Jalda Stingray Bean Clutch

I have mentioned from time to time that I was a swimmer growing up, all the way to and through college actually. People think when I say this I mean I splashed in my backyard pool, quite the contrary. At 5 am I was in the water, at 3 pm I was running and lifting weights, at 5 pm I was back in the water, and the next day I did it all over again. For years this was my routine, since the age of 4. A perk of being brought up in South Florida was the ocean; a total negative for anyone near in Florida afraid of marine life is also the ocean. Guess whose swim coach had them swim in the ocean on Saturdays? I cried. The thought of a squishy but totally awful jellyfish, a hiding stingray, and a hungry shark terrified me. Tears welled up in my goggles every Saturday. I’d rather see a stingray as an accessory, just like this stunning Jalda Stingray Bean Clutch. A perfect texture of exotic stingray skin in deep navy looks extravagant and does bring back any sort of marine life fears. The oversized brass clasp is not overpowering, rather subtly adds a touch of sophistication and class that is a hard combination to hit. On the inside there is faille lining and this piece of hand candy (that does not have the capacity to fling its stinger up in your leg) measures 5¾”HX 9½”LX 1″W. Classy and safe through Saks for $415. Take that you scary under-the-sand-camouflage-hiding stingray!!

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