Coach has always been a quintessentially New York brand, with both its historical roots and current business operation on the island of Manhattan, and for Fall 2013, Coach’s association with the city is only getting closer. Not only is the brand launching the celeb-beloved, much-anticipated Coach Borough Bag, but to celebrate the line’s launch, the company has been following the #CoachNewYorkStories of city residents like Karlie Kloss and Will Chalker.

Coach gave us the opportunity to illustrate some of the most important parts of the PurseBlog team’s lives in New York with the beautiful Borough Bags, and we just couldn’t resist the opportunity. Also, if you’ve been waiting for Coach’s next-big-thing Borough Bags with baited breath, your wait is over: they’ve arrived for your shopping pleasure at

Most of our days start with the subway, but sometimes, you just have to hail a cab and let someone drive you to the office.

The Coach Borough Bag in Polished Calfskin $598 via Coach

The Coach Borough Bag Lives a Day In the Life of PurseBlog's New York Story (10)

The Coach Borough Bag in Leopard $1,198 via Coach

The Coach Borough Bag Lives a Day In the Life of PurseBlog's New York Story (9)

The Coach Mini Borough Bag in Pebbled Leather $378 via Coach

The Coach Borough Bag Lives a Day In the Life of PurseBlog's New York Story (11)

The Coach Borough Bag in Polished Calfskin $598 via Coach

The Coach Borough Bag Lives a Day In the Life of PurseBlog's New York Story (8)

Midtown Manhattan is so energetic and overwhelming that our clothes, bags and accessories feel like chic body armor sometimes.

The Coach Borough Bag in Leopard $1,198 via Coach

The Coach Borough Bag Lives a Day In the Life of PurseBlog's New York Story (12)

Inside the office, it’s important to take a little bit of time to play games.

The Coach Mini Borough Bag in Pebbled Leather $378 via Coach

The Coach Borough Bag Lives a Day In the Life of PurseBlog's New York Story (13)

What a lot of visitors to New York City might not realize is that right outside of town, New York has a bounty of natural beauty to offer.

The Coach Borough Bag in Leopard, $1,198 via Coach

The Coach Borough Bag Lives a Day In the Life of PurseBlog's New York Story (2)

The Coach Borough Bag in Leopard $1,198 via Coach

The Coach Mini Borough Bag in Pebbled Leather $378 via Coach

The Coach Large Borough Bag in Pebbled Leather $798 via Coach

The Coach Borough Bag Lives a Day In the Life of PurseBlog's New York Story (6)

Yes, there’s even a pumpkin patch or two, perfect for celebrating a beautiful fall weekend.

The Coach Large Borough Bag in Pebbled Leather $798 via Coach

The Coach Borough Bag Lives a Day In the Life of PurseBlog's New York Story (1)


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  • Est

    I have the medium oxblood but I am lovng the teal and leopard!

  • Marina Harbor

    great bags but would not pay 1000 + for a coach bag!

    • Kiara Lindsey Fauxbel

      I’m guessing, however, you would pay even more than that for a coated-canvas Speedy ..

      • Babs

        Yes. There’s a difference between brands like LV and Coach.

        I would NEVER pay $1,000 for Coach. I would never pay $1,000 for Michael Kors. Or Longchamp…Alexander Wang…the list goes on and on.

        The point is that some brands have the cache to draw $1K+ and some don’t.

        All that said, I love this bag and bought it for $548 – 25% and am very happy with my purchase.

      • ism

        What is the difference? Coach has the quality that LV etc. boast, and the history. So why can’t they charge designer prices?

      • Babs

        They are not even in the same league. Quality, brand image, cache, and all the intangibles that make LV, LV or Chanel, Chanel. Coach is just not there and never will be. That does not mean that Coach is not a fine brand, it just means it is not a premier brand.

      • Mya

        I agree Babs! I like coach as well and i own one of their bags but i wont shell out $1k for a coach bag. They are just not a premier brand and yes, probably never will be.

      • JJp

        So you can not only predict the future, “Coach is just not there and never will be”. But you are also the worlds authority on what dictates a brand being considered premier?

      • Babs

        No, I am not the authority. I never claimed to be, though. ;)

        Consumers vote with their pocket book…and they have clearly voted on the value of Coach, LV, etc.

        You can also check out the purseforum to see what others consider to be Premier brands. Or, better yet, look around you.

        You are awfully touchy and self righteous. Do you work for Coach? This is a sponsored PB post, so it is a fair question.

      • JJp

        Lol no, I wish.

      • PhilanderingMoustache

        If Coach wants to be considered premier, they need to shut down all their outlets and stop having outlet sales online. I would never ever buy a Coach purse for full price because I know that in a few months (WEEKS???) I can find it for at least 35% off. I am quite honestly surprised that people would buy full price from a company with this pricing strategy!

      • MelMelxMelody

        You act as though high end foreign brands don’t have their slew of outlet stores. Go to a premium outlet and you’ll find Prada, Versace, Gucci, Chloe, etc.

      • Charlene

        What you’re referring to is the perceived value of a brand, which is to say, how that brand has positioned itself to appear to have cache outside of its pure monetary value to consumers. You pay $5000 for a Chanel flap because it signals that your are, or wish to be, of a specific SES (God forbid anyone mistake you for being poor. Quelle horreur!). However, the quality and craftsmanship of that same bag is comparable or only slightly better to any given bovine leather bag made by any company with high quality control standards. So, in other words, you’re paying a premium for the CC logo and the Made in Italy tag—even though I’m sure those European craftspeople who sew the bag together are probably (highly skilled and trained) immigrants from China. A rational Alien observer wouldn’t see any difference. Then again, consumers aren’t particularly rational, are they?

      • Mya

        Yes exactly! i’d rather be irrational with my Chanel classic flap because that is what I WANT, than be rational with a Coach bag if I have to do such soul searching as you’ve done above just to justify paying $1K for it, hehe!

      • Iréne Shûkriya-Dutta Scharief

        This make a lot of sense. I love your post!

      • JD

        So true! I have worked in high end retail forever and I can vouch for that. It’s so annoying when customers down grade a certain brand just to show off they only buy Chanel or LV. When I worked for LV customers would say “Coach is so gross” “I would never wear Coach” and you know if a Coach silhouette had an LV logo on it..that particular customer would buy it I a heartbeat.

      • Marina Harbor

        You are right.. but even the LV Speedy was $850 when I bought it!
        I did buy a Goyard (coated canvas) that was more than $1000 but I just can’t compare the brands!

  • janenuqui

    I cannot wait for these gorgeous bags to hit Asia! That oxblood mini is to die for!

  • Marie

    Wow, I love this bag!

  • Jenny

    Love all these gorgeous pics!

  • Lovepurse

    Lets be honest ! this purses are really nice and the quality is so much better than a canvas quality ! I have an armoire full of Coach purses and they range from 80.00 to 650.00 . I buy what I like and thats it, Lets be honest who ever is just saying that the coated canvas is so much better than a real leather purse is full of Cra.. ! the only reason they feel that way is because you won’t get noticed if you walk around with a coach that does not have the C’s all over it as opposed to the LV canvas. It’s a look at me and think I’m rich factor!!! Just because you like to pretend to have something does not make a brand better than others.

  • Iréne Shûkriya-Dutta Scharief

    I love the mini one!

  • pandora

    Nothing special to me but at least they don’t have initials all over the bag. That’s the reason I will never own an LV bag. I won’t spend big $$$ just to advertise for the company. I buy my handbags because they speak to me. I don’t care if it’s Coach, Prada or Chanel. If I like it I buy it. The only brand I won’t buy is Dooney Bourke. I started my purse buying career many many years ago with Dooney but they are a company that doesn’t care about their customers so I stopped.

  • LC

    Great purse but I would not pay $598+tax for a Coach bag. Coach should stick to selling bags at the lower end range (under $500). Coach would never be premier brand. Crazy that they would even sell a bag at $1000+.

    • JD

      The price is based on materials and construction…Not just the name. If bags were only based on materials used and construction…A Prada nylon bag would be $50 and any LV speedy size would be under $200. Have you seen the $20,000 Coach croc tote?

      • LC

        Thanks, I just bought this $600 bag at the store today. It’s awesome. Please ignore my post, I lied. I love my new bag!

  • JD

    I have worked for Coach, LV, and Gucci… Coach has the best quality. It’s so funny how miseducated people are about bags. Some people never buy “luxury goods” because it’s made in China thinking that quality is poor…but most of the time the construction is far better than something made in Italy or Japan. So many people buy the LV canvas bags with the un treated leather straps and don’t even realize they are buying a coated canvas bag which costs nothing to make. What people are paying for is the name / status. Gucci and Coach fabric / jacquard signature bags are literally the same…


    I’d love to buy Coach from China factory store

  • Marina Harbor

    Love these bags! I can’t wait until I’m 60 years old so I can finally carry one!

    • Marina Harbor

      By the way, I just bought the $1000 Borough bag at the boutique today. I LOVE IT!

  • lana

    It was quite interesting reading all the comments.

    Id like to say that IMHO Coach has improved a lot over the last few years. I own multiple Chanel, LV purses (none of that monogram canvas crap though), Prada, some other brands (though recently I’ve been slowly selling my collection on ebay). I am completely in love with this purse! The moment I saw it I was blown away. Good job, Coach! The leather is super nice, excellent craftsmanship, it would easily be a 3k+ purse if it had some italian name on it.

    I used to look down on Coach purses, as someone has noted that most of the people are chasing after the names, I suppose I was one of those people. But to be honest, in the recent years LV lost its luxury appeal. I see college girls getting out of their 1998 Civics with neverfulls on their shoulders. Personally I don’t see how someone can pay more than 100 bucks for it. Prada Nylon purses are as ridiculous as LV canvas ones. Don’t mean to offend anyone.

    I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that this purse does not have the logo monogrammed all over it. The Chanel Flaps are over-used, over-produced and over-counterfeited. As my style matures I am not buying brands, but quality and style. If you take some of the logos away from the purses you won’t be able to tell whether it was made in Italy or China. As someone noted, most of the purses are either mostly made in China, then assembled in Italy to get that fancy shmancy Made in Italy tag, or made in Italy by African or asian immigrants in sweatshops.

    Luxury has lost its appeal, very few brands are worth the price people pay for them (I’d say Hermes and Loro Piano and a few other lesser known brands). At least by buying an american product (even though its made in china), I support an american company.

    • Atomic Lush

      Prada nylons are ridiculous? The brand started with designer military spec nylon backpacks and totes. Before that, they were just another small italian leather shop.

  • Jill E

    I just purchased the borough bag today, the bright reddish orange one that’s part of the spring collection, and it is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! The lines, the color, the texture are all exquisite! It cost $700 (Hawaii pricing) but so worth it.

    To add to the discussion…I was once a bag snob and only purchased Jimmy Choo, LV, Gucci, and Chanel. I’ve grown up a bit since then (pre-Hills/Orange County era) and I now purchase bags for their beauty, not their price or status. I’m still a sucker for Chanel and appreciate the stitching and classiness of it all but I don’t want to flood my closet with Chanel, just because it’s Chanel. I think it’s way more fun to pair a great bag to an outfit than to make your “‘brand bag” the only statement piece you wear every single day. Don’t get me wrong though if I could afford a Birkin I most definitely would BECAUSE it’s a statement status piece!

  • fifo

    Hi, do you know who’s the designer of Borough bag? Thanks!

  • L Wilson

    I use to be a die hard coach fanatic in my younger yrs, however as my monies grew my style changed. I could afford better brands LV, Alexander Wang etc..
    I loved the old classic coach, beautiful strong durable leathers and even gorgeous hardware. Special editions were the only ones I purchased. I wanted to be different from every other woman wearing their mainline bags. Then coach poppy line came out, and I knew I could never buy another coach. It targeted the young generation of girls, coach seemed to phase out what made them the brand they were. However on my most recent trip to the mall, I decided to go into a retail coach store. And I stumble upon the large borough bag and fell in love all over again. It was all there, the quality, craftsmanship, and the smell. I knew coach was on the right track in regaining their name and also their old fan base. The people who don’t mind paying 800+ for great quality bag. And YES! I eagerly purchased it. Now I’m hiding it from my husband.