Considering how many eyes, animal and faces we’ve seen on handbags over the last six months, looking at a New Arrivals page and finding a handbag that’s actually staring back at you isn’t all that jarring. The beady little eyes on the Charlotte Olympia Gummi Bear Clutch, however, were a little bit more than I was prepared to see outside the confines of a horror move about handbags that become animate and kill their owners. (My own worst nightmare, really.)

When I put it to the rest of the team to figure out exactly why this little bag weirds me out so hard, we all decided that, yes, indeed, it’s the eyes. And maybe the eyelashes. In those dark little orbs, there’s the making of a zombie gummi bear, and the outstretched arms have already assumed the position. Stephen King is probably working on a book proposal about this as we speak. (On second thought, Stephen King probably doesn’t have to write book proposals anymore. Straight to the first draft.)

If you’d like your very own little clutch that will one day kill you in your sleep and make it look like natural causes, pick this one up for $1,595.

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  • yeaaa that is a little weird but I’m sure some people can rock it well.

  • Renae

    Ha! This IS a horror story. $1,595 for THAT? Ew.

  • klynneann

    I think it’s so cute! I wouldn’t pay anywhere near that amount of money for it, but it’s adorable!

  • Sophie Proust

    Amanda, you’re hilarious. I really love your writing. It’s what keeps me coming back to PurseBlog.

  • The price itself deserves a horror spin-off