As I wait in line to buy groceries, I notice two people in front of me using coupons. Initially, I am thinking, “I picked the wrong line, AGAIN.” But then I realize that I am the one that is missing out on the deals, I am the one always paying full price, and I really need to re-consider my lack of coupon or bargain shopping. Sure, I have a CVS card, and sometimes I get a few bucks off, but there are people that gets hundreds of dollars off every time they go to the grocery store, every time they go to Target, etc. What is wrong with me that I literally throw money away, that I see a coupon and somehow always forget to take it with me?

So don’t take a lead from me on bargain shopping, because I am admittedly horrible at it. And coupons? Don’t ask me either. But there is someone who I would love to shop behind for one day. To follow and see how it is that she does what she does. A woman who once had a bill at Target for over $380 and paid a mere two cents. TWO CENTS!!! I will tell you what, I am doing something wrong for sure.

You must read the article to see precisely how amazing using coupons and codes can be. My jaw dropped reading what savings are to be had! Doesn’t mean I will get my act together and do it myself, but worth a look and read.

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  • dela

    Two cents at Target!!! I always throw away those coupons. I could have used this advice when I was an undergrad (when I was spending my grocery money on handbags). My idea of saving was eating at Taco Bell. LOL. Good for her and it just shows you that it is never unfashionable to use coupons.

    • Ellez

      I can totally attest to this. I am a poor undergrad who spends all her money on handbags and shoes (I have a split love that drives me crazy)instead of looking for deals on books, supplies, food, etc. Instead of shopping around for the best deals on my books, I just go down to the campus bookstore and pay a small fortune for books. I’ll shop for hours looking for the best deals I can find on my new obsession (currently the Rebecca Minkoff Steady in deep purple) but will pay full price for the little things that don’t seem very expensive at first but really add up over time. What is wrong with us?

  • pidgeon92

    The problem with most food coupons is that I don’t often buy packaged foods. I do use coupons for things like contact lens solution and deodorant. I don’t get a newspaper, so I get most of my coupons from the internet, and some stores, like Woodman’s, will not take them.

  • Jamie

    If I had coupons the my household items, I’d use them. But like pidgeon92, I don’t get newspapers or order magazines, and most supermarkets and stores don’t accept coupons that have been printed from the internet.

  • I never look for coupons. It is horrible, after seeing how much can be saved, no matter what your financial stability is, it makes sense.

  • JNH14

    Absolutely!!! :mrgreen: I never shop without them at any store.
    My friends come to me to ask about what is on sale and where. I usualyy save at least 37% on my weekly groceries using coupons-which menas more money for handbags!

  • Jennifer

    I don’t take coupons to the grocery store, I prefer to buy the brand which is cheapest, which is rarely the one you get a coupon for. I see people walking around the store picking out everything they have a coupon for, even if they are going to pay more for the item than if they picked up another brand. There’s a sucker born every minute.
    But I do look for coupons or discounts when buying online, and especially for big ticket items. I rarely pay retail for anything – not my wireless bill, not my gas, not my car – and definitely not my purses!

  • Judi

    I often see people with thick 3-ring binders stuffed full of neatly-organized coupons making their way through the grocery store on double coupon day, and I admire their diligence. But we rarely buy packaged food and when I have coupons for a packaged product I do buy I usually find a different brand that’s much cheaper and on sale. So the coupon doesn’t do me much good. I think I save more money by carefully checking over the receipt for overcharges before I leave the store. I usually have from $5 to $10 in over-charges per visit!

  • lmoon2550

    I spent twice as much when I used coupons.I was awful; I tried all these new products with coupons. Most were just garbage that I ended up throwing away. What a waste of money for me. I am not disciplined enough to use coupons. That being said, I don’t pay retail for big ticket items and scour the internet for discounts.

  • Oh well… :shock:

    Lucky for those who used coupons i guess. Thanks for the heads up! I am surely gonna use those coupons now…I will never them out from now on, that’s for sure! :mrgreen:

  • michelle

    I’m a big couponer. I typically buy two Sunday papers, and usually save more than half on my grocery bill. I’m not as good as some, but my best ever transaction was $2 at Rite Aid for over $150 worth of stuff. It’s all stuff I use regularly, like shampoo and toothbrushes and stuff like that. I won’t have to buy that stuff for months. My best grocery deal was $13 out of pocket for over $50 worth of groceries. And you don’t have to eat prepackaged food to save with coupons. Many grocery stores have online coupons for their store (which can be combined with manufacturer coupons) for things like meat and produce. It takes a lot of work to get started, but since I started couponing a couple months ago, I’ve saved over $500.

  • LAltiero85

    Oh jeez….I never do because like pidgeon92, I don’t get a newspaper (because where I live, they only print one a week, and there are no coupons or ads or anything, it’s literally two pages). But I should get the Pittsburgh Post on Sundays–amazing coupons, I used to do this every week, now I realize I’m really missing out!! :shock: Off to get a Pittsburgh Post!

  • ArmCandyLuvr

    I don’t buy the packaged foods, which is exactly what most coupons seem to be for. Most of the coupon offerings are for junk! I shop the produce, fresh bakery, butcher, and dairy departments. Rarely do stores have coupons for that stuff. Another thing about coupons is that they are often for specific brand name items. Oftentimes, the generic version of the food is still cheaper even if you have a coupon for the brand name version.

    The only coupons I consistently use are coupons for non-food store I frequent, such as Macy’s, Ulta, and Waldenbooks.

  • Adam

    Coupons just like anything else are skills that one must learn. My motto is make every purchase ( dollar) count. You have to look over what you normally purchase and inquire about discounts. I make use of corporate discounts ( many labels offer them) /mailing list/ shop around method. Overal, Being Flexible is the key to life. I am a college student and budgeting is a must ( although many my age or even older do not). I say know what at most you want to spend and try to spend as far south from you limit as possible.

  • I always use them. I have a binder that is filled with baseball card holders that hold coupons in their own categories. Never pay for shower gel, deodorant, shaving cream, razors, shampoo, toothpaste, or make up again! I actually just started my blog to keep track of my savings.

  • Yes, I use coupons whenever I shop online. In these times of economic difficulty, every cent counts. :smile:

  • Alan Coupons

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