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  • The vintage ones look interesting. Certainly something different for them to do.

  • Aliza Zibkoff

    I’m kind of tired of do-overs. Seems that everyone in the creatives communities have lost their imaginations. From bags to movies everything or almost everything is a reboot. With that said the printed calf in back with blue flowers is eye catching.

  • Melissa

    Ridiculous prices considering I’ve bought similar vintage ones at thrift stores for less than 20 dollars

  • Smithy

    That vintage duffel was a great bag back in the day when I received it as a gift from my former in-laws. In my opinion, the tassels are not appealing.

  • Passerine

    When I see this re-issues, all I can think of are the hard-working, skilled American artisans who were thrown out of work when Coach moved manufacturing overseas. Some of you probably think that’s ancient history and who cares, but friends of our family worked for Coach. The company WAS making a profit when it tossed these people into unemployment, but management decided even more $$$$ from cheap labor (without reducing prices, of course) was best for them, and tough luck for the craftsmen and women. Anyway, no one in our circle has opened their wallet to make a Coach purchase since.

    • Kate

      I totally agree. I’ve watched with interest as Coach has tried to revamp its image and return its focus to high-quality leather goods, but I would never actually purchase a Coach bag. The corresponding price increases for a product cheaply manufactured in China under labor practices that we would rightly never tolerate in the US is just a further reminder that, in reality, Coach will never again be what it once was, this kind of nostalgia notwithstanding. I would much rather own fewer handbags that I know were produced by skilled and well-paid artisans receiving fair benefits and working in safe and healthy conditions in places like the US or Western Europe, and I’m not the least bit bothered with having to pay a premium for them.

      • FreakPup

        I think theres a disconnect going on here…maybe its because there isn’t much insight into what actually happens at the vilified chinese factories you’re talking about. Maybe I can shed some light:

        Coach manufactures at a large Research and Development facility in China that is extremely well managed and run. The workers are paid above industry standard and are extremely proud of their work. The reality of “Chinese labor” is that these people have invested their lives into beautifully crafted consistent product. They have been trained to do the best work possible. Every bag that comes from the Coach R & D center is beautiful, and will last (basically) forever.

        Alas, most customers think that seeing “made in china” on their bag is some sort of black mark and the snobbery involved in not purchasing it is appalling. Companies move their production to Italy (in fact, i worked for a well known coach subsidiary that felt pressure to move completely to Italy to serve this customer) and suffer a severe lack in quality. Italy OF COURSE can do beautiful amazing work, but now, because of client demand (and customer demand for low prices), italians are opening cheaply run factories. They use sub-par labor and pay their workers nearly nothing. But hey, it says “Made in Italy”, right? You want the price to be affordable, yet you’re unwilling to accept the fact that where your bag is made (beyond ethical reasons) means almost nothing. Ill tell you from experience that every bag that was developed from a cheaply run Italy factory fell apart within months, didn’t meet any of Coaches standards, and was disappointing in quality and execution.

        Coach moving to china set off a whole slew of large corporations joining them- Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren for instance. I know from being on the inside at Coach that the American factories were not performing up to the standard that was necessary to continue growth. Isn’t that the crux of Capitalism? Going with the best product?

        Don’t mean to be rude AT ALL! I totally understand where you’re coming from on this, I just thought I would open up some industry knowledge on all y’all.

    • zoopath

      I’ll never buy anything from them again either

  • Here’s one way to revamp: go back to making the bags in the U.S.

  • Sara

    IMO, Coach is not doing the tassel look very well. The tassels look too skinny and too far apart. Either do it properly like Chloe or don’t go there at all.

  • Unapologetic

    Its sad when a company has to add first thing in the description “hand crafted in the United States” because they are known for everything else other than $1000 bags and being made in the USA. The last time I was at a department store I looked at the coach bags and the leather looked like the cow had chicken pox. The quality was so terrible with the cheapest leather you could get your hands on. It was like the leather other companies rejected. I think the saddest part is they are asking $400 for a bag probably assembled by children in Vietnam whom probably bring home a dollar a week if they are lucky. Bringing out these old bags will not change my image of the company. This only proves they are aware what they are and what they are known for, expensively priced cheap bags.

  • Rashmi

    I hope Mr Vevers reads this blog! With the outrageous prices for bags made in China, I will from now on never ever buy Any coach bag. Bring back the jobs to the US then call it “made in America”!! Or just slash the prices!

  • FashionableLena

    I’ll just stick to the vintage ones that I already own. They’re better quality and font need jazzing up. Coach really is catering to the younger demographic.

  • Guest

    What a mess. When will Coach learn? My first quality was a Coach that I still own. It was the Coach Janice Crossbody and my parents bought it for me Christmas 1998 I believe.

    It is a thick leather bag with classic styling. No bells or whistles. Modern shape. Brass hardware. That’s what Coach should be. That fringed bag is a horror story. I love a good fringed bag but not on a flap, turnlock Coach!

    If the Coach site was revamped and offered all of the same, great designs (and quality) of the 90’s and earlier I would most certainly buy a fresh new one. Do one thing and do it well. That’s what I say.