They have to follow the trends that their customers want to buy, which leaves them with few choices.”

    It’s not easy to design a bag especially if you are relying on the trend of the generation. It should be unique but trendy and It should always show the signature of the brand. Most of all, the quality of the product you are selling so that the customers will always buy the products that you are selling.

  • Adrienne Zedella

    love the black! i want to feel it! (fb)

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