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In about one hour masses of people will be sitting down to watch the most highly talked about movie of the summer, Sex and the City. But is this movie worth the hype? To be honest, I would not want to be in their place, nor the producers place, nor the wardrobes place, nor anyone affiliated with the movie’s place. When something is chalked up to be something so incredible, the expectations are set high (many times unattainably high). Don’t get me wrong, I am of course going to see the movie and of course incredibly excited. But I feel like some early reviews have only been mediocre, and even if the movie is great, it is going to be hard to fill the shoes that have been built for it. I will probably go see the movie Monday, which will still be crazy, but not as crazy as tonight at midnight. Really, I am excited for a fun plot and great outfits (and of course the glorious bags!!). Which of you are already in the long line waiting to get in? Which of you are so excited you can hardly stand it? And which of you think it is over-hyped?

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  • Anilu Magloire

    Completely agree. It has to be so nerve wracking for them all.
    I am a HUGE fan of the series and I am soooo excited about the movie. I will be there tomorrow morning at 11 am to watch it.
    I am a little nervous about it not living up to the huge expectations it has created for itself.
    We’ll see…

    • That is what I think too! I hope many can just take it for what it is. A carefree movie about four great friends who love fashion, each other, and the people in their lives. Anyhow, I need to see how it all turns out :wink:

  • Foong Wai Yoke

    I’ve watched the movie. Personally I’ll give it a 4 stars though I feel this movie appears more to female audience than male audience.

  • savvygal @ savvymode

    I am not hold my breath. I think it is best to have no expectation about the plot but am very excited about the clothes and handbags…. : )

  • dierregi

    I was a huge fan, although I think that towards the end (especially the last series) it turned into a showcase of outfits and accessories. Much as I love to see gorgeous clothes and handbags, I also liked the stories about the women and I was sorry to see them sort of fading into the background when the public started to focus mainly on what they were wearing.

    It was a pity because the scripts of the first series were so funny and clever and some of the dialogues absolutely memorable.

    I am very curious about the movie (which I’ll definitely go and see) but fear it will be even more a showcase for designers, rather than a solid story about the girls.

  • Graciella

    I’ve never liked Sex and the City – it’s just vulgar. Some of my friends have taken over the whole vide of the series and think they are some cosmopolitan, über-hip members of the in-crowd. And they even do the whole one-night-stand thing, I just think that’s so dumb. And I also dislike the actresses and their clothes too most of the time (seriously, who walks down 5th avenue in a pink tutu?) So I’ll be ignoring the movie I guess (if that’s at all possible, given the over-exposure in the press lately). Don’t get me wrong, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I can understand this series and movie appeals to many people, but it’s just not for me. For everyone who is going to see the movie: have fun and I hope your high hopes will be rewarded!

  • lisa

    I saw it last night and was very dissapointed. It was way too long and some of the supporting cast were underutilized- namely Stanford and Anthony and Harry. I was bored with Samantha’s storyline and dissapointed with some of Carrie’s decisions. I really did not laugh too much- it was more serious than I expected. I didnt think the clothes and accessories were too exciting either but maybe that is because they have already been all over the internet and there were no suprises. Carrie’s style definitely toned down since the show and the other characters were dressed relatively boring.

  • Meagan

    I saw the movie last night and LOVED it! I had very high expectations as well and the movie far surpassed them! It was amazing!!! :grin:

    • Anilu Magloire


    • Renier (clearstatic)

      :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

      WHEW! thank god i wasnt the only one! i thought it was much better than it could have ever been. funnier, smarter, chicer than the series and also touching and it felt REAL!

      I LOVED IT!!

  • dimon

    Hey all- I just got back from watching the movie on the Champs Elysee. It came out on Wednesday here. I’ve seen all the SATC seasons and loved the show for its tale of female friendship, NYC, and of course the clothes. The movie didn’t dissapoint me and I teared up in all the right places. The ladies all look a little older (c’est normale!) except Charlotte. I think Miranda’s character is the most interesting and probably represents everything a truly modern woman’s life is about. I liked the ending, and I believe it shows that Carrie’s character has grown. The clothes were fantastic! The bags we had all seen before on this website or others. Have fun but go with girlfriends, because there isn’t really enough raunchy sex talk to make guys happy in the film.

  • Hinge13

    I’m also a huge fan of the series and very excited about the movie! But I don’t really have any expectations except that I hope to see a beautiful wardrobe and fun combinations. The series was something really special and I don’t expect that the movie will have anything near the kind of magic the series had through the years. The series and a movie will never be the same. So I’m also just going to enjoy it for what it is: a revisit with our 4 lovely ladies (5 with New York:-)) and hopefully some laughs and some great outfits.

  • PJH

    More than one person has told me that they are really worried the movie is going to suck. I think people just loved it so much when it was on HBO. Not only that, but even when they, and I, were obsessing about it four years ago, we always knew and had a feeling that the show could venture off into crazy town very fast, derail and just be so absurd we wouldn’t even be able to ignore all the inconsistencies about the show. I think with the movie, people are just really worried that they have opened themselves up for the possibility of looking bad. That said, I read a review yesterday saying that none of the reviews matter. People are hearing it’s terrible, but in the next breath they say, “But, I’m still going to see it.” Maybe, that’s where this strange feeling is coming from. We know it’s completely absurd. But, we don’t care.

  • dimon

    No Way, is it terrible. If you liked the series, you’ll like the movie, period.

  • AJC

    Going to see it this Sunday. I too am worried that it’s been so overhyped that it might be hard to meet all the different expectations. But still it should be lots of fun ;-)

  • janis

    Jeez…it is just a movie. I am going to go see it tomorrow and loved the series, but I am not expecting anything other than just a fun movie with fun girlfriends wearing fabulous clothes and shoes!

  • mrposhspice

    As much as everyone loved the series, I think it’s best to go into it with an open mind. Mentally I’ve hyped myself up for this movie, but I am waiting to let the work speak for itself. If anything, I doubt Patricia Field will disappoint.

  • Anilu Magloire

    OK, I just came home from the movies and it was PERFECT!!!!
    I am so glad I can now say that. Such a great movie. Fans WILL NOT be disappointed at all.
    I am gonna watch it many times more, for sure.

  • Berenice

    i saw the movie yesterday and i thought it was brilliant! very funny, and the clothes are goorrrgeeouuus!!!!

  • Rahsan

    I loved the music and the visual aspects of the movie. I had fun. It was a fashion show, designer labels all over each scene. Dialogues were much weaker though compared to the series.

    What I strongly hated about the movie was fur worn by the actresses.

  • mrsshoegal

    This movie delivered tears, happiness and a great performance by JH, all in all I loved it but I was die hard fan before SATC became uber popular and on TBS! Seriously people sounding down about it were you looking for a oscar?

    SATC is what it is as was the movie!!

  • Jennifer

    Never saw the show, probably won’t see the movie as the “most talked about movie of the summer” has been out for over a week – India Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Want some girl power, check out Karen Allen. But anyway. I do agree that the fashion is exciting and I’ve been jazzed about seeing all the bags and shoes. The publicity shots of Sarah Jessica Parker and her wardrobe were great, but I must ask. What is up with Samantha’s wardrobe? Did she go back in time? Shoulder pads? Peplum Jacket? Let’s not do that time warp again!

  • Sweet Pea

    I just returned from seeing SATC…my mother taught me, if you can’t say anything good about anyone(in this case a movie), than don’t say anything. The only good thing about this movie were the handbags!!!!! Love them!

  • luvmbj

    Saw it last night! Loved it!!!!! I laughed! I cried! It was a great movie! But if you weren’t a fan of the show, it probably would be hard to connect on some level with what each of the characters and what they were going through.

  • Alex

    Just got back from seeing it…..aaahhhh! I needed that fix! Great “scenery” *wink* *Dante*, fab wardrobes, shoes and bags. Bring a tissue. I want to go and see it again already. I miss those girls!

  • sugarcookie72

    I LOVED the movie! I thought it had a great storyline and I really enjoyed it! Some tears, lots of laughter and of course the clothes, bags & shoes. Even my husband enjoyed it :mrgreen:

  • Hello LOVER

    I saw it last night with a group of 8 girlfriends.

    We all had a blast and thought the movie was worth going to see for entertainment.

    One of the girls I went with had never even seen the series before, but she still loved the movie.

    It was a movie made for the fans and not for critical acclaim!

    I have NO IDEA why people just don’t get that simple fact.

  • spendalot

    I was afraid the movie would be mediocre and overhyped. What a let down that would be. But it surprised me and far exceeded my expectations for it. My girlfriends and I enjoyed it so much we didnt want it to end! It’s great.

  • luvmbj

    Yes, I agree- a movie made for fans!!!!! I was left wanting to see what happens next!

  • Kinny

    I loved it! Although there was only one outfit of carrie’s I liked– the peacock blue dress with trailing chiffon during the baby shower. Loved Charlotte’s clothes and bags as usual.

    As for the Story… hate Big more than ever. Dissappointed at Carrie. Adore Harry and Charlotte. Love Smith and think Samantha is the female equivalent of a sexist male.

    How could they do that to Steve?! He is a great guy and his doing that is out of character.

  • sugarscrub

    Anyone who loved the series will definitely love the movie, just like i did. The girls have grown and it gave the movie a more “serious” plot.It’s all about brands and bonds of inner circle friends. I suggest watching this movie with your female friends :wink:

  • Abi

    So it’s 1:48am and I just got home after watching the movie. I felt it was over hyped up. Loved it – but it just really felt like a very.. long… episode. I love the shoes and bags.
    I felt the characters were consistent to the tv personas (which I found impressive after so many years not playing them.) Over all,I’ll give it 4 Martinis!

  • berkin

    After sitting down a couple of years ago to watch the last episode and feeling rather sad that it was all over, I was so hyped up seeing the film with my sister, (who is just like a younger version of Pat Field), spent the entire film designer spotting, laughed, cried and going to see it again next weekend just because it was fun and great to forget about all the day to day worries! SATC still rocks my world, just hope they will make another in a couple of years time!

  • Isaac

    I saw the movie Friday night and I really liked it! Even as a guy I was entertained. (I have only seen an episode or two previously).

  • FashionAddicted

    i just came back from watching it and i dont know why ppl have been sayin that it sucks…i really liked it.
    it wasnt boring, and it did make me laugh. i guess when a movie is so overhyped you give it higher expectations and dont come to realize the movie itself..
    i loved all the outfits in the movie also..only a few that i would wear though.
    i saw alot of nice bags too…namely chanels!!

  • CoachFreak

    I feel most of the movie was given away in the trailer, but stil GREAT. I must admit I saw it Friday and Saturday… just couldn’t get enough.

  • Jasminemmary

    I thought the movie was great! I read an article in WWD today that said Kristin Davis is designing a line for Belk department stores. They said she has been very hands on in deciding which pieces to include. Look for her first collection in August.

  • fwy

    After watching, I do not think SATC boxoffice will surpass that of Ironman. There were too much advertising of products in the movie. At least in Ironman, I only saw a Blvgari watch that Robert Downey Jr. wores & some fancy sportcars that he drives.

  • jemslet

    LOVED IT! Didn’t feel it was long at all. I wish it could be longer~! Why? It felt like the ALL SEASON FINALE episode – so it really makes sense to the SATC fans and the ones who have watched the series. The show has some very real and touching moments and LOVE LOVE LOVE their fashion, bags and shoes!

  • Shoppingshark

    I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I carried my Capaf Fish purse to the mall. I was approched by 5 different women who had seen my purse in the Movie. They wanted to know where I got it. It seems that the Movie has created such a demand for the purse that I decided to sell my other one on eBay. Apparently it must not be available any more.

    • Sandy

      There’s no way you own the Fish purse. Only one was made -for the movie – and I own it. I purchased it from a charity benefitting St. Jude’s.

  • Chris

    Just saw the movie and loved it! :grin: I am wondering if anyone knows which designer makes that purse that Louise had when she told that moving guy “There ain’t nothing in there for you” it was black with a bunch of metal rocker studs all over it.

  • claire

    Loved the series, loved the movie….!
    Can’t wait for the second movie.

  • Sandy

    There is no way someone else owns Miranda’s famous fish bag.
    I bought the one and only from a Charity Auction benefitting St. Jude’s.
    They designer only made one. It was used in the movie.
    If anyone says they have one it is a knockoff.