Is Gen Z Bringing Coach Back?

There's a whole new generation of Coach lovers...

I have a confession to make. As a (very) early-thirties millennial living in a big city, I often forget how old I am. And no, I do not think that 30 or above is old by any means, nor do I think that women (or men for that matter) should feel the need to follow timelines or conform to societal standards.

However, when I leave NYC for the suburbs or scroll through my Instagram feed, I’m reminded that I am a fully grown (at 5’9, I sure hope so anyway), fully functioning adult. A baby announcement here and an engagement there and weddings upon weddings, oh my! Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the Instagram post of the little girl I used to babysit for’s Sweet 16. Wasn’t I just changing your diapers like, yesterday?

And yet, nothing slaps me straight into a full-blown existential crisis wherein I cry myself to sleep at night and wonder if I’ll ever truly understand my purpose in being on this earth quite like TikTok. The dark black hole that is TikTok is both fascinating and truly terrifying at the same time, and nothing makes me feel my age quite like it. Sure, TikTok is full of all ages, posting everything from workouts and random dance routines to recipes and even current events. But somehow, it seems my homepage is full of young twenty-somethings, usually fashion-y girls and their day in the life vlogs and OOTD videos, and it’s then that I feel well…old.

Recently I was 20 minutes into a scroll when I came upon a video of a girl chronicling everything she had purchased that month. One of her acquisitions piqued my curiosity. It was the Coach Pillow Tabby 18 bag, and suddenly I didn’t feel so ancient anymore.

The Coach Comeback

I’ve had my eye on Coach’s ever-changing assortment for the last couple of years, and I knew they were destined for a comeback. I’ve said to friends, to industry connections, and I’ve said it here on PurseBlog. From a cool collaboration with Champion, to the release of the Swinger bag, and then the Soft Tabby I’ve found myself truly, fascinated with the brand again. Paired with the fact that the ’90s are having a major moment, especially among fashion’s youngest shoppers, the stars were destined to align, and align they have.

One search of the hashtag #coachbag or even #coachpillowtabby yields endless results from unboxing videos to girls showing off their Coach bag collections. It seems that Gen Z is single-handedly making Coach happen again. I love the nostalgia in all of this, as I was a Coach girl myself and feel a nostalgic sense of excitement for the next generation of Coach shoppers. Now I just have one question left to ask…am I too old for a Coach Pillow Tabby 18? Just kidding. *Immediately adds to cart*


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