Coach Kristin Preview

One of the most well-known brands in the handbag world is Coach. Both men and women recognize the Coach logo and millions continue to support Coach bags season after season. Established in 1941 as a family run workshop in Manhattan, Coach quickly became renown not only for their style but also quality. With an expanding company and product line, we continue to expect and be given innovative lines and multiple collections every season.

We were given the opportunity to review the upcoming Coach Kristin Collection which is set to launch online and in stores on November 1st, 2009. The Kristin line is clean and effortless, possessing many Coach qualities without having the Coach signature logo. The colors used for this line are soft and elegant, including shades of coral, pink, ivory, and burnished amber. Not just simple leather, the bags are given different finishes for optimum dimension and appeal, including fresh color blocking, embossed exotics, and rich glazed leather.

Coach Kristin Leather Zip Top Tote - $698   Coach Kristin Leather Zip Top Tote - $698   Coach Kristin Leather Zip Top Tote - $698

Along with the beautiful colors, the Kristin collection stands out with fashionable chain link straps, some alternating between pewter and gold and others with a tortoiseshell-like finish. Each of the handbags in the collection are amplified by a sleek turnlock closure that brings a focal point to the collection while also dressing it up. The collection is clearly a Coach collection but it broadens the expected spectrum of products and proves itself as “can’t live without” items.

Coach Kristin Embossed Zip Top Tote   Coach Kristin Embossed Zip Top Tote - $1,000

The Kristin Embossed Zip Top Tote stood out in my heart and mind. The embossed camel leather was vibrant yet subdued and the bag seemed to pop against vibrant greens and tonal browns. This is a carry-all bag, one that can be used day in and day out. The double top handles are accompanied by a chain-link strap and front pouch. Price will be $1000 for the embossed version, while price for the green zip top tote will be $698.

Coach Kristin Clutches and Flaps

The clutches brought in a variety of feminine and soft colors with a fashionable touch. The Kristin Colorblock Shoulder Flap combined differing embossed skin details with a subtle palette of colors. Metallic, pink, and color accented with a tonal chain strap is just the right touch for this clutch to transform from day to night. The Kristin Darcy clutch will be available in embossed leather along with plain leather. The simple Darcy clutch is the perfect sized clutch in a hue of coral. The Embossed Darcy clutch stands out with an exotic embossed skin against an ivory body. The Colorblock Shoulder Flap will be $498, Embossed Darcy $458, and Darcy Clutch $298. Check back to Coach online for more information.

Interview with Raina Penchansky

Raina Penchansky Not only did we have the chance to exclusively review the Coach Kristin line, but we also were able to ask Raina Penchansky, Vice President of Global Communications at Coach, a few questions. Raina oversees all marketing, events, and celebrity initiatives for the company worldwide. Both Mandy Moore and Kate Bosworth were booked by Raina to be featured in international campaigns. Raina spends much of her time working closely with company President and Executive Creative Director, Reed Krakoff, on society events and designer collaborations. Most recently, Raina was able to secure designers Eugenia Kim, Phillip Lim, and Miss Davenporte’s Estee Stanley and Cristina Ehrlich to create capsule collections for the brand.

PB: We had the chance to review the Kristin line. Can you tell us a bit about it?

The Kristin Collection incorporates a chic and subdued color palette with glossy leather and irresistibly chic details, like the new slim clasp closure. My favorite pieces are those that incorporate mixed metal chain straps and pitch perfect shades of coral, soft metallic pink, and burnished amber.

Coach Kristin Embossed Zip Top Tote - $1,000PB: Coach is constantly churning out new lines. How do you keep your ideas fresh?

We are always drawing inspiration from new sources, whether it’s a funky fabric swatch or a piece of art. We always try to push the envelope even further with each new collection.

PB: Who is the ‘Coach girl’ you have in mind when designing?

The Coach girl is equal parts fresh and whimsical, sophisticated and refined, chic and feminine. She has a refreshing sense of style and loves to mix her accessories for a casually cool look.

PB: As the fan base of Coach has expanded, how do you try to incorporate designs for the younger crowd and older crowd?

We have always been known for fusing a classic mindset with modern interpretations, so appealing to a variety of women is easy when you have the right formula. We recently launched a new collection that appeals to a broader fan base, and especially our younger, more directional customer, and that’s Poppy. It’s spirited, youthful, vibrant, and a completely new look for us.

Coach Kristin Embossed Zip Top Tote - $1,000PB: How important is social media to the Coach brand?

The power of social media is undeniable and increasingly influential to our objectives. We have and will continue to engage our customers through organic programs, like growing our Facebook page and cultivate conversations with our customers, building relationships with bloggers, and developing interactive online campaigns like last year’s “Design a Tote” program and the recently completed “Are You a Poppy Girl?”

PB: With the majority of people reading or writing blogs, how important is it to Coach to reach out to the blogosphere?

We take that world very seriously and treat bloggers just like traditional magazine editors. We hold press previews to show them our newest collections, co-host regional events with them, and even invite some to New York in order to get to us better and experience special events or launches first hand.

PB: What can we expect next from Coach?

You can expect to see refined and directional handbags and accessories, with lots of vivid and edgy details like tons of sequins, animal prints, and metallics. And you can always expect Coach to put our stamp on original and relevant projects in the future.

Coach Kristin - Colors

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  • Cynthia

    I was hoping to get more insight into the mind of Coach through the interview. I think we really lack the exchange of thought between Coach and the shoppers on tPF. But the exclusive is great! Very unique look in this new line!

    • Janet

      My husband just bought me the Kristin in Black for Christmas . It’s hip, chic, and a head turner.
      I love it alot.

  • Cynthia – We will have more interviews with Coach in the future. This was the first of many to come :)

  • Jessica

    Love the new coach bags! You should really make a purse that has an adjustable strap so it can be short, medium, or long!

  • heather

    Absolutely love the purses all of them , but the clutches are fabulous! I must have one

  • Jenna

    great photos and info. Was hoping to get more ‘inside info’, but the preview is great. thanks for your hard work!

  • Emily

    beautiful bags!!! Love to have one!!! Thanks for the interview!!

  • Cynthia

    Great! I will look forward to it!

  • luann

    I am a big fan of Coach, but find that your bags are either too large or too small for me. PLEASE create some leather shoulder bags that are a bit larger than the Soho hobo (but without sequins and glitter).

  • Kendra

    I don’t LOVE the new Kristin Line, it’s more of a reach out to the ‘older’ crowd it seems. Don’t get me wrong, they’re beautiful- but not something I would put on my wish list!

  • Cat

    I don’t care much for this collection, to bland and looks like so many other designers. I thought Coach was innovative and up front with designs in the past, but this falls short of my expectations I am somewhat dissapointed. The Poppy collection is so alive and in your face but this new collection lacks alot to be desired.

  • 19yearslater

    I’m liking the regular leather Kristin tote.

  • Kristen

    All I carry are Coach bags..I am a hugh fan of them, but I have to say I do not like the new Kristin Line…great name but just not my taste

  • Lisa

    I agree with Kenda..they do reach out more for the older crowd. Which is great because women of all ages love Coach! But I do like the clutches..that is something I would purchase.

  • emily

    my first impression was that it looked like something my grandma would use. not necessarily a bad thing, but too 80’s, not unique enough. the colors are beautiful though, just not paired with the style.

  • Another Lisa

    I AM the older crowd (52), and I don’t care for the Kristin line at all. I agree that lately they seem to be coming out with many that are targeting older customers. I have been disappointed in what’s come out in the last six months or so. Don’t care for the older stuff, or the metallics either. I do, however L-O-V-E the Ali hobo! Wish it came in more colors though.

  • The clutches are my favorite – totally love them!

  • Tanya

    I don’t like the new line. Not very exciting or unique about it.

  • Leslie

    Not sure if I like the new Kristin line but I do like the fact that it has a classic style without excessively obnoxious “C”s plastered all over it. I do think the colors and material offer a nice quality, but there is some pizzazz or true personality missing with this particular line.

  • nancyrush9

    I’m a big Coach fan and I like the lines of the new purses, but am not so sure about the mini pocket on the front of the tote. And, I think the handles look awkward when someone’s using the shoulder strap; maybe it’s just the way they look in that one picture. But – I am so glad they didn’t put all of that awful blingy Coach branding on the bags!

  • Maria

    the Kristin Embossed Zip Top Tote is beautiful, i like this new line!

    Quoting for the interview with Raina Penchansky, “The Coach girl is equal parts fresh and whimsical, sophisticated and refined, chic and feminine. She has a refreshing sense of style and loves to mix her accessories for a casually cool look.”

    I really think this line does epitomize that.

    Thanks Vlad & Megs for the preview!

  • Carmen

    Kristin is beautifully crafted and speaks to a sophisticated customer. The colors are yummy and I love the clutch! What is so cool about COACH is that they get it…they have an assortment that speaks to EVERYONE and they don’t expect everyone to like everything. Poppy was young and new and totally not traditional Coach, but they got that girl and that was the point. So kudos to a beautiful assortment that offers something to each and every handbag enthusiast :)

  • Linda

    I love Coach bags. This Kristin is nice. Looks like from the pic the two handle straps would lay flat when using the shoulder strap. You should make the handle straps removable when using the shoulder straps. They do get in the way, especially openning the bag up. Also they all except should have the feet on the bottom, except the small purses. One of my bags is white and silver and am surprised it doesn’t have the feet on the bottom. For a white bag?
    I love the Garnet. The style of it with the pleats.

  • Suzette Wycoco

    I am always loyal to specific brands and when it comes to bags & purses, I love Coach. Every time I travel to the US, my first shopping trip must always be in a Coach store. Congratulations to your new designs and colorful collection. But call me old fashion, I am inclined to buy the classic designs. But I am happy to look ( and ogle! ) at all the trendy styles for the younger set.
    My dream is to work for Coach unfortunately you do not have a shop in my country, the Philippines. So I will be very happy to be a walking endorser there by using all my precious bags and purses. My friends admire all my Coach bags and wallets hahaha! Coach will always be the brand for more generations to come.

  • Maggie

    The Line is gorgeous. I love the embossed ones are gorgeous.
    I just love the interview. I am glad the Coach is going Classic and Leather…

  • Nikki

    ” don’t care much for this collection, to bland and looks like so many other designers. I thought Coach was innovative and up front with designs in the past, but this falls short of my expectations I am somewhat dissapointed. The Poppy collection is so alive and in your face but this new collection lacks alot to be desired.”

    I completely agree with this, but I also have to say that with the poppy collection being so IN YOUR FACE, It was a smart move to give the classic coach touch to these bags, It will def. keep the older clientell coming back for more.

  • BunnyMasseuse

    Thanks for the pictures, it’s nice to know we have an avenue to the manufacturer through TPF!

  • Jennifer

    The new Kristin line is ok. Me personally I LOVE the legacy line. I have been told it wont be back for a year or so, but those are my favorite. Coach is my favorite brand of purses, the only problem is that if you see a particular new style that you like, you have to grab it immediatley or they are gone. I really wanted the signature poppy bag, but they are nonexistent now!!!

  • dela

    I absolutely love the hammered closure (creates a beautiful depth when mixed with croc-embossed leather). Those clutches are so versatile.

  • DC

    Personally, I love the “obnoxious” Coach C logos! Every Coach purse I have sports the C’s. I’m not a fan of this line, or the newer C’s…classic Coach all the way please.

  • DC

    Oh, I also wish that there were more choices with silver accents instead of gold.

    • Virginia

      I agree we need to see more of the nickel. I love the new Kristin bags, glad to see different accent.

  • Christina H

    $1,000 for a Coach bag? I don’t think so. Their prices have gotten completely out of control. I remember when they topped out around $298!

  • Brianne

    I always have loved Coach but feel this line lacks that certain je ne sais quoi.

  • Theresa

    I LOVE COACH and this new collection/the color is something that my mother would like… just does does not have the “color” like the POPPY collection, bright and glamorous. The new colors seem “dull”…

  • Amy

    The new line is not for me… I do love Coach and have own many, but this is to dull looking. I do think the clutch could be cute, but would like to see it in person. These are really gonna be a hit for older women!

  • Nancy

    First, I am a huge and loyal coach customer. I am not crazy about the new line. Never liked the big pocket/compartment on the outside of the bag. I agree this is geared toward an older demographic. Not sure why Coach is trying to veer away from the traditional styles…that is why I buy coach. You can always design something fresh and new and still stay true to the name!!

  • Ashley

    I have to say that the bags they have been coming out with lately haven’t been my taste at all. I usually buy 2 Coach bags a year, and it took me over 2 years to buy a new one. I love my new bag but with fall coming would be looking for something new, and these bags sure aren’t what i’m looking for. I’m sick of hand straps! All the bags come with them, and if there is a shoulder strap there are hand straps also!!! Really?! i need that many ways to carry a bag! If the shoulder strap is removable the hand straps should be too. I doubtingly miss the Legacy line with all my heart. That’s what i want back. Also why is everything with gold accents?! I dunno i’ve just been very disappointed lately.

  • Grad School Mommy

    I’m a fan of Coach, no matter what. It’s a brand that you represents quality and longevity — and I think that the company is just doing what they need to do to keep current in *their* market. Personally, I don’t like the design of the clutches as much as the handbags… but I *really* like the Kristin Collection — alot. The colors are rich — and I think they were an attempt to attract multiple audiences (older and younger).

    It’s tough to tow the line between tradition and trends — but I think that Coach is working through some new looks. For instance, I’m one of the people who think the chain link straps work well. But who knows if next year will bring forth the same influence?

    Coach is one of those brands in which I have invested multiple times and I’ve never regretted it or felt that it wasn’t money well spent. There are not a lot of other purchases that I can say that about!

  • Nicole

    I agree… The new line is not geared towards the young or middle aged Coach buyers. It seems like it would appeal more to an older group of buyers. But, that is alright. Young and old alike love Coach, so they have to put out collections that will draw in everyone. Hopefully the next collection will be geared more towards the younger buyers. And I do agree with the comment regarding the gold hardware… they should offer it in both gold & silver. Or offer more with the silver hardware. I think there should be Coach Anonymous for all of us Coach addicts. LOL. I am SO addicted to Coach bags. I think they are made well, make a statement, and I don’t think I will ever have enough of them in my personal collection. Unfortunately, my 14 year old daughter is an addict already as well. :(

  • stella fleuret

    Beautiful. All of them. I want those clutches! And the interview is wonderful. I can’t wait to start digging into this new collection. :D

  • Amanda

    Sorry, but I’m with the majority!!! I love COACH bags & accessories. It’s all I carry! I feel like the line’s are starting to go off into a realm that the majority of Coach buyers that I know can’t reach, both in price and design. To me these bags look like something I would walk right past and not look back. I appreciate the info, the pic’s and the effort from both Coach and TpF to put us in touch. I’ve just never felt more out of touch with COACH then I do right now.

    I also agree that COACH needs to come full circle with better options of shoulder bags and something in-between size wise. I’m sure these are very nice bags as far as quality and materials. You may gain a new group of customers with this design, sadly I won’t be one of them. The turnlock closures don’t even look like the standard COACH turnlocks. It’s like you keep taking away the small but impotant components of your bags that the fan’s have grown to love and look for. PLEASE start referring back to some of the newer classic lines, like the Ergo totes & hobo’s, the 06/07 Legacy lines. It seems like since the Madison line was released every line that’s come after it has been another GIANT step away from Coach’s iconic look. I always thought of Coach as a classic design with just enough trend and style to keep us in the NOW.

    Now, no Legacy for another year? I didn’t even buy any legacy from the most recent release, and where is Bleeker???

    This is why all of us gal’s are always stalking ebay, Bonanzle and other re-sale sources! We crave the old Coach and try our best to embrass the new, it’s getting harder with each new line.

  • wgs

    The prices of these Coach bags are inflated, especially for embossed.

    I can get an embossed Tory Burch for half the price!

  • Tonya

    Thanks Megs and Vlad for the exclusive! I love to see stories about Coach.
    I really like the Kristin collection. They are out of my price range but, I think they are gorgeous!
    I think I would have prefered if they had stuck with the classic turnlocks on the front pocket but, the new closure looks like a great twist on a very classic looking bag. I absolutely adore the chain and in the different hardwares, TDF!!

  • Davina

    I think the line is great, especially the clutches, but way too expensive for my student budget.

  • leslie

    I love almost everything that Coach comes out with. These are the only purses I carry! I love the colors of the new Kristin line. I also have noticed the prices are continuously going up. Maybe a more affordable line could be planned in the near future!!

  • Lica Pigford

    I became a fan of coach only 7 years ago…and love it! I like the hip limited edition and special edition designs. Not into the classic as much. The new poppy bags are so me…love love them. This new Kristen bag, I do not like the colors or the handle, (chain). I think this style since it does look granny looking should have some funky fabric. I love the different compartments. I am in my early 30’s so we like stuff like this. Mix the classic styling with funky fabric. Trust me if u do this, the bag will be a hit, no doubt!

    P.S I only have 21 of your bags and the signature mini c luggage collection.

  • sndc99

    I just want to thank you for showing us new Coach items…thank u

  • Mandy

    mmm, it’s ok, not a big fan of this line. i love coach and have several bags, all of which sport the symbols, i have a black and brass bucket bag and the denim patchwork carly. this line looks like something i could get at Ross, walmart target, etc, there is no flair to it, it’s boring and un noticeable, Coach should be noticed and this line isn’t going to get the attention. Leather is ok, faux snakeskin/alligator is too cheesy and trailerparkish. the Coach line should be tradtional and modern too, sporting the logo wether it be a bunch of little c’s or one big C on the bag, something to make it pop, this line, it’s too plain

  • Dolli

    Love these bags! I think I could do better review if Coach could send me one to try – you know get the feel for the bag ;-D

  • Anjanette

    I think that coach lovers like the logo products more.
    It seems to let everyone know that they are representing coach.
    Coach should also have more loga clothing.

  • brandonsdiva

    I’m in my 30’s and a huge fan of Coach. I can’t wait for fall simply for my boots I got from last year’s season. I also love your purses and it’s my largest collection. I am somewhat disappointed by this line. It looks like something I could get from the new line at Target, which is all good…but they are not over $50. For this amount of $$ I would expect more. And I expect the logo. After all, I also pay for the name, because I am so proud of it. Thanks for sharing this with all of us.

  • dela

    I like that there isn’t an obvious logo on these bags but they do feature that signature COACH tag. I like it when someone has to work a little harder to figure the brand of your bag. That’s more intriguing.

  • Kamilla

    I’m sorry but I don’t love the new line. It is very expensive and the design just does not appeal to me at all. I prefer the classic designs, the logo’s and the simplisity & sophistication Coach always presented.
    It is greatly appreciated that the company values customer’s opinions.

  • Jane H.

    Looks WAAAAAAAY better than the Poppy line!

  • Uptwngrl65

    LOVE Coach, but not crazy with the items this past year. I love the Sabrinas & the Lily!! Wish they would make a PINK Lily and another Aqua ( atlantic) Lily with ALL matching accessories! LOVE the glitter – GOLD – flashy bags! I had the GOLD Sabrina and had to return it because it started falling apart and peeling! It was my favorite bag and had to give it back! Wish they would make it again, just with a durable GOLD material! 8)

  • theresa

    These bags are gorgeous. I am so happy they are just lovely bags without the logo. I like quiet luxury … the only logo/ initials /monogram I want on my handbag are my own. These definitely remind me of classic Coach (no glaring CCs and just great leather)!!

  • 19yearslater

    Thanks for making this happen, Purse Blog. I’m not here to complain about Poppy, as Coach is clearly reaching out to us (or at least, they’re willing when PB asks). These bags are lovely, kind of a colorblock sophistication. I really like the size and shape of that tote. Will it come in green only, or other colours as well?

  • Amy

    I only carry Coach handbags but I do have to say that I do not care for the Kristin line. Too blah!

  • Bonnie

    I am a Coach fan. It’s was my first designer label. Not liking Kristen so much. I find glove leather, long strap and big always get my attention. But I love the fact there are so many different designs for so many different people. Keep it up Coach. Thre is something for everyone!

  • Jennifer B.

    It seems many of us share the same views as to which areas this particular design is lacking…as well as the same complaints with Coach in general. Sure, we love Coach, otherwise we wouldn’t be here. However, the versatility of the handles is definitely an issue, as well as the extremely large or extremely small size of the bags. Price is an issue as well. With handbags as bland as the ones shown here, why would we bother? Save the expensive price tag for something with a bit more flair. Also, the choice of silver or gold hardware should be a given, shouldn’t it? People have preferences…why wouldn’t we be given choices?

  • Daisy

    Hmmm, not so much on this new line. It reminds me of my grandma’s purse’s from the low-end department store.

    I’m a coach addict, and buy a new purse every year for myself, and get a few for gifts. Havent asked for any yet this year, nothing has been spectacular. I was hoping the new fall line would bring on my new purse of the year option. I’ll just keep waiting!

  • Antonia

    I really love this new collection (also, has anyone checked out the new Brooke collection-TDF!). Coach’s fall bags are always better than spring/summer. I really love the green bag-it’s the perfect shade…I’d love to see that in person. I am not a fan of the Poppy collection because it’s very young for me and the colors are very loud. I prefer the all leather bags-not a siggy fan. People ‘in the know’ will know you’re carrying Coach so there’s no need for logos. Thanks Vlad and Megs for putting the spotlight on Coach. They are one of the most popular forums on TPF.

  • Cambi

    I really like the hardware and latches on the new line. The colors however aren’t all that wonderful. They are a bit “dull”. I prefer bold colors that pop.
    However I will continue to carrie Coach.

  • pursemonkey

    Not even sure what made me check this out since I’m normally a Marc Jacobs girl (with a little Prada, Balenciaga and Chloe thrown in for good measure), but Coach was my introduction to designer handbags so I thought I’d take a look. I’m so glad I did! Apparently I’m one of the ‘older crowd’ (at 34, hardly a ‘grandma’, lol) who loves this line:) I agree that the price point is a bit high for Coach, but the styling and luxurious details tempt me to return to a brand I haven’t purchased in years. The embossed zip top tote is GORGEOUS and I love the green as well. While I do hesitate to spend this much when I could get a Marc Jacobs or Chloe bag for around the same price, I think that as long as Coach continues to produce a variety of bags at a variety of price points, I applaud them for attempting to branch out and attract a different demographic. Not everyone wants to carry a brightly colored bag with a logo print and I appreciate the fact that Coach recognizes that. Well done!

  • Heather

    I LOVE the new Kristen line! I think the colors are perfect for fall, and the flat clasp closure is brilliant! I’m a huge fan of leather, I’m so hard on my hand bags, that I can’t carry anything but leather. Kristen is not too old or too young, its a classic piece that can be carried from work to drinks with the girls. The more hardware,straps, and buckles the better. Legacy bags are typically my favorite, but Kristen looks great! I’m going into my Coach store in Pensacola to see if the girls there can show me demensions and photos of Kristen, so I can order it as soon as its available. The green and plum are PERFECT colors for the fall! I can’t wait to get a hold of a Kristen or two.

  • Lori

    Thanks for the preview, Coach and TPF. I personally really like the more subdued, softer colors, so I think I’ll like at least some pieces in this line. I love Coach bags, it’s the only brand I buy, and I am glad Coach keeps coming out with new collections. Not every collection is for me, but there’s always something down the road a month or two.

  • Michelle

    I too am a loyal Coach gal and I always love seeing what the new lines will be, but definitely not a fan of the Kristin. It looks like every other handbag you see in department stores. Also, with the exception of the plum colored bag, the colors seem too bright and off-season for a Winter collection? Disappointing. I really wish Coach would stop experimenting with these trend bags (Op Art, Poppy, etc) and focus on what they do so well – the classics. I love Coach for the finely-crafted leather bags and the classic signature styles that you can carry every day. The Legacy line and the Madison line (Sabrina and Julianne) were more of what I would expect from Coach. Everything in-between has been really hit or miss. sorry!

  • Jeannette

    I love Coach and have been a loyal for years. Truthfully this line does nothing for me. Plus the prices just keep on going up and up. I wouldn’t pay these prices for the Kristin collection. I love Coach and will continue to buy..but not from this line.

  • Trina

    I love Coach!! But I have to agree with others. This new line is o.k. and the prices do contiue to soar. I will continue to buy Coach because its the only line that I have found that can accomidate all of my fashion modes, but sometime the prices are a bit ridiculous. Looking forward to the winter collection, love the deep colors. Would like more insight on the company, but this was pretty informative.

  • Diana

    Actually I am not that thrilled with this line. These purses look like every other designer. I would have to say that I would NOT buy this bag and I am a HUGE coach fan. Every handbag I own is lie. I am disappointed that you can’t get previous lines. I REALLY wanted the LUCI DOMED SATCHEL and I emailed coach about it twice and they never returned my email…that made me consider possibly going to another designer handbag..I live on excellent customer service. But I digress, it still stands, I would not buy this line!!

  • elle vee

    $1000 for a coach bag made in china?!! no thank you. for that amount of money i can buy louis vuitton. besides, wait till the day after christmas and these bags will be at the outlets for half off.

  • Spark

    I think the purses are boring. You just don’t get your money’s worth for these bags, and worse of all, the price point is way too high. Coach is trying too hard to be higher end but unfortunately they can never be at the same level as other brands and no one will ever think these purses are worth 1k let alone more than 500 bucks each. At least when you get a Marc Jacobs, LV or Chloe, you can tell that it’s an expensive brand and of course the styling is more trendy and or elegant.

    I’ll pass.

  • Pebbles

    All I can say is that I agree with Amanda and Michelle. Ladies, you read my mind!! I long for the traditional Coach that was truly living up to the name “Coach Leatherwear” using a perfect mix of leather and logo together, ie. the Legacy and classic Hamptons lines. There’s not even the detailing on the hardware anymore. Ive definitely been searching Ebay a lot more lately.

  • kelly

    These bags look like the vinyl ones at H&M!!! I used to be a Coach fan, but feel like they have gone downhill ever since launching the “C” splashed lines. The leather and hardware in their bags are nowhere near the quality they used to be. I too am looking for the classic, high quality Coach bags. Non-monogrammed, heavy authentic hardware, thick smooth leather.

  • Kristin Cuccia

    I love Coach bags! I have 8 or 9 of them and each has atleast a matching wallet or wristlet. I get many compliments on them and I always look forward to my next one!

    I like the new Kristin line…it is sooo chic. I don’t think that it looks like a typical Coach line, so that is refreshing! Ofcourse, I also like the name of it because it is my name as well!
    I will do my best to make sure I have something from this line for fall… it is my duty since we have the same name, lol.

    I would also like to say that I hope that you continue the effort in making your bags more versatile, I love how a lot of the new bags can be worn crossbody, on the shoulder and be carried, it’s like having three in one!

    My favorite bag is my Large Carly, I love the large C’s and the way that the drop length is plenty long so I can wear it in the winter with a heavy coat. I would love to see something similiar in the future!

    Keep ’em coming, I love Coach!!

    Kristin Cuccia,
    South East Louisiana

  • Tequisse

    The collection is nice but I think it is for the more mature woman.

  • Mandy

    Thanks for sharing the new Coach line. I am on the fence, but am keeping an open mind and can’t wait to see them in person. I’m curious about the green tote especially – love a good Fall green!

  • Julia

    Thank you PB for the exclusive, and thank you Coach for bringing out a fresh line of very classy looking bags in amazing colors. Like pursemonkey, I am 34 and hardly a ‘grandma’, but find the luxury of the detail on the bags and the rich colors pull me in. Not since I purchased my black Miranda and later my suede Zoe have I felt Coach has truly delivered a classic piece. I’ve seen a few people post that the price point on these bags is in the thousand dollar range. Is that truly the case? Not that I find that to be particulary excessive, but I can definitely see the argument that it prices a great bag out of range of a lot of people. I’d also like to add that unlike many that have posted on here, I am not a fan of the Poppy line–too many polarized styles and colors for my taste, but thank goodness Coach designs and caters to so many different desires! Keep up the great work Coach!

  • Julia

    I just reread the article and noticed that the embossed bag will carry the thousand dollar tag whereas the others will fall in the $698 range. Certainly far more affordable than initially thought!

  • Ricki

    I love it! It’s very sophisticated.

  • Lauren

    I *definitely* don’t think Coach was targetting “older customers” when they created the Poppy line. This line, maybe. Definitely not my style. Yuck with the chain like strap, and that strange design on the front. I agree with others that the colors are nice, however.

  • LadyLUX

    Thanks for a great exclusive! The new line is incredibly fresh and perfect for the summer. It’s playful, yet full of classic and chic lines and textures that Coach is known for. I think this interview highlights a major strength of Coach: its ability to appeal to the older and younger segments of the population. This is really key, and very hard to pull off.

  • Jane Lister

    I have enjoyed Coach bags since I was a little girl when my Mom bought her first Coach bag. I am an old school Coach lover, I don’t enjoy bags that have their logos displayed allover their bags. I like the new Kristin Line. It seems to be a turn in the right direction. However, the prices are a little high. Where are these bags made? I went to a Coach store and was sad to read made in China on the tags. If made in China why are the prices going up and up?

  • Beth S.

    While I like the look of this line, which makes sense ’cause I’m almost FIFTY years old, such prices for a bag produced in China just makes me choke. My first Coach bags were astonishingly beautiful, classic creations. The tanning of the leather was first-rate, the stitching was impeccable, and the hardware was beautifully-crafted solid brass. Yes, this was in the 1980’s. Since then Coach has grown enormously, and some of the retail store designs (not those made just for the Outlet stores — I hate those) are really attractive. And then, as Jane said, you find that made in China tag. Big disappointment. The quality, the workmanship — it just ain’t there the way it used to be!

  • Faport International

    i love caoch, this post is very meaning full for me.

  • Candace

    oh I love that little salmon pink one in the front! The strap is interesting, but I do feel like I have seen a bag very similar to this before. I like coach, but I dont like my things to say coach on them, personally. They should make one in an signature embossed leather too because lots of people like to have the signature print. I dont carry coach as much anymore because I feel like the outlets really bring the brand down, they are everywhere. Next year coach will “knock off” this very same bag and sell it for 89.99 in their outlet stores. The brand just doesn’t feel as luxurious or as exclusive as it did before.

  • Kristin

    The new Kristin line, great name, but clearly for the older, more serious generation. Granted, some will have an occasion to wear this line, but I prefer the old school, classic Coach. Simple lines, luxurious leather and decades worth of wear-known in most circles as a classic staple.
    I fell in love with Coach way back in the 70’s with the classic leather Coach bags. I am personally not a fan of ANY bag that screams with logos (the C’s), but understand their appeal to a younger generation, and subsequently the company’s bottom line.
    I own many Coach bags, however, there is a feature I love in my Lambertson Truex bags, that I wish Coach would adopt…..Instead of the brass key fob, attach a small leather leash with easy clasp to easily slip your car keys to. This feature makes it so much easier to retrieve keys, AND safer! Think how many time you fumble for your keys in a dark parking lot after 11 hours of work! COACH PLEASE LOOK INTO THIS!!

  • Julie

    This is a nice collection. Personally, nothing I would run out to get (unlike Poppy…….had to have four different Groovy purses), but very nice indeed. The thing I like most about Coach is the quality. Secondly, they create interesting designs. Thirdly, no matter what… you know it’s Coach. There are key elements included on each piece they create. I will be a long time fan!

  • Paula

    While I appreciate the exclusive interview, I don’t like this new line at all. First off, I don’t get why Coach leather seems to be going down in quality from the legacy collection leather of 2006-07- now that is high quality and nice thick leather. The leather now seems so thin and flimsy in comparison. Second, the hardware has gone down hill even quicker with the most recent collection and now this one coming up. I don’t like those lanyard looking clips, keep traditional Coach with the dogleash type hardware.

    As someone else stated, these bags don’t appeal to a good size of your following Coach. I also don’t like the recent poppy collection either though. To be honest, I haven’t liked anything since Zoe’s release and Zoe was the first that I liked in awhile as well. I really wish Coach would go back to the wonderful quality it was known for instead of cheapening the brand. A classic example is the release of the “Made for Factory” Zoe and how it seems to be so similar to the full price option. It used to be nice how there were distinct differences between their two lines and now there are not.

    Also, like someone stated above, the products going so quickly to the outlets and then so many of the full price collections being “duped” in the factory outlet line have really taken away from the feeling that many of us liked in buying something more exclusive rather than overly done. Exclusive doesn’t mean raising prices Coach, not for your following. Please go back to the good ol’ days!

    • Ginny

      I am so agree with you Paula. So disappointed with my bag when I saw it in the factory outlet for half price…..not nice. and the quality is really going down now…so sad:(

  • Haya


    i love coach and waiting to open here in my country also i Hope i hope to be same prices also i do not know (( WHY)) the site changed before there is international delivery ?????????????????

    • Jalene

      That’s cleared my thoughts. Thanks for contribtniug.

  • ugg


  • dionne

    OMG!! I am loving the Kristin line , I can’t wait till NOV!!!!

  • Julie

    What a great bag – I love the style and color! Where can I get one?

  • Tammy

    I absolutely love coach and can’t wait to see the new collections that come out!

    -Tammy Harris

  • BrittanyAnn

    I can vouch for the younger crowd only here (im 21) but I really love the classic look of these bags. Poppy is yucky to me and looks cheap in my opinion. These bags are all great, ill be watching out for them to go on sale.

    That being said, please keep the mid-range reviews coming. I love being able to see bags I can afford on this website. I have seen some great designs and quality from coach, dooney, brahmin, and b. Markowsky lately that are a great value.

  • auntie

    I love the Kristin bag – I got the big bag and it is great for travel. I get lots of compliments on the classy leather. I have many bags – but am tired of the “C” design. This is beautiful leather and classy. No – I am not an “older” woman – just love expensive looking stuff without spending a fortune. Yes – this was $600 but the quality is worth it. I love the clasp – sooo cool and different. Now I want the clutch but at $450 it is a bit steep.

  • MzDominican

    I dont care for coach at all anymore, i have owned 2 bags, and 3 belts and 2 pair of Coach shoes.. i think coach is old and over priced, i think Dooney&Bourke is better.. and the “C”s are played out to me! but everyone has thier opion and i hope all the coach lover find thier dream bag! Toodles..

  • Virginia

    I would like to say that the new Kristin bag is great, I would like to see more like these. Love the new closure it’s different. I do not like to much of the chain extension added to the handles but can deal with it. It’s a handbag you can use daily and for different seasons. Good Job to whomever designed the closure, I am just wowed by it, love it.

  • Veronia Allen

    I think the Kristin line is too plain. I like the bling on the Coach bags!! The more , the better!! (fb)

  • Jammie

    Has anyone ever ordered handbags from this website
    they have some beautiful bags and wallet they claim they buy overstock

    here is the link

  • MissSu

    The ad in vogue nippon looks great. But I was so disappointed about the quality of leather after feeling it by hand in a store. The leather feels like paper. I’m so over with Coach now!

  • portogear

    information is too helpul thanx for posting

  • Veronica_Sawyer

    The Kristin bag is so easy and comfy to wear. (ipad)

  • nadia maria

    wohooo shoot..
    that is spectacularly gorgeous!! anglina jolis bag i love it must see how beauty full collection leather bags

  • Aida Saraya

    i would like to know do u sell bags plz if yes how much is the cream one on this page

  • Thuc Quyen

    I really love the Kristin Collection but I found no more thist collection on the Ofiicial Web. Why ? I nned some more Kistins for my collection – who can help me – Thank you so much !