Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But is it really? Why is it that we have no problem saying that to one another but when we are the person being taken from we do not feel flattered in the least bit? So I wonder how designers feel about this very issue. I am not speaking of the counterfeit market, rather the bags that look eerily similar to the others.

I know you have all seen it at one time or another; opened up Saks or Neimans or Shop Bop, browsed some new bags, said to yourself, ‘Oh there is a Prada/Gucci/Chloe” but no, you were mistaken. It was, in fact, a totally different designer with a very familiar look. How can this be? Is it pure coincidence or theft?

Let’s have a debate. When is the last time you saw one designer take from another? Does it perturb you or do you believe it is simply flattery?

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  • Anilu Magloire

    No one’s rediscovering the wheel here. It’s completely unavoidable.

  • Suzanne

    I do agree that sometimes it’s unavoidable. There are only so many basic shapes. What I don’t like is when they take the details that make the bag special and copy them. For example the new Valentino petal dome tote at Neiman Marcus looks like a reissue of a Tom Ford for YSL Nadja bag. They also have a ruffly bag that looks like a YSL St. Tropez.

  • Classic Chic

    To me, every deisgner have their own ‘siguanture’ style, if there’s no fresh original design, there’s always room to tweak their own style. LV’s inoic Speedy, Fendi Spy, Chanel Classic Flap & Hermes Birkin/Kelly are just some examples. There are only so many music notes, but look at just how many great songs we are listening to!

  • heidi

    Funny how this topic is being discussed. Anyone notice the new coach bags?
    The coach Sabrina bags
    looks like the balenciaga twiggy (shape, strap, handles)

    and the coach Sabrina Ombre
    looks like the prada multicolor stripes Nappa bag

    You can’t say that the prada copy is not unavoidable. I mean come on, squiggly multicoloured thick vertical lines?

  • Jackie725

    it is said that amateurs imitate but professionals steal. Any way you say it, a copy is a copy. I recently went into the Chanel boutique on Rodeo Drive. The salesperson thrust a new style into by hands telling me it is this season’s “must-have”. I (admittedly stupidly) blurted out, it looks just like a Marc Jacobs bag I bought last summer.” the salesperson literally SNATCHED the bag from my hands and said “maybe Marc Jacobs looks like Chanel bit I assure you, it’s not Chanel.” Iget it but bottom line, they look the same. Hilarious!

  • vicki

    HILARIOUS for sure! Manufacture what sells, I don’t care who you are. Squelching free enterprise is UNAMERICAN. Design and quality always sells. Be the best and let the others worry the rest.

    I HAVE A QUESTION….not a handbag afficianado my any stretch…WHAT WAS THE VERY FIRST ‘DESIGNER’ BAG EVER MADE? Should I assume it was a Chanel? What did it look like?