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  • Brandon

    IMO slide #2 is looking very similar to a Louis Vuitton Sunshine Express Speedy .. I’ve really been rooting for Coach to make that comeback that they so desperately need but I don’t think that this collection will be launching them back into center of the fashion spotlight.

  • E Cooper

    My first “good” purse was a Coach leather bag from the early seventies. It was all about the craftsmanship, the leather, and the simplicity. Since that time they seem to go off track and then slowly pull back to the Legacy look, which is their best look in my opinion. I am afraid they are going off track again. These bag designs are without style or elegance and they seem to be a bit derivative; like junky copies of something else. I find myself asking who the target consumer is for these. I like that they are trying to shake it up but they need to go back to their roots.

    • JJArt

      I disagree the great thing about Coach is their ability to evolve as trends and styles. Legacy was a great collection but fashionable I don’t think so, functional yes.

  • Canuck65

    I know Coach is trying to reposition themselves as a luxury brand, but I don’t see luxury here.

  • melissa

    I like the Coach Outlet stuff better than any of their most recent, full-priced bags

  • Kiddo

    I really love the silver hardware on most of the bags…very beautiful.

  • FashionableLena

    Well, at least this is showing us the demographic that Coach is trying to reach. THIS is why I only buy the vintage bags.

  • Lisa

    I used to love Coach. But since they started making changes the bag designs just seem so masculine to me that they aren’t to my taste. And not having the preferred customer sales anymore bothers me too. I’m sure they made changes for a good reason but I miss the Coach of 3-4 years ago. :(

  • Maddie

    I really like these designs…not so much the bags themselves but the coats and shoes really caught my eye. I was a coach shopper that went into high end luxury brands but would definitely consider buying the coats or boots. The designs are edgier IMO. As to the bags, hopefully the leather quality is better if they’re reinventing themselves.

  • Stina Sias

    LOVE all of it! My new Swagger bag in matte black is my favorite thing ever and I’m so excited to see that they’re continuing this new vibe :)

  • Aliza Zibkoff

    I like the clothes better than the bags truthfully.

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  • anorthwind

    This new direction is so fresh! Bravo Coach! Loving the shoes as well.