Introducing Coach Coachies, the Personality Filled Collection

Now you can wear your mood

When I first heard about Coach’s new, playful line of bags, I was immediately taken back to our forums’ early days. The Coach forum was buzzing with members chatting daily about their mutual love for Coach, and one day they named themselves the Coachies. I don’t remember the specific day that it happened, but it did, and forever more, the frequenters of the Coach subforum would be called Coachies. To my delight, I saw that Coach is releasing a new line of bags, also aptly named the Coach Coachies.

This line of bags is quite different for the brand; it’s the ever-loved Coach Rogue and other small leather goods packed with personality. What do I mean when I say personality? Well, it’s quite literal as each bag has a character that comes together with different materials and showcases totally different traits. This joyful take on the coveted Rogue bags is a welcomed delight, and while it may not speak to everyone, there is an entire market for bags as people (think the highly sought-after Hermès Kellydole bags).

Meet the Characters

There’s Dreamie, an all-knowing and slightly sarcastic version with a sly side-eye design and tassel hair. The glove-tanned leather is incredibly supple and smooth, and Dreamie comes in the Rogue 25 size. There’s also Winkie in the Rogue 17 and he might be my favorite, it’s fun-loving spirit shines thru in this smaller size bag that comes to life with Coach details like grommet eyes and Signature charm hands. If you want one of these bags but prefer it with a little less spunk, there’s Sparkie who is a Coach Rogue 25. Sparkie features navy glove-tanned leather and flat turnlock base grommet eyes, metal-cap hangtag hands, and key hood legs – he’s also the self-appointed leader of the pack.

Introducing the Coachies 2
Introducing the Coachies

The line of Coachies are all limited-edition but also environmentally conscious, featuring the Coach Signature Textile Jacquard crafted from a blend of organic cotton and recycled plastic bottles. I’ve always been drawn to bags because they allow us to show our own personality, so this spirited take on these bags puts an immediate smile on my face (plus, Coach has created some really fun videos for these bags, too!). These are sure to be a hit with many Coach fans, and I have always loved a quirky take on a bag and adore this line even more so because of the name that will forever remind me of the original Coachies on the PurseForum.

Shop the new line of Coachies now!

Introducing the Coachies 5

Introducing the Coachies 6

Introducing the Coachies 7


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  1. Janice Avatar

    Hermès-inspired… without the chic or the craftsmanship.

    1. Anne Avatar

      Right, because to be chic one needs to drop $8k+ on a purse. 🙄

      These are super cute and very well made. I gladly already purchased a few to add to my collection.

      1. Diana Avatar

        They could create something original instead of plagiarizing Hermès…

      2. Okay Avatar

        It’s really not that much of a plagiarization. Hermes is not the first and only brand to put a face on a bag. I feel that this is cuter and less creepy than the Kelly doll.

      3. Fabuleux Avatar

        This is 100% ripped off Hermès’ Kellydole (not “kellydoll”—a recurring mistake from English speakers). It’s obvious: no need arguing.

      4. MYOFB Avatar

        what a snob “fab-blewww”

      5. Yes, they're always like this. Avatar
        Yes, they're always like this.

        This user is notoriously snobby. Do not pay them any mind.

      6. Fabuleux Avatar

        Sorry you were mistaken and now making up accounts and usernames to make yourself feel better! 🤣

      7. Anne Avatar

        Honestly confused as to what your purpose in visiting this article was…aside from trashing a Coach bag for being beneath you and allegedly a copy of the Hermes Kelly Doll bag (je suis desole…the Kellydole) . Next time, spare yourself the heartache and don’t click on “offensive” content, or is part of your rise in putting down what others like? If so, I’m sure there are plenty of better safe spaces for you, but maybe-just maybe-an article lauding Coach’s latest collection shouldn’t be it.

      8. Bir Avatar

        SO very much agree anne, and you were right !!! its Kelly doll a play on words of Quelle Idole **what an idol** so.. back to those bags,they are ever so cute are they not.

      9. Fabuleux Avatar

        First of all, it’s “je suis désolée.” But your linguistic effort has been noted. Also, I never trashed these Coach bags. I actually think they are quite fun. However, they are copied from the Kellydole concept. I don’t understand why everyone is in complete denial.

      10. Peggy Sue Avatar
        Peggy Sue

        In part you are correct, but it’s your deliverance that needs work; it’s off putting and condescending. Just an FYI.

      11. Fabuleux Avatar

        Thank you. At least you’re not being a bully like all the other(s).

      12. Sara Avatar

        Fabuleux, I suspect you are the one with the new username. I think you are Justice.

      13. Sara Avatar

        Congratulations, Fabuleux! You are very knowledgeable about a bag made for people with more money than taste.

      14. Fabuleux Avatar

        Why are you all so rude? Facts are facts… geez. Lol touchy much?

      15. bir Avatar

        not being mean, just FYI its quelle Idole, as in what and idol.

      16. Fabuleux Avatar

        Wrong. It’s Kellydole to sound like Quelle idole.

      17. Kool-Aid Fan Avatar
        Kool-Aid Fan

        And Hermès ripped off the Kool-Aid Man with the Kellydole! Kool-Aid ought to sue Hermès for copyright infringement! At least these Coachies don’t look like they’re about to bust down a brick wall.

      18. bir Avatar

        so very much agree ! they look very well made !

    2. Blankie Avatar

      I don’t find Kellydole chic, so…

      1. Ed B Avatar
        Ed B

        I’m flabbergasted anybody does. Whimsical and cute, I can see (even if I don’t agree). Who thinks the Hermes version is chic??

    3. Gayle Avatar

      First thing that came to my mind. I dont like the bags although i would love an slg in that design like the cardholder or wallet. Its cute pulling out something in your bag like that. I do have the fendi micro baguette with the monster eyes though. I cant get over that collection and still searching for the perfect peekaboo size with those monster eyes.

  2. Peggy Sue Avatar
    Peggy Sue

    Faces on bags? 👎🏻👎🏻

  3. Guest Avatar

    Ugly … reminds me pixar cars

  4. FashionableLena Avatar

    I want the one that’s winking.

    1. Jamie Avatar

      I had to get the mini Winkie crossbody. It is just adorable.

    1. Anne Avatar

      Watch out…she will be accused of “plagiarism” as well…🤣😂🤣

    2. bir Avatar

      Lets not forget, Fendi monster bags, same concept, i like them all Anya, Hermes, Coach, and well…. Hello Kitty i guess LOL.

    3. Jasmine Avatar

      Anya Hindmarch also came to mind for me! I’m a longtime fan of AH, and I appreciate her cheekier take.

  5. bir Avatar

    I Love the quele/Idole Kelly Doll and love these bags so so beyond cute.

  6. Blankie Avatar

    But why

    1. Martha Avatar

      You win the comment section.

    2. psny15 Avatar


  7. JPG Avatar

    Not bags I will use but they are cute. And Coach is at the right price point fo doing this

  8. Meow Avatar

    I think these are adorable. I love the little moving legs hanging down.

  9. Irene Avatar

    Here we go!..
    just when coach makes a huge comeback they have to release this ridiculous garbage. Makes me lose all respect .

  10. Maureen Avatar

    These are so cute and quirky! Exactly my jam! I want it all!

    Maureen |

  11. Mary Ciesicki Avatar
    Mary Ciesicki

    I want the red one!

  12. rufiny Avatar

    Would you write an article on all the brands with faces on them?

  13. Cristina contreras Avatar
    Cristina contreras

    I really think Coach has been bringing really ugly things lately I’m a big fan of Coach but lately it’s just the dresses look like they’re from back Victorian days now these purses that are very ugly….