Coach Zebra Brooke

When we were part of the Coach Holiday Program one of the three bags we picked was the Coach Brooke. The Brooke is a favorite of mine, an elegant everyday shape that Coach continues to find a way to change up. While the crackled metallic caught my eye, so too does the Coach Zebra Brooke.

And why wouldn’t it? As I said before, the shape of this bag is ideal for everyday and everywhere use. The silhouette is easy, precisely what we want in a handbag. Both a handle and a shoulder strap are available. The brass chain link straps give a sophisticated touch to the overall appeal.

Obviously we must talk about the print, ZEBRA! Zebra print is one of my favorite animal prints. It is able to give you the pizazz you are looking for while still being toned down enough for those that are more traditional. The print is printed on dyed haircalf and the rest of the bag is trimmed with black leather. Like other Coach bags, the inside is completely functional with a zip, cellphone, and multifunction pocket. Dimensions are 16 (L) x 13 3/4 (H) x 5 (W).

There you have it and now I want it! Buy through Coach for $1,400.

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  • gpc

    I like it too, but NWIH am I paying $1400 for a Coach bag.

  • Jane

    I must admit this is the first bag that I have ever liked in an animal print. I am impressed because I usually hate animal prints. However I am not spending 1400 on a bag made in China. If it was made in NY, Italy, or France I can see that, but China no thanks.

    • Sara

      The interesting thing about designers that are supposedly made in European countries is that many of them are actually made in China. The finishing touches will be added in Italy or France etc, just so that they can label it “Made in Italy” or “Made in France.” Something to think about next time you buy a bag that claims to be made in Europe ;)

      Also: Coach has an excellent warranty on their bags, unlike most other designers, or premium designers.

  • Terri

    Looooooooove it!

  • Leslie

    I really like this purse which surprises me since I usually dislike most Coach things. I agree with Jane and GPC though, I don’t think I would spend that much on a coach.

  • Gracie

    I won the crackeled metallic through bag snobs coach contest last friday :]!!!! its an amazing bag!

    • Karen

      I bought this as soon as it appeared in the Coach store. i am not a fan of coach but do really love this bag and the lavendar interior!

  • neli

    It’s interesting. But definitely not my favorite. I would never spend a fortune on Coach, ever.

  • Lauren

    Saw this bag in NY and LOVED it. $1400 is too much for a Coach, but if I were to spend that much on a Coach, this would be the bag. Its really beautiful!

  • Merve

    Totally agree with everyone else i would never pay 1400 for Coach BUT this is the only Zebra print bag that doesnt have me running for the hills.

  • sndc99

    I don’t like hair of any kind on my bags but I do love the print.

  • elizabeth_29

    i agree with the others – no way would I spend $1400 on a Coach bag.

  • Rashmi

    Since it is made in China, I think they should cut down the price to $700 dollars. I truly wonder how much the real Artisans behind this bag who actually made it get paid in China.

    I like the bag though.

  • Beth

    Seems like most of us are on the same wavelength here: Great bag (one of the few animal print bags any of us like!) But, $1K+ for “made in China?” No way, Coach. No frickin’ way.

  • 19yearslater

    I like this bag, too. I wouldn’t wear it because I don’t do a lot of animal prints, but its classy. I think Coach is trying to change their image to be more like Marc Jacobs- a higher end line and a more affordable line, which is Poppy.

  • leilapei

    nice bag. very cute. i have a couple of coach bags that are good for the wear and tear but i definitely didnt spend that much for them.

  • MizzJ

    This is such a different bag for Coach and I think it’s great! Not worth buying though, for all the reasons as repeated above. I wonder if Coach reads any of this feedback and would move their manufacturing out of China :p

  • tat

    too busy – what with the studs and other danglers – just cheapens it imho, one simple one would have sufficed, and maybe tone down the brasswares too.

  • Lisa

    For that price it better have been made from a real zebra!


    Coach did Zebra print well… Really lovely bag…

  • Shoppa Holique

    Serious, these I-wont-spend-that-much-for-coach are just plain pretentious, if it’s a nice bag screw the brand, buy it!

  • Ian

    My wife got her first Coach bag for Christmas from her Mom, which was purchased at the “Coach Outlet” in Freport Maine. It’s definitely a much better product than her Gucci purse, and the design of the pockets, etc. seem to really fit her needs. It also seems pretty durable, which considering how busy she is and how much she’s in and out of the car, driving from kid function to function, it gets banged around quite a bit.

    Needless to say we’re impressed overall with Coach so far as a manufacturer, and are hopeful it holds up as well as its reputation.

  • Erin

    I’m not nuts about the zebra print, but I do love the bag itself. The Brooke line is great, I have one in taupe leather and I love it. I also have the matching Op Art wristlet that I use as a makeup bag. They’re chic and well made. The leather is very soft and supple. But with that said, there’s only so much I’d pay for a Coach bag, though…whether I sound pretentious or not, my limit price for a Coach would be around $700. And for the price they’re asking for this animal print one, I’d go couture. But that’s just me. If I knew someone who paid $1400 for this bag and adored it, and was extatic about her purchase, I’d be happy for her. To each her own as far as bags are concerned, as well as anything else in life.

  • Lisa Mantica

    I saw this at the local Coach store and I was VERY close to getting one. Maybe next time. I saw it cheaper at by the way.

  • GABY

    I def. would make an investment with coach! They have the BEST warranty for the natural life of your product unlike most other designers! Most designers for example Burberry want nothing to do with you or your old used $1,500 handbag after a year! Coach is great quality for a great price. Its definitely worth it they stand behind thier products 100% and this bag is beautiful!

  • ellen donohoe

    I just got the cherry leather smaller version of the bag – I really like having both a shoulder strap and handles – have been buying Coach bags for over 30 years – my first bag cost $49 I have had the edges rebound, but it still looks good. I really like the way that they stand beside their bags. The Zebra print design was an interesting style

  • Coach4melrose

    Just wondering if anyone has the Coach editorial XL zoe in Patent Leather Crimson? I am debation over thr purchase of this bag! Any help on where to post ?’s like this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks ladies! What a fun place to come and talk about our obsession! I am new obviously, so help would be amazing :)

  • LaToya

    Zebra Brooke is lovely. And I love love Coach but that bag isn’t worth $1400.

  • Veronia Allen

    I think this bag is beautiful! Coach is classy & unique! Love all of their bags!! (FB)

  • Jane

    I just get one coach brooke handbag at low price for my holiday next month , really low price and high quality , you can visit :

  • t t t t

    Sorry… not a fan of Coach, I think it is way over price for bags that are made in China.

  • Veronica_Sawyer

    I love the hangtags!! Especially the studded C. (ipad)