Coach is kicking off their Guest Blogger Series with PurseBlog! In the beginning of September we asked for your opinion on the new Coach Madison collection. I wanted to integrate your votes and thoughts into my guest blogger article since your opinions matter both to us and Coach.

With the Coach Sophia Satchel garnering the most votes, it ended up being the bag we are partnering with Coach to give away (make sure to enter our giveaway to win a Coach Sophia Satchel!). As I shared in my guest blog, this collection has a bag for everyone and every item is completely wearable. From a bright pop of color to the embossed python look to added dimensionality from quilted leather, this Coach collection suits everyone.

Thank you to Coach for choosing me to be the first blogger for their new series!

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Lorie

    Ugh. I’m completely Twitter illiterate. I followed both places, but when I go to the Purse Blog page, I don’t see any place to type the sentence in. Can someone explain Twitter to an old lady, please?

    • You just need to type the sentence on your twitter account. When you @PurseBlog and @Coach, we can see it and then you are entered! Does that help? Hope so! If not, let me know and I will try to help further :)

      • Lorie

        Thanks Megs! But what does it mean to @PurseBlog and @Coach. (See, I told you I’m completely illiterate on all things Twitter.)

      • In the Twitter post box, just copy paste this: I want to win a #CoachSophiaSatchel from @Coach and @PurseBlog! And check out Coach Guest Blogger:

        Then you are good to go!!

  • Pursecrzy

    Very exciting news! Congrats!

  • Elly

    I’m so happy for you and the Purseblog, Megs!

    On a different note, it’s been a while since I’ve liked a Coach bag but the Sophia satchel definitely does it for me! My favorite is the crimson patent leather but I love the gathered leather purple as well! I’ll definitely be buying one for fall!

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  • Veronica_Sawyer

    I have the Coach Gathered Sophia and matching wallet in black!! I am in love! :love: (ipad)

  • Jen

    I think that the Sophia bag. It is so fashionable without overdoing it. IMO (iPad)

  • helen

    Ack another giveaway missed. It’s nice to connect a face to a blog. Awesome that you wrote for Coach too. (ipad)