By now, most of you are probably well familiar with the types of things we usually like around here. Hermes, Celine, Givenchy, Chanel – we like our handbags modern, expensive and made out of really nice leather. Sometimes, though, we like something a little bit silly, and for high-end silly, we have Charlotte Olympia. Sometimes, though, affordable silly is the only type that will do, and for that, we have the MOYNA Taxi Cab Pouch.

Personally, I hate taking cabs in New York. It always seems like a great idea until I get in one, at which point I remember that it’s generally slower than the subway (and sometimes smells worse) and often so stop-and-go that it feels like you’re riding inside of a shaky-cam movie. And for a slower, sometimes stinkier, far more nauseous-making ride, you pay more! A lot more. So that’s really exciting. Cabs are great. Sometimes they’re a fact of life, though, and perhaps leaving my emergency cab cash in this cute little pouch can make the experience less aggravating.

At about five inches wide, this bead-covered zipper bag is perfect for some folded-up cash and a debit card, if you’re the type of person who likes to have a little bit of money stowed away from his or her full wallet. This pouch probably won’t stand the true test of time (I mean, look at all those beads), but it’s a fun little thing that might bring you a smile once and a while when you encounter it inside your bag. Buy through ShopBop for $55.

Sweet Summertime

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