Over the past few years, clutches molded out of clear lucite or acrylic have enjoyed wide popularity, at least on runways. It’s a trend that nearly every brand has touched on at one point or another, but because not everyone jumped on the bandwagon at once, a clear evening bag still feels fresh and modern. Don’t let that fool you, though; see-through clutches have been around for decades and are often the best thing that a vintage store’s handbag selection has to offer.

If you want something with a more modernist edge (or if vintage shop-trawling simply isn’t your favorite hobby), we’ve done a little bit of legwork for you. In this edition of Save, Spend, Splurge, we highlight three clear plastic handbags at three very, very different price points. Check ’em out after the jump and tell us whether or not this is a trend that you’d ever buy into in the comments.


If your personal style icon is Zooey Deschanel or you’ve heard multiple people describe your look as “twee,” then the ModCloth Clear for Take-off Case might be the perfect option for your girly, retro personal style. Plus, the price can’t be beat. $14 via ModCloth.


Incredibly feminine and totally modern all at once, the delicate-but-not Charlotte Olympia Pandora Clutch is my easy favorite of the group. The only problem is that this bag is so pretty that I wouldn’t want to clutter it up by putting anything inside of it. $995 via Net-a-Porter.


Lucite clutches are generally quite feminine, but the Jimmy Choo Cadence Acrylic Wristlet Clutch takes thing in an entirely different direction with a decidedly S&M wrist cuff. It’s an interesting clutch, but the price is puzzlingly high. $3495 via Net-a-Porter.

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  • Ks2534

    $3495 for Acrylic ? i think it was made to go on sale. love the designs though but the pricing is wayyy unreasonable  comparing to a Croc Bottega Clutch  

  • A Reader

    I once worked for a major  retail store that made the female employees carry clear clutches instead of purses — just to make sure we weren’t stealing anything.  Very demeaning. (I used to load mine up with Tampax, just to rattle the security guard.) I will never carry a clear clutch again.

  • Oh my…the Charlotte Olympia Pandora Clutch is very nice.  Love the spider clasp on top of the clutch.  But alas, I would never carry it.  It would be put in a case to be stared at and adored from afar  ( I would be scared of the scratches and discoloration that would happen from carrying it and/or dropping it)

  • Alexandra Davidoff

    Yeah, just when you’ve tried every excuse to make yourself believe a clutch is practical everyone else will be able to see through your lie quite literally. 

  • 19yearslater

    The JC is just hideous, I wouldn’t pay the $14 dollars for it let alone the thousands they’re asking for.

  • Karin bag4bag

    I quite like the Charlotte Olympic Pandorra. As there is no real detail to put on the clutch, I like that they have chosen an interesting clasp, and hardware detail.

    I have a vintage lucite evening purse from the 1950s. It has some cut out flowers with a sparkly center (still clear) on it. I think that women of those times used to put a small colored scarf or handkerchief in the bag to conceal its contents and match the color of the outfit they were wearing.   

    • RKC

      karin, I think you’re right…. I remember a lady at church from when I was little carry lucite clutches and she always had a vintage hanky inside to conceal the contents!

  • FashionableLena

    It’s funny that just yesterday, I went to the BCBG Max Azria outlet store. They had clear clutches.  I immediately saw why they were in there-scratches.  I was willing to overlook the smoky colored one and buy until I noticed that it was cheaper than the others.  It had a small crack at the bottom.
    Reason #s 123 and 124 why I have never jumped on board with the acrylic clutches.

  • Hmm I like this trend in photos, but in reality I wouldn’t do it. I don’t want anyone seeing what I carry, plus you’d have to coordinate all the insides with the exterior!

  • Byathreadbags

    I adore the Longchamp bag!!! I purchased my Longchamp bag on a trip to Paris several years ago. It seemed a fitting thing to do – it’s like a rite of passage to own one!

  • Sil G

    i used to wear a clear tote when i was a teenager. i remember all the girls were carrying them for a couple of summers.
    even so, i wouldn’t wear a clear clutch today. i don’t see the point in showing the world everything i’m carrying inside a bag. i think i just don’t get them. specially at those prices!