Coach Legacy Alligator Pocket Flap
Coach Legacy Alligator Purse

It is not just Coach that moved its factory to China, many designer houses have also moved. But those that remain with their “Made in Italy” tags are claiming a little more than they are worth at times. The fact is, many designers have the majority of their bag made in China and then some finishing touches are completed in Italy etc. And this renders a Made in Italy stamp? I think not. Why am I talking about this? It is all about quality of what we are buying, and many times our luxury items are not high quality. This actually is not a start for me to go against Coach purses, but to say that they are not the only ones that have moved their factories to keep up with the demand and costs. Quality matters to me, and at times it is lacking. To be honest, I have not seen a Coach Alligator Bag in person, so I will need your insight on this. Coach has continued to branch out to bring exotic materials to its clients. The Coach Legacy Alligator Pocket Flap is designed with imported alligator and leather trim on the iconic Coach Pocket Flap bag. One thing that I find great about this bag is its functionality; with an inside zip pocket, cell phone pocket, ring to clip keys, and two outside front pockets. I have a major issue with the exotic outside that is then lined in fabric on the inside. I would definitely expect a more luxurious interior for the price, like suede lining. Either way, Coach exotic purses already has fans in Rebecca Romijn, Mandy Moore, and Eva Longoria. This bag costs $7000 through Coach.

Let’s have a debate: Would you ever buy a Coach exotic? Do you look down upon brands that move their companies overseas, like to China?

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  • Lauren

    I appreciate when a company owns up to moving their factories to China. At least their being honest instead of hiding the fact and placing their “made in italy” label on their to fool their customers. I can’t really say if quality necessarily goes down whether a product is made in china or not. Not speaking of purses, but I do own Ugg shoes and they are made in china and are incredible quality. So it is possible to find high quality without being made in europe or elsewhere.

  • joan

    I agree with Lauren. I also think the quality is great if they only make a limited number as opposed to mass production. Does anyone know if Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Gucci have also moved their production sites to China? I love these designers, but they are still putting France, USA, Spain and Italy on their labels… I hope they’re not misleading the consumers…

    • Isabela

      LV is made in Spain or France. Chanel is all-france and Gucci is made mostly in-line production in Italy. Prada on the other hand has been know to outsource to China…beware.

      • mary s

        I am connected with some of the former employees of the highest levels of the LVMH corp and can say as a fact that LV does make many of their bags and items in china and does the finishing in europe and that like most of the other luxury brands the “skilled artisans” are often low paid Chinese immigrants.

        That said, i think it is xenophobic to think that quality products MUST be made in europe or that being made in europe is in it of itself a promise of quality.

        the real promise of quality is how much the company stands behind its products. just like LV coach promises prefect with each item, and thats no small thing.

  • patois

    I might buy a Coach exotic, though certainly not this one. I think it’s pretty obvious that the celebrities get their bags for free from the manufacturers most of the time to create buzz. Are they true fans? Who knows? Perhaps they are just fans of cute free bags. Exotic bags are significantly more costly, so I think the amount of time,care and sheer attraction that goes into choosing one should be commensurately higher.

    As far as buying bags produced in China, I am positive there are many skilled workers in China who could produce bags indistinguishable from Italian made. China has developed a reputation for cutting corners to save $, however, and I try to avoid goods made in China. I think it is false labeling to say made in Italy if it it was assembled somewhere else.

  • SereneO

    I’m not surprised if a company moves their production to China in order to keep up with the demand and the ever rising costs in labour and raw materials. Made in China does not necessarily mean lousy quality, but it does give a rather inferior impression and comes across as mass produced. Made in Italy/ France will always be expected and preferred if consumers are willing to fork out hundreds and thousands on a bag.

    But $7,000 on a Coach ‘Made in China’ exotic? I think that’s abit much!

  • cruzan

    I would NOT buy a Coach exotic. I am not a fan of Coach. I have a few of their higher end bags, but the brand does not scream luxury to me. Personally, the only bag I would pay $7000 (or much more) for is a Birkin.

  • Joanne

    Coach lost me when they started charging so much for their purses.. I have a couple of old Coach pieces (which are still good) but as far as I know they have always been made in China.. that’s why I would never spend that much on their purses. China might produce good quality purses, but the truth of the matter is, the labourers are not highly paid… so it does not make sense to charge so much when you do not have that much over head… but then again, if they want their goods to remain high end they have to charge so much, right?

  • HC

    I go to school and was lucky enough to attend a presentation from 2 alumnae (one was the Divisional Vice President of Merchandising) who work high up in Coach in NYC. I must say that the dynamics and overall structure of this company is fascinating and although I am not a fan of the brand myself, it was interesting to get some insight into the success of this American company. As she was fueled with questions I was SO tempted to ask about their production in China as well as where they see themselves in the “luxury” handbag market with their alligator bags. however, I didn’t want to make the whole room uncomfortable! Someone did ask if she considers the handbag brand that a potential employee walks in with for an interview and although she said that if they walk in with an LV, dooney etc. it is not “a deal breaker” but that it definately affects their chances!

  • mrshoegal

    Coach built it’s brand on being the American handbag. Remember the add campaign they ran maybe 3-5 years ago with children of great American’s? Hmmmmmm I think coach moved to far away from their roots and now they really are too far away in China!
    I had coach bags when I was 13 I don’t want them now and especially now that they are being made in China. No thank you pass.

  • mette

    This is an ugly bag. Probably on of the worst alligator/croc bags I´ve ever seen! Why oh why must there be so much stuff on one smallish bag? And the price is ridiculous.

  • Patsy

    I don’t think the bag above really showcases the exotic skin as much as a $7000 bag should. I would much rather save my money and get a really lovely BV exotic or a few Chanel purses then get an exotic bag that looks, to be quite frank, fake. That being said, I do own quite a few Coach purses (going on 40)and I’m just not in love with the brand anymore. Quite a few of my recent purses have broke quite easily (I take exceptionally good care of my bags) and the company won’t repair them. Furthermore, every spring they do that horrific pastel patchwork signature line that drives me running from the store every time I see it. I’ll head to Coach for a slightly trendy bag that won’t last; however, I should just spend a couple hundred more and move on to Miu Miu.

  • Libertad

    I will admit it is a bit disheartening to know your coach bag was made in China. It’s a stigma that unfortunately has affected a company known for excellent quality when it comes to LEATHER goods. Their price points are a bit high in correlation to their production costs. In my opinion Coach has been consistently declining in their image and reputation as an “affordable luxury goods” company. I am often asked why I spend so MUCH money on other designer handbags such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci, but to me its a sigh of relief knowing the quality and the guarantee these handbags carry with them…. its a consistency unparalleled in the market.

    I truly hope their standards begin to rise as the realization that their goods.. are just not worth the money right now. They should go back to their roots and continue to produce some of the finest leather handbags. The Signature collection is so saturated in their market.

  • Nat_CAN

    I think as long as the Coach quality control is excellent, I don’t mind if it’s made in China. Two of my LV bags aren’t perfect even though they’re made in France.

  • dimon

    I have two Coach bags and they are in perfect condition. I like their cleaning and conditioning products for the white leather bag. No problem with made in China because I’m looking at the workmanship and these two bags have held up just fine. I have never felt that made in France or Italy is a guarantee that it will be the best quality but it is almost always a guarantee that it will be more expensive. I think too many people like the snob factor of impressing others with how much they can afford? Sorry, but it’s just my opinion. I do think Coach should stick with beautiful leather, like the first Legacy collection. This is far from the best looking Coach bag I have ever seen and in the picture anyway, it looks cheap with too much hardware, sort of like a Guess bag.

  • Kate

    I have never liked Coach bags. They’re too generic and boring. I guess they’re trying to get back into the designer bag game with exotics, but I’m sorry, I will NEVER pay even a thousand dollars for a COACH.

    In regards to the Made in China deal, I think some Made in China products are even more superior than those made elsewhere. I have a leather bag that was made in China and it has held up beautifully for over 5 years now and it still looks new.

    I think we have to let go of our misconceptions that made in China products are inferior. I’m sure there are many talented craftspeople in China as there are many people in Italy or France that do a lousy job. It’s never a good idea to generalize because more likely than not, there are exceptions to the rule!

  • Lynda

    I would NOT buy a Coach exotic, and do not appreciate companies that move their factories there, and, especially in the case of Coach, still charge such a high price! I’m way more likely to buy a Bottega Veneta or Belen Echandia exotic, where I know the quality is very high and the craftsmen are Italians who have been doing this for generations. Nothing against China, there are many reasons I would love to visit that country, but they are new to the whole handbag game, and generally the quality shows it.

  • savvygal @ savvymode

    I wouldn’t buy a Coach at $7000. Actually I have not purchased a Coach bag since my late teens. I know of some luxury brands that had their product parts made in Asia and then finish up in Italy, thus Made in Italy. I just saw a beautiful Bvlgari Ostrich tote for around $6500.

  • Melanie

    Newsflash ladies – LV & Gucci bags are made in China, right along with the Coach bags. They just put a few finishing touches on the bags in Italy / France and slap on a “Made in..” label. In fact, LVMH and PPR outsource the majority of thier products to China, including sunglasses, apparel, footwear, etc. In addition to that the fake LV bags are sometimes even made by the people who assemble the real ones or at a factory right next door!

  • christy

    If I was going to buy an exotic …It wouldn’t be coach!!!

  • Jennifer

    Even though Coach’s bags have gone up in price (everything has lately) they have more moderately priced handbags….and if making them in China keeps the cost down, then I don’t mind. It really comes down to how the company oversees the factories in China to ensure quality products, and it seems like they do that.

  • katkooty

    no offense to anyone, especially the coach fans…

    7000 for a coach bag is a bit stupid…because exotic or not, if anyone sees the coach label, they would NEVER imagine that being the price tag.. I have a large gucci Indy in gold python and it cost me $3800. AND ITS GUCCI.Lets be honest here, Gucci and coach arent exactly in the same league.

    and about the made in china thing.. it sucks because the quality does go down (my bags never last like they used to), and when i was at shanghai, there are some shops (mostly the locals know them), which sell original goods, like from the factories of these shops, but they are defects..and by defects, they mean a little thread is sticking out or something.. like i have the classic spy, and i compared it the one they had.. EXACTLY the same.. i was devasted, although i was tempted to buy the other bags but im loyal and id pay full price anytime..

  • Stl

    I would never pay $7000 for Coach. No way.

  • Jahpson

    That bag, its really cute but I cant stand the clasps on the pockets. Its so ugly

    overall I like the design and functionality of the bag. 7k, that better be real crocadile from the Amazon…

  • Kelly

    Sorry, just don’t like the bag anyway. Can not afford 7k for that.

  • mrs. w

    when companies outsource their manufacturing to china and don’t lower their prices, it just says that they’re greedily eating up that profit. this is irritating, and, combined with how rude the girls at coach stores are, is why i won’t buy there. give me a bag that will last a lifetime and service you find at gucci/lv and you can charge me a fortune.

    and i’d take buttery leather over other materials any day.

  • sac_addict

    I think Coach is just being honest here, 99.9% of the big brands have factories in China nowadays. Many many high quality products are from China, and those Chinese craftsman are just as skilled (or maybe even better) than the French/ Italians.
    But it’s also true that once a brand attaches itself with China, it cheapens it’s image drastically. That’s the sad reality and a hard to break stereotype. Nobody wants to pay several thousands of dollars for a purse that’s manufactured in the same place as their water bottle/ socks.

  • theitgrl44

    So many times I have heard that designer houses are moving their factories from Europe to China to keep up with demand and costs. The reality is that the price of Coach has not dropped but increased drastically over the years. I remember when Coach was considered the poor man’s Gucci and suddenly the prices are just as high. I agree with previous comments in that the company is just greedly eating up the profit . Coach is not being 100% truthful. For the same price I would rather buy a Gucci or Louis Vuitton.

  • devlo

    The design of this bag looks like something I could have bought at Target or JCPenneys — whether that’s a testament to better design for the masses — or whether Coach’s designers are getting lazy — I wouldn’t have invested croc on this bag.

  • dela

    For this much money I would invest in a Birkin or go with a Nancy Gonzalez exotic.

  • coachfreak

    I am a huge Coach fan, but even I wouldn’t buy an exotic. That being said my most expensive and most loved Coach bag is a leather Lily $1198. I think she is better made than my two Gucci large chain horsebit hobos $1295. Would I have paid that much for a signature hobo in Coach, NO! However, to me that doesn’t mean the Coach bag would be lower quality regardless whether it was crafted in China or not.

  • far

    i will never in my life buy a handbag that is made from ENDANGERED ANIMALS.never.
    only uneducated people will buy those.

  • yeva

    quick question. Is this alligator purse made in China as well???
    Because if so, if I wanted a purse that is just as good quality maybe not as good but good enough I would go to target and spend $30 bucks. $70 with another two 00s just does not cut it.
    Seriously! o_O :???:

  • S

    All I can add is that I used to be a Coach SA, and many exotic Coach bags (most exotics, in fact) are made in Italy, not in China. The signature and leather bags are made in China.

  • DEM

    Coach made its mark as an American Company. It still pretends to be an American Company on its website. The only reason it is being “honest” by disclosing, in fine print someowhere on its labels, that its products are now made in China, is that the law in this country requires it to make that disclosure. I do not buy products made in China. Even if I could ignore that country’s horrid human right’s record and the fact that China now owns our country (and I can’t ignore those two things), companies, like Coach, who quietly move their factories to China from the US solely to increase their bottom line, put Americans out of work. That does not sit well with me. Additionally, the flood of factories opening in China to satify our lust for cheap stuff is leading to that country’s insane demand for oil, which is one reason our gas prices in this company are going through the roof. Believe me, each time one of you saves a buck or two buying a cheaper Coach purse (the prices on Coach bags are not what their American-made counterparts used to be when adjusted for inflation) or buying another good made in China, you are losing much more than that at the gas pump and elsewhere.

    So, to answer your question, No — I will not buy a purse that is made in China. I don’t care what label it bears.

    P.S. To answer a question posed by another reader, Louis Vuitton manufactures its goods in France, Italy, Spain, and — to its credit (given that it is a French company)– the United States. It does not make any of its good in China. I know because I grill companies about this issue (and get the answer in writing) before I buy their goods.

    • lisa

      ditto on your comment and i heard my coach alligator wallet that I paid $500 for is not real alligator but stamped cow hide. could this be true?

    • Kai

      Wow, thank you so very much for your informed and detailed response! Although this is an old posting, over the past year or so I too have begun to focus on where the purses I buy are coming from and have felt very disturbed to learn how many of them are being made in China. I would not buy a Coach bag – which is rooted in the American story of starting with baseball gloves and moving on to purses right?! – made in China either.

      Lately it seems that everything we buy is made in china and when you realize the dearth of jobs and economic troubles we suffer here, knowing how many people would be able to feed themselves and their families if companies did not flee to China to save a buck makes me very angry. Even my long beloved Francesco Biasia who used to make their bags in Italy, since being acquired by some conglomerate solely focused on profit, now makes most bags in China – with a few bearing ‘Made in Bulgaria’ tags inside.

      So I too have decided not to buy any more designer purses that are made in China – especially when I consider that what they pay the workers is the smallest fraction of what we spend on these overpriced goods. These bags should be less about overall profits and more about delivering high quality goods that do not have the ridiculously high moral, ethical, and environmental costs.

  • SK

    I noticed a post about “Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Luster” (Dana Thomas) earlier, and frankly, if you read that book, Thomas pretty much all but says outright that LV bags are mostly produced in China. In it, Thomas is highly critical of LV–from bottom-line focused management, to its exploitation of the consumer, and to its ridiculous markups which are highest in the luxury goods industry at 13-14x production costs. Then she goes right on talking about the “Made in” tags that are a bait & switch.

    While she never lists by name what companies are fooling the consumer due to privacy agreements signed before visiting the Chinese factories, she does add that the consumer would be totally SHOCKED. I took that, followed by the rest of her vicious attack on LV, to be pretty much a, “Reader, deduce the obvious yourself.” In fact, the only luxury goods company that she gives a nod to is Hermes, whose bags are truly made by “artisans”–more or less–justifying the price tag.

    I’ve also heard from a friend’s dad who is a lawyer for a number of luxury goods firms that I’d be totally surprised to find what actually was made in China (save a last buckle or two attached in Italy). Incidentally, he’s worked with LVMH.

    Frankly, I’ve never considered Coach “luxury”, but kudos to them for being outright while others are shameful liars. But that aside, the quality of the stuff coming from China isn’t bad. I have made in China clothes (Phillip Lim’s collection is, far as I’m aware, all made there and they’re lovely pieces), shoes, purses, electronics. It’s pretty much unavoidable these days to not buy something where some part is made in China. I can’t think of a single electronics manufacturer that doesn’t have something or some component of something made-in-China so I’m kind of dubious of your assertion, Dem, that you NEVER buy things made in China.

    As China continues to advance, with its workers continually paid better and the skilled labour class developing, its products will only continue looking & functioning better. Then things move production to Vietnam, Thailand,.. Africa can’t be far behind. It’s just the way things work. I’d rather be told the honest truth–not that I’d ever buy a canvas bag for the prices LV and Gucci charge even if they were “Made in France/Italy”.

  • Tera

    I just recently brought a Coach wristlet and matching wallet.
    I husband just about flipped out – not over the price but that it was made in China.

    I have american pride. Coach purses should be made in America. Vote NO to outsourcing. I will not be buying anymore Coach purses.

  • Ana

    I like Coach bags but never bought one in their store. I go on eBay and look for people selling vintage Coach bags that were made in New York City, USA. That’s what I want, not their new junk. I found a beautiful Coach all-leather bag with cowhide inner lining (not FREAKING canvas) for a fraction of what I would’ve paid in retail. That makes me snicker at them, broo ha ha :twisted:

    The best way to stick it to the man is to only buy the products of theirs that you believe in. If everyone did this (which of course, wouldn’t happen, but in a perfect world, let’s say), Coach would take the hint and realize their supply far outweighs our demand.

  • amanda

    Okay 30far- alligators are not endangered. cop a clue….
    also, i am amazed at the amount of serious debate over a bunch of purses. if the last time you bought a coach purse you were in your late teens, maybe you were a spoiled rotten brat….

    If you think your high end gucci, LV, and other Made in Italy ? France bags are not composed of materials manufactured by underpaid folks in all several different countries… you are also clueless

  • Mam

    I buy my exclusive bags from LV (at eluxury, because I hate paying tax) and Hermes (in-store). I buy my everyday bags from Coach. I’m lucky that I have a Coach outlet near my house. Sure, they make certain lines just for the outlet, but I can go on a spending spree without guilt, every weekend. Since their prices are so low (generally under $400), I can get several bags a week… bags that I can use for every kind of occasion/outfit.

  • sunciely

    The Coach exotics are 100% made in Italy. They are expensive because in order to use exotic animals in bag production, you would have to go through a tedious application and clearance process. In addition to that, there are a lot of material wastage as these skins are delicate.

    Yep, Chanel has its factory in Northern China way in the styx.

    Just because a bag company has relocated its factory in China, doesn’t mean that the bag is going to lose its quality. Quality control, Reasearch and development, design, sampling are still done in the US, only the labor is outsourced

    I’ve done this so many times before, I would go to a Macy’s or a Nordstrom or whatever kind of department store and I would touch and feel and examine the qualities of the bags there (because they are all conveniently located in one area)… Bags that are sort of in the same price point are Kate SPade, COach and Dooney and Burke… you will see the difference in craftsmanship and leather quality between so easily if you do this… and Coach excedes Dooney and Kate Spade in a way that doesn’t even make them comparable to Coach. See for yourself

  • kate

    I worked at Coach before and if your bag is broken or there is something wrong with it. You must pay a $20 fee to have it sent to Jacksonville, Florida where the bags are fixed. If they are unable to fix it then they do at times send it back. Otherwise, they send you a credit note.

    The company tries to keep defects off the streets, therefore, if you bring a bag back to the store after purchasing it and realizes there’s serious problems, the bags are actually CUT up. I’ve received many complaints from customers about Coach being made in China. I try to assure them that I’ve never had any problems with my bags and the leather lasts and ages really well!

    Also, the leather that Coach uses is the same as Gucci, LV, etc.. so if you want the same leathers for a fraction of the price. Go with Coach and now it’s not too hard to find leather bags in the store that don’t have Coach all over it.

    Personally, if I like a bag, I’ll get it. If companies didn’t have to display where their products are made then customers would still buy their products regardless of where they’re made because they like it.

    Enjoy Coach for the new product it brings every month and it’s a great place to get gifts! I’ll still shop there even if the stuff is made in China :)

  • anon09

    A lot of you people are just brainwashed into thinking that imported brands are better.

  • allen

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  • Jill

    Well lets get one thing straight……. Just because something is made in china or for that matter anywhere in the far east, does not mean it is not quality. This is not my opinion it is FACT.. And I can prove it. But first let me state that yes I don’t like the idea of companies taking there business to the far east, but the bottom line is you can’t do a thing about it so don’t get upset about it. You only action that you can do is not to purchase that name brand any longer, but then you left with having to purchase something that yes is cheaper, but still made somewhere else and not here. OK now to prove my point. Just because workers in the far east do things for less money does not mean they do poor work. The fact is if you look at how they are set up to make these items as far as assembly is concerned I am sure you would see major difference in how they approach tasks at hand. And to prove my point that they do build quality products take a look at the auto industry as only one American motor company looks like it’s ok and that is Ford. After GM files bankruptcy on the first of next month pretty much all but a few US made vehicles will be left. This is not due to the economy……or anything other then the Japs have out classed us in the industry. Honda, Toyota and Nissan just to name a few are in great shape and doing just fine. The reason is they build a far better product then WE do here in the US of A. There cars last longer, go farther and need far less maintenance. Bottom line they build better quality……….I am sure that the people who are making these bags, some of them are very talented in what they do. Buy the way what kind of car do you drive?…………

  • Rashida

    It is sad that so many American companies go overseas for the production when those jobs are needed right here in America. I know Louis Vuitton makes bags in China I have 1 that say made in China the other made in Italy but I feel that a American company should make the bags here in America. And the bag is ugly I’d spend 7 grand on like 5 purses quality and high end before I wate all that money for a ugly Coach purse made in China!

  • Rachael

    Eventhough Coach bags are mostly made in China, I find that for the price point, their quality is far superior to other brands that are supposedly “Made in Italy” such as my Furla bags.

    • Corally

      Well….I bought my first coach leather purse exactly 4 months ago. Its now ripping at the seam. I payed 400 dollars, I think next time I’ll go buy a cheaper purse. My cheap ones have lasted longer than this one ! This is the fastest broken purse Ive ever owned! Thanks Coach for your great QUALITY! Yes I will demand a refund as I have to drive an hour and a half to get to town to deal with this crap.

  • angle

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  • Lisa B.

    Outsourcing is simply all about greed, greed, greed. These Luxury brands have cut their labor costs drastically by using child labor in appalling conditions and paying no medical benefits yet they still have the balls to charge prices like $7K for a freakin’ handbag… that happens to look like every other freakin’ handbag! Where the hell is the individuality, let alone the professional integrity? “Luxury Designers” supply the name, i.e. their “Label” and the female consumers, brainwashed by the “Sex In The City” fantasy of living like a rich person on minimum wage think “These handbags will make me LOOK like I’m living the life!” thereby creating the demand. The power of suggestion can be toxic. After all, these designers now dictate the SITC and Gossip Girl fashions. The TV shows aren’t creating the styles — the styles are creating the TV shows. That is backwards. The fashion industry has become a study in tragic autonomy. Oh, the irony.

    Real creativity is in the hands of the independent designers. “The Fringe”. We upstarts have something new to say and revolutionary to offer. And, yes, my METTLE CASES are proudly Made in the U.S.A! I am indeed forging a backpack revolution here, but also a fashion revolution. Please join me:

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  • missSandy

    i just bought myself a coach purse at Dillard’s and it say made in china i dont really care where its from im just rocking it..ahahaa

  • nylia

    what are the other designer bags that are now made in china, yet original as the name/brand says?

  • Veronia Allen

    Love it!! (fb)

  • Missy

    If you want to guarantee that your bag isn’t made in China, then make all the materials and make the bag yourself. (fb)

  • Veronica_Sawyer

    I love the bag. But I wish it was embossed Alligator not the real thing. I would also be willing to pay more to not have Coach made in China. (ipad)

  • cindy

    It’s embossed leather not alligator at all.

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