Christian Louboutin Lou Trash Bag, $895 via Neiman Marcus

Or, I suppose, already calling your bag “trash” is one way to set accurate expectations of what it will look like for your customers. That’s the optimistic take, I suppose.

Christian Louboutin has long been making “trash” shoes, which are traditional pumps or slingbacks made out of the patent-covered material that you see here. Because the shapes are classic and there’s not a great deal of surface area, I’ve always thought that the shoes worked, at least for a certain customer. The Christian Loboutin Lou Trash Bag, on the other hand? Not so much.

Louboutin’s company is known for its cheeky take on luxury goods, so I can see why it would want to translate the success of the Trash shoes to a Trash bag. The problem with this execution, though, is that even though the bag is relatively petite, the trash material is just one big, square piece. There’s nothing to break it up, so all you see is bits of string, what might be a shoelace, some gold foil and a torn piece of an envelope. Perhaps the material would work better as a trim so that it would be more difficult to identify its contents.

The scalloped leather edges, shiny gold chain and leopard haircalf strap also don’t do the design any favors. I’ve long been a fan of the idea that too much is never enough, particularly when it comes to accessories, but this bag is just too much. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $895.

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  • jrl

    I can not see anyone spending any money on this, perhaps it would be cute for a little girl.

  • Emma

    I think it’s kind of adorable…. but then I have always loved the trash shoes. I think it wouldn’t be appropriate for anyone over 30, but cute in an edgy girl in her early 20s maybe…. :)

  • rose60610

    CL’s span goes from elegant to outrageous. Why stop at the bag? This would look great with 8″ spike hooker boots, a mini skirt and a leather bustier with the wearer’s DDD implants spilling out.

    I don’t see this bag going to any convents.

  • lintmag

    I thought the trash shoes were good if worn with the right clothing, but this looks completely overworked, cheap, and just a big hellmess. No one needs leopard, shiny gold, vinyl, stripes, scallops, AND some “trash” in one ugly package.

    • rose60610

      says you

  • Lisa T

    Looks like someone threw up on it…or in it.

  • mochababe73

    It’s too expensive for what it is, but I actually like it. The bag could work if one wore a monochromatic outfit in order to let the bag take center stage.

  • Sandra Rowley

    It looks like someone was bored and started to arts and crafts their bag. Great shoes, love the shoes, never owned a bag by CL and by the looks of this one I never will.

  • suz

    Hideous……unless, of course, accompanied by the entire hooker look.

  • Edoardo

    Crazy, stupid and useless bag..sometimes Louboutin makes silly things!

  • 19yearslater

    Uhhh. . . no. If the ‘trash’ was more of a cute collage it might be nice.

  • J Umm

    u.g.l.y. it aint got no alibi it ugly eh eh it uglyyyy

  • Liz

    disgusting …

  • PhotoGirl

    Dear heaven! If someone actually has $900 that they don’t know what to do with, I invite you to send it to me, instead.

  • Davina

    Why would anyone buy this? Ugh.

  • Sil

    at least they were honest when they named it xD

  • Jackie Ellis

    Hidious. Overrated.. as CL is IMO

  • KellyX

    Haven’t CL realize that he should STOP making bags?

  • Fai

    Not a fan

  • Bir

    This just bothers me!!!! When designers test those who give them a job by abusing, the power they have over consumers !!!!, this is ugly beyond words!!!!

  • Mia


  • Redjoel

    If someone actually has $900 that they don’t know what to do with, I invite you to send it to me, instead.

  • AW

    I actually don’t mind this bag too much. Yes for this price it’s not worth it and I have a sneaky suspicion it looks worse in real life but just from this pic it looks sort of cute.