I Can’t Stop Dreaming About the Coach Pillow Tabby 18

Help me pick a color!

If you’ve been around here for a while, you’ve probably come across the story of me sharing that my first bag that started it all was Coach. This is a brand that is dear to my heart, that sparked my love and interest in the designer bag world, and no matter what my specific style liking is at any point, Coach will always be a brand I come back to.

The Tabby Keeps Me Coming Back

Enter the Coach Pillow Tabby, a bag we’ve discussed often (Kaitlin has her own and reviewed it here), to which I continue to return. I love seeing it in the wild and seeing other people with theirs, and it’s a bag that holds a little piece of my handbag brain space. So much so that I need to add one to my collection.

Color Me Happy

I am down to two colorways, both of which I love, and I think this bag looks great in color. There’s the pale pistachio, a creamy green hue, or ice purple, an enchanting purple color.

The bag’s price is great, $395, and the Pillow Tabby merges an archival 1970s Coach design with a modern and playful new look. Thanks to the two detachable straps, you can carry the bag by hand, over the shoulder, or wear crossbody. I’ve seen other people spruce it up with additional beaded straps, which is also a nice touch.

I find myself coming back to this bag often, more often than plenty of its premiere designer counterparts, and these two colors speak to my handbag-loving heart.

Help me pick a color!


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