Most fashion lovers have some sort of internal list of what constitutes a luxury material and what doesn’t, and we all use our personal lists to (at least in part) decide what’s worth the industry markup and what’s not. Raise your hand if squishy foam is on your internal list. Anybody?

Mary Katrantzou has adorned her inventive, print-heavy ready-to-wear with things like rows of #2 pencils, so her keen eye for materials that aren’t necessarily supposed to be used in fashion isn’t exactly shocking. And just like those pencils, the foam on these clutches, which has been sculpted into big, soft studs, feels somehow appropriate. Maybe even logical.

Hear me out on this one. The foam is super light, so it doesn’t add any weight to a bag that has to be carried by hand; every ounce counts when it comes to a clutch. It also adds a visual softness that contrasts nicely with the bag’s rigid construction, and it’s a bit of texture without the use of fur, which is the animal product generally used to create a similar effect.

When I first looked at these clutches, I dismissed them, but the more I look, the more I get it. It may not be for me (especially at this price), but I’m always appreciative of a designer stepping outside the bounds of what most others do.

Mary Katrantzou Foam and Perspex Clutch


Mary Katrantzou Foam and Perspex Clutch


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  • dela

    I agree with everything you wrote. However my biggest problem with the design is that the foam looks cheap. Sometimes designers take inexpensive materials and give them a lush appearance, but this looks more like a kitchen sponge. Also, I am not sure it can stand much of wear and tear.

    • Jerri R

      I was thinking “Dollar Tree Chic” :)

  • FashionableLena

    Not feeling it at all. It looks like it’s made out of the same thing that I wash my dishes with. At that price, I would have been more impressed if she had made a luxurious medium look like a sponge.

    I agree with the previous poster. I also worry about wear and tear.

  • Aliza Zibkoff

    Yikes! This looks like a first semester FIT project…that got an F. And the price tag makes it makes it even more reprehensible! the only upside on this is that is probably easy to clean or cleans things easily.

  • Mel

    Being a mom, I’d probably forget I was holding a $1200 clutch, and accidentally clean the sink or something!

    • Bruno Joanna

      OMG i just died with this comment hahahahahaha!

      • Aliza Zibkoff

        You’re right! I’d probably try to clean lamp shades!

  • Jerri R

    Imagine how dirty it will get after using it just a couple of times.

  • Guest

    Ghrow double “C”s on it and watch the attitudes/responses do a 360….lol

  • cdawgcoop

    If you go to Luisa site and zoom it, it already has a pubic hair stuck to it. Gross. For a pristine photo shoot they couldn’t even keep it clean. Gag.

    • Haha this made me laugh very hard but you’re right.This is SO gross!

  • Lisa

    Imagine how this expensive bag would look if I let my six-year-old pick at it for a few minutes!

  • Sparkletastic

    This is both unattractive and impractical – the two things I most would want to avoid in a handbag.

    Creativity is one thing. Abandoning taste and common sense is absolutely another.

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